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  • The Cute, Affordable Clutch You Need

    Beautyriot.comThink clutches only make sense for fancier occassions? Think again. Designers are now debuting the casual clutch that's 1.) a little roomier, so you can fit all your essentials, 2.) a little less sequined to make it more apropo for day-to-day use, 3.) affordable enough to have several option on hand.

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    A clutch is the perfect alternative to your clunky handbag that has taken on the properties of a black hole, attracting enough receipts, bobby pins, gum wrappers and lip balms to last you for the rest of your days. These picks are the perfect piece for a night out, a laid-back brunch, or a quick outing that doesn't require everything and the kitchen sink. The best part? They're all under $100.

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    Give your heavy tote a break and grab one of these cute clutches now. Your shoulders will thank you.

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  • Romper Roundup: Beat the Heat in These 12 Rompers

    12 Rompers to Own This SummerRompers have become a summer fashion staple over the past few seasons, and it doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon. Now, before you write them off for being just like a grown-up version of a baby onesie, hear us out. Rompers (onesies, jumpsuits, whatever you call them) can actually be really cute. You can wear them at practically any summer occasion, whether it's a family barbecue, a beach bonfire, or a date with your summer crush. You can dress them up with a pair of platform wedges or keep it casual with some strappy sandals. And we've chosen the cutest, trendiest ones to keep you looking stylish all summer long.

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    These rompers cover the style spectrum -- from strapless and belted to printed and chiffon-pleated. The best part? They're all under $100.

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    Keep clicking to check out the 12 stylish rompers you're going to want to wear this summer.

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  • Body Jewelry: Hot for Summer

    Beautyriot.comWhat do Candice Swanepoel, Daenerys Targaryen, and Rihanna all have in common (besides being sexy, of course)? They wear awesomely unexpected body jewelry. These women achieve a regal and exotic look not only with their killer outfits, but with subtle anklets and handpieces, pretty chains looped around their torsos, and jewelry adorning their hair.

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    Lucky for us mere mortals, the body chain is now more than just a part of a Princess Jasmine Halloween costume -- it's become accepted into daily wear. This summer's jewelry trends are all about the unusual jewelry placement and piles of boho-chic chains.

    Click to see the 10 Best Body Jewelry Pieces.

    We've combed our favorite shopping haunts for the best (and cheapest!) body jewelry you need this summer. We have subtle shoulder chains, rings looped together, hair brooches, and even a garter leg necklace (which is as weird and wonderful as it sounds). Keep scrolling to become your most

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  • Bye-Bye Bikini, Hello One-Piece Wonder

    Totalbeauty.comOne-piece bathing suits have some clear advantages over bikinis: They're instantly eye-catching and are easy to slip right on. And unlike your string bikini bottoms, these swimsuits won't fall off as soon as you jump into the water.

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    Since you'll be making a statement by wearing a one-piece anyway, why not make it an uber-trendy suit? These styles range from bold and printed to strapless and cutout. Even better? They're cute enough to wear all day long -- on your way to the beach with some distressed denim cutoffs and post-pool party with a sheer maxi skirt. You can get some serious mileage out of these suits and my prediction is you'll be hooked on your faves all summer long.

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    Ready to dive in and check out the hottest one-piece swimsuits of the season?

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  • Eye Spy: The Hottest Winter Eye Trends

    It's official: winter is here. All of a sudden I'm ordering hot lattes instead of iced ones, and breaking out my boots and wool scarves. I can't say I'm a big fan of cold weather, but these is a plus side: now this is the perfect opportunity to try out some gorgeous new eye trends.

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    I've rounded up the hottest eye looks straight off the runways that will brighten my -- and your -- beauty routine during the winter season. Don't feel intimidated if you're more of a mascara-and-go girl, because we turned to celebrity makeup artists to help you recreate these stunning looks in a few easy steps.

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    Keep scrolling to see the prettiest eye trends.

    Head-Turning Turquoise

    Bright turquoise eyeshadow may seem a tad on the crazy side, but bear with us here. Pretty turquoise is a great way to play up your eye color, and it's a perfect icy cold look for the winter. Celebrity makeup artist Rachel Wood

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  • College Freshman? Here's Everything You Need to Survive Thanksgiving Break

    Sure, the holiday season is still the perfect excuse to binge on cookies and mashed potatoes, but it also brings its fair share of stress. And if you're a college freshman returning home for the first time during Thanksgiving break, the holidays can cause a whole slew of anxieties.

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    While you're definitely excited to catch up with high school friends, you also want to look phenomenal for your first appearance since college started … especially since being back home also means possible run-ins with exes and frenemies.

    Don't stress, don't overthink, and don't cram your entire dorm room into your suitcase. We've done all the work by putting together a Thanksgiving Eve Survival kit full of tips and tricks, so all you have to worry about is nursing a post-turkey day food coma.

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    Tip 1: Wear A Bold, Bright Lip

    When you're about to reunite with all your friends for the first time in

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  • Designer Makes $1,400 Tacky Christmas Sweater

    Like Starbucks peppermint mochas or department store window decorations, the tacky Christmas sweater is a telltale sign the holidays are upon us. Oversized sweaters emblazoned with dancing reindeers or smiling snowmen have been beloved by grandmas and hipsters for years now (the hipsters wear them ironically, of course). But only recently has the tacky Christmas sweater forayed into high fashion.

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    Yes, now you can get a designer tacky Christmas sweater, made by high fashion label Meadham Kirkchoff, for a mere $1,395. On the sweater is referred to as a "metallic-embroidered knit." The website explains the inspiration for the sweater was taken from retro, 1960s-era wrapping paper. Really? Retro wrapping paper? At least give credit to all the tacky Christmas sweater-wearing grannies out there that were clearly the inspiration for this "metallic-embroidered knit."

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    And before

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  • Fashion Designers Tackle the Teddy Bear

    We don't know many women that would ask for a Teddy bear this holiday -- but that might change with The Designer Pudsey 2012 Collection. This 30-piece one-of-a-kind collection reinvented the trademark cuddly, bandaged yellow bear for the BBC charity Children in Need. High fashion labels like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Burberry (the list goes on) redesigned the bear for the charity. From Swarovski Crystals and bright prints to add-on accessories and lush fabrics, each label added their own signature style to the classic children's lovey.

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    The bears go to auction this month. And we definitely have our eyes on a few of them … too bad we don't have the money. Tell us: Which bear is your favorite?

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  • Karl Lagerfeld Sketches the President … Using Lipstick?

    It seems like Karl Lagerfeld is in the news almost every day (usually for things like insulting Pippa Middleton or designing hula hoop Chanel bags), and today he's making headlines again, this time for sketching an awesome but bizarre portrait of President Obama … as a chef holding a cake in the shape of the White House. We know what you're thinking: huh?

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    Lagerfeld drew this picture for the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and he sketched the portrait using a paint palette of Shu Uemura makeup. Of course he did. We wouldn't expect any less from the Chanel creative director.

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    The writing at the bottom of the sketch reads, "The Biggest Chef in the World: 10 x 5 Stars." OK, we get that 10 x 5 equals the number of stars on the flag, but we can't really figure out the logic behind the rest of this presidential portrait. But again, this is coming from the same man who makes giant

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  • Update Your Facebook Status … with Your Jeans

    Attention all you Facebook addicts, we've got the perfect pair of jeans for you. Italian denim label Replay is debuting a line of jeans in December called the "Social Denim Collection" that comes with Facebook and Twitter capabilities built in. This means your pants can now update your Facebook status for you.

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    How does this work, exactly? Each pair of jeans comes with an extra fifth pocket that contains a Bluetooth-connected transmitter. Simply slide your smartphone into the pocket, and then use a series of buttons to update your location or current mood to Facebook and Twitter without ever having to exhaust yourself by taking your phone out of your pocket.

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    These social media jeans raise many questions: Is it really that hard to just take out your iPhone and update your Facebook status? Why do your pants have to do all the hard work for you? And what's next? A bra that can update your Tumblr? Or a

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