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  • Help! I Can't Primp Surrounded By My In-Laws

    This year is a first: my future in-laws are coming to our apartment for Christmas. Which I'm very nervous, er--excited, about, except for one thing ... we only have one bathroom. Yep, one bathroom for four adults, and a few other guests who will be stopping by during the day.

    Nevermind the fact that we'll need a timetable for morning showers, how the heck am I going to pluck my eyebrows (not to mention the stray upper lip hairs -- come on, you know you get them too, that's why there's this guide to getting rid of them), clip my nails, even apply makeup and style my hair with any kind of privacy?

    I'd rather not run into my future father-in-law in my pajamas with morning breath and my hair sticking out every which way, so I'm reaching out to you lovely ladies for help. Do I just set the alarm ridiculously early so I can primp in peace? Suck it up and accept that they might see me with my amazing-but-hideous-looking acne spot treatment on? Anyone else in my situation?


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  • The Most Make-Out-Worthy Man of 2010

    Around our office we get into some pretty deep conversations. Our most recent one started when we put together our 2010 celebrity yearbook (see it all here). We quite civilly discussed and voted on our picks for cutest couple, best dressed, most likely to succeed and a few other fun, end-of-the-year categories.

    Things started to heat up when we had to pick the "celeb most likely to star on a reality show" (my choice ultimately won, and I was far too excited about it). But it went to a total meltdown when we had to pick one -- one! -- guy as the "celeb we most want to make out with." I told you, we're a deep bunch.

    I'm not proud of us, but for full disclosure, here's what happened: first, all actual work stopped. Then, the campaigning began. Some of us had verrrry strong opinions on who it should be and began bombarding the undecided's with links to pictures, movie/TV clips, you name it. When that didn't work, we resorted to a mature (ha!) shouting match until a vote was

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  • What Does the "Perfect" Face Look Like? We Find Out

    I know I'm not alone on this one: flipping through a magazine or an article on celebrity makeup and thinking "ugh, I would love to have Angelina Jolie's lips, or Jennifer Aniston's nose, or, uh, Natalie Portman's face …"

    Of course, some people take it a step further than jealous daydreaming and actually head to the plastic surgeon armed with a picture of the celebrity body part they must have. And apparently, it's more common than you might think.

    Dr. Daniel Slaughter (and yes, that's his real name, I checked) told us which celebrity facial features are most-requested at his office in Austin, Texas. You can see the full list here or just keep reading for a rundown -- they're all gorgeous celebs, but it got us thinking. What would happen if we took all of these features and put them on one face? Would you get the "perfect" face -- or a Frankenstein-like mess? The answer … well, you'll have to click here to see it.

    In the meantime, let's see which celebrities have the most

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  • Sneaky Reasons You Get Zits

    Got acne or even just the occasional zit? Yeah, I'm with ya. Or at least I was, until I sat down with a few dermatologists to pin down all the many, many reasons I was breaking out. The shocker: I was doing sooo many things wrong, and I don't think I'm alone. So I figured I should share their top 13 sneaky causes of acne (get the full list here) so we can all have clear skin. No need to thank me.

    But first, a random zit fact: did you know that acne-prone people are born with about four to five times more skin cells than the average person?! Crazy, right? Click here if you want to see some more acne trivia.

    Sneaky Acne Cause No. 1: Pressure (literally)
    Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban says there is -- get this -- pressure-induced acne. So if you're constantly talking on your cell phone, playing violin, resting your hand on your chin, you're giving your skin a double whammy. One, most of those surfaces are covered in bacteria and two, the actual pressure of those things on

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  • Gorgeous Holiday Gifts Under $30

    I'm usually a last-minute holiday shopper (I know, I know), but I've decided to start my gift-searching early to beat the crowds this year. Starting with some awesome Black Friday sales, woo hoo! Plus, I'm looking for MY favorite fragrance on this list, it's perfect for me and I deserve a little something too, don't you think?

    For those of you who are stuck in a rut (or feeling lazy or Grinch-like), here's a bit of inspiration to get you to hit the mall. These holiday gift ideas all look like they cost a fortune, but you'll only be spending a few bucks on them -- just make sure you don't end up buying all of them for yourself, which sounds like something I would do.

    Keep reading for my five favorite ideas, but click here to see all 30+ of the gifts on the list.

    Victoria's Secret Holiday Sets
    What it is: Every year Victoria's Secret puts together amazing collections of their most popular perfumes and lotions, and of course throws some new scents and products into the

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  • Celebs With Justin Bieber's Hair

    Whether you like it or not, Bieber fever has taken Hollywood by storm. If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, then you probably haven't heard of "The Bieber" (which should totally be added to this list, in our opinion). If that's the case, read on.

    First, crawl out from under that rock. Then take a look at the picture on the right. "The Bieber" is a longer, layered bowl cut worn by singing sensation Justin Bieber. It's smooth, it's shiny and it's totally bringing back the beloved Beatles hair trend.

    Because we like to have fun (and it's always fun playing around with celebrity images), we photoshopped Justin Bieber's hair onto some of Hollywood's most popular celebs. We know you're just dying to see the results, so click here to see the entire gallery.

    Eva Longoria
    Yikes, this isn't a good look for Eva Longoria. Which is weird, because they have the same exact hair color. We guess she just wasn't meant to look like a 16-year-old boy.

    Kim Kardashian
    Obviously, "The Bieber" isn't a

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  • What Beauty Product Are You Thankful For?

    This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for a lot of things. My awesome family and friends, having a job that I actually enjoy, and my dermatologist for completely transforming my skin.

    Is it a tad shallow to be thankful for clear skin? Yeah, probably, but I bet anyone who's dealt with acne would back me up (for those of you still struggling with it, check out these helpful tips).

    So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our readers what beauty product they are most thankful for this year. We got a ton of responses -- and I now have a massive shopping list of products to try, but I digress.

    Check out some of our favorites below or see the full list here. Then, it's your turn to share: what beauty product are you most thankful for?

    Olay Complete Moisturizer
    "I've been using Oil of Olay for years! I love way it feels and my skin just soaks it right in." -- Adrienne Z.

    Nailtiques and Sephora Brush Set
    "How can I pick just one? One that does come to mind is

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  • How to Look Perfect in Facebook Photos

    You know, I used to think my friends were, you know, my friends, until they started posting the worst pictures ever of me on Facebook. Yeah, I know you might look cute in this shot, but I look like a half-asleep armadillo, thanks.

    It seemed like I had two options: avoid said friends and basically anyone wielding a camera, or get some expert help so I could not look like walking road kill in photos. I went with the later and decided to share these tips with you (since that's what real friends do):

    Step 1: Come prepared
    Half the battle of looking your best in photos is prep work. This means getting your makeup looking flawless, but still totally subtle, with these tips (note: blush is your best friend in photos), and your hair camera-ready with this expert help. Also, try wearing light or bright-colored tops, they add extra light to your face, something we can all use when we're taking pictures in a dimly-lit bar.

    Another thing that helps: practice. Yes, it's totally

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  • Top 7 Movie Makeovers (From Cinderella to My Fair Lady)

    You know it's the best part of the movie. When the scullery maid gets transformed into a princess. When the tomboy FBI agent turns into a beauty pageant queen. When the nerd becomes the most popular girl in school. We love the movie makeover montage so much that we made a list of our favorites and why we like them. Check out the top 7 makeovers below and let us know if we left out your fave. Then click here to see which celebrities need to get a makeunder, in our opinion.

    Pretty Women
    In this movie (shame on you if you haven't seen it yet), Julia Roberts trades in her boots, tank tops and trashy blonde hair for sexy dresses, classy pumps and gorgeous red curls. And of course we can't forget the fact that this is the movie that made us fall in love with her trademark hairstyle
    (check out her other looks over the years here).

    Are you rocking curls too? Check out this -- everything you need to know to take care of your curls.

    It's every girl's dream come true. You're living

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  • What Your Tattoo Says About You

    Lately it seems like having a tattoo is a requirement when it comes to "belonging" in Hollywood -- agree? The whole celebrities-getting-inked-on-various-body-parts thing is quite a trend. Me? I'm expressing myself with this not-so-permanent trend -- it's much more my style.

    But, regardless of your view on permanent body art, you can't deny that it's fun to look at, especially on A-listers. Which is why I sat down with Clay Clement, owner of Studio City Tattoo, to get the scoop on some of Hollywood's most famous tattoos (see a sneak peek below).

    Then click here to see our entire gallery of celebrity tattoos (some of the "tattoo readings" he shared with me are a bit shocking). Not only do the tattoo designs people choose say a lot about them, but the location can be even more telling ...

    Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie
    Would you get written word tattooed on your back shoulder? If these two celebs have it, it's obviously a sexy choice. Jolie's looks like "a protection prayer, to watch her

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