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  • "People's" Best Dressed List 2012: Who Got the Shaft?

    "People" just announced their top 10 best-dressed celebrities of 2012, and while we totally agree with some of the stars listed, like Emma Stone or Diane Kruger, parts of the best-dressed list have us scratching our heads. All three of the Kardashians took high honors? Sure, they never have a hair out of place, but bandage dresses and platform pumps aren't exactly pushing the envelope.

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    So we came up with our top four A-listers who were sadly left off the list and who we think have enviable sartorial senses. These girls march to the beat of their own drum when it comes to fashion and always manage to step out looking flawless.

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    Jessica Biel

    It's no secret that Jessica Biel is having a good year. She got engaged to Justin Timberlake, and really stepped up her fashion game. We especially love her in this pastel Christian Cota cut-out dress.


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  • Get the Best Shopping Deals: Know when to Buy What

    Whether it's a dose of retail therapy or a spontaneous spree, shopping can easily take on a "go big, or go home" mentality. The problem? This approach may have you missing out on awesome deals, not to mention seriously damaging your bank account.

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    So with the help of celebrity stylists and fashion experts, we found the best times to hit the stores and get more bang for your buck. Check out our ultimate shopping calendar so you know when to buy what throughout the year.

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    Winter Coats

    Winter coats first hit retail stores in August, so this is the best time to choose from the widest variety. Coats are a great investment piece and can last years, so you want to make sure to buy at a time when there is a fantastic selection. "You may not think about coats when it's boiling hot outside, but the end of summer is a prime time to buy," says celebrity stylist Keylee Sanders.

    As for the best

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  • 15 of the Craziest Hairstyles Ever

    What do steamboats, parrots, and Lady Gaga have in common? Give up? They're just some of the inspiration behind Hair Wars competitions, elaborate hairstyling trade shows that take place all across the country. Featuring the most unique and unconventional hairstyles, Hair Wars competitions challenge salons to create outrageous styles that are pieces of art, rather than your typical 'do. Intrigued? So were we.

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    We did some digging and came up with the craziest Hair Wars styles out there. We're talking cars and bird cadges made entirely out of hair. Prepare to be blown away …

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    Hummer Head

    A style created by salon artist Little Willie, the "Hair Hummer Art Car" takes four wheels to the extreme and was featured in the book "Hair Wars," by Johanna Lenander. The real shocker for this look? Prep time takes an entire day (as in 24 hours).

    Braided and Balled

    Made for the braid

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  • Why We Love Fashion Model Karlie Kloss

    After hearing that supermodel Karlie Kloss has her own line of cookies (with all proceeds going towards the charity FEED) … it's official: Karlie is our newest model crush. Sure the cookies may be gluten-free (aka probably not as delicious as Mrs. Fields), but we still think it's pretty awesome that this fashion industry icon has the time to whip up a batch of treats during the chaos that is Fashion Week. We love a girl who can bake. Other than her cookies, here are some other reasons to love Miss Kloss:

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    1. She's killing it at Fashion Week. One of the most sought-after models to walk the runway, our favorite cameo appearance of hers so far was during the Jason Wu show last Friday. Dressed in a black bodysuit and sheer, tulle skirt she worked the "no pants" look like none other.

    2. She's the face of, like, every fashion campaign. Though she just celebrated her 20th birthday, she's already posed for Alexander McQueen, YSL,

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  • Try These Now: Newest Fall Nail Polish Colors

    As summer officially draws to a close, it makes me a little sad to put away my crop tops, cutoffs, and neon tanks. Luckily, there's plenty of pretty new fall beauty trends to distract me. My current obsession? All the latest nail polish colors.

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    Dark plums, browns, and grays may seem like the most obvious colors for fall, but we've found some other unusual (and gorgeous) shades that'll spice up your typical boots and sweater routine. With names like "Suspicious," "Miss Fancy Pants," and "Deutsch You Want Me Baby," you know they've gotta be good. Go ahead and scroll down to see them all..

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    Metallic Gray

    The Shade: Butter London in Gobsmacked, $14

    Why It's Hot: "I love the sound of this name, 'Gobsmacked,' and its shade is equally fabulous. Metallic polishes are going to be huge for fall, especially this is sexy, sparkly, asphalt color." -- Los Angeles-based makeup artist Sabrina Mae


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  • Which One Hit Wonder is the New Face of Wet Seal?

    When I heard "Call Me Maybe" songstress Carly Rae Jepsen was the new face of Wet Seal, my first thought was … wait, Wet Seal still exists? I haven't walked through the doors of a Wet Seal in years, but apparently the teen store is still up and running, and is raking in the revenue and partnering with Jepsen.

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    To be honest, I had deemed Jepsen a "one hit wonder" after her latest hit. But clearly she isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and is even carving out a place for herself in the fashion world.

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    Typically singers have to have been on the scene for a while before they land a major campaign deal. And sure, Wet Seal isn't exactly Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana, but it's still a career coup for Jepsen. And YouTube sensations landing campaign deals shortly after they blow up isn't entirely new. Just earlier this summer Internet hit duo Karmin scored a spot in Gap's fall denim ad campaign. This

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  • Boxed Wine Disguised as a Cute Purse: Genius Idea or Totally Nuts?

    Break out your vino glasses, because it's happy hour somewhere … especially if you've got the new wine purse. Intrigued? Thought so. Swedish brand Vernissage's "bag-in-a-bag" of wine is actually a box of wine, shaped like a handbag. Leave it to the Swedes.

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    Now, I'm no wine snob -- I'm not above Two Buck Chuck at Trader Joe's -- but I've always associated boxed wine with elderly aunts who spend their afternoons playing bridge, dusting their "knickknack racks," and drinking Franzia like it's tap water. But, this chic wine purse was actually created for fashionistas.

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    And I'll admit it, the notion of toting around a large quantity of wine in a convenient (and cute!) carryall without the tacky stigma attached to boxed wine is appealing. But most importantly, the wine is good! A massive 3-liter bag will run you about $40 and is filled with French wine from Vin de Pays d'Oc.

    So before you

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  • Forget the Rules: Wear White After Labor Day

    Certain rules are meant to be broken. Case in point: Does anyone really wait a full hour after they eat to swim? Unlikely. We feel the same way about fashion rules, especially the one that says you shouldn't wear white after labor day. Forget that.

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    As today is officially the first day after Labor Day, we've gone and rounded up some of our favorite white ensembles, along with our best advice on how to wear 'em into the fall months. So go ahead and break out your whitest whites.

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    Pop of Color

    Mix things up with a bright colors and layer your summer whites with shades like flamingo pink or poppy red. Top it all off with neutral accessories like a camel clutch and tortoise shell shades.

    White Jeans

    White jeans look their chicest when worn as skinnies. Cuff them once and wear with heels. Balance the look by pairing them with a billowy, loosely fitting top.

    Winterize Your

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  • Brace Yourselves: There's a Ryan Lochte Fashion Line Coming

    Yes, it's happening: Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte -- known for his toned abs, blinged out grills, and inability to give an intelligent interview -- announced to Celebuzz that he has a fashion line in the works, along with a potential reality TV show on E!

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    What exactly would a reality show document? "Pretty much they would follow me on my normal day, just training and doing my own fashion line," said Lochte. "It's going to be me being myself. And I'm pretty much going to show the world that and my new fashion line." As for the fashion line Lochte was tight-lipped about any specifics -- like what type of clothes he's designing, his personal aesthetic, etc. So we can only guess. Will there be bedazzled grills? American flag suits? We will just have to wait with bated breath until Lochte's sartorial creations actually debut.

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    And while Lochte is known more for his impeccable abs than

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  • Cyndi Lauper to Open for Betsey Johnson -- Plus, Our Dream Designer/Singer Duos

    A match made in quirky heaven? With Fashion Week just around the corner, Betsey Johnson announced that '80s icon Cyndi Lauper will play during her New York Fashion Week presentation on September 11th. Personally, we can't think of a better theme song for Betsey's playful, kitschy designs than "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

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    The Cyndi/Betsey collab got us thinking … what other fashion designers and singers would we like to see join forces? We came up with a dream wish list for the musicians we'd love to see perform live at Fashion Week:

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    Vampire Weekend at Tommy Hilfiger

    Who better to open for the King of Prep, Tommy Hilfiger, than ultra preppy band Vampire Weekend? After all, they do have a song titled "Oxford Comma" and another one called "Campus." Plus, Vampire Weekend's single "Holiday" was the soundtrack to a Tommy Hilfger commercial last year … so we're guessing it

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