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  • 6 Ways to Wear the Preppy Chic Trend

    I didn't attend a fancy schmancy prep school and I've never even been to the Upper East Side, but, I do love the laid back chicness of the classic prepster style.

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    And no, you don't have to take up tennis or make a down payment on a yacht to wear this trend. It actually works a lot better if you don't go full-force prepster, and instead mix it into your normal look.

    Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

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    Bright and Striped

    Navy and white sailor stripes are a foolproof way to get that classic, preppy style. Update your look by pairing your stripes with bright colors, like a coral blouse and cobalt blue purse.

    Beachy Clean

    A crisp white blazer is a prepster staple, but add a bit of relaxed, beachy flair by wearing your hair in a fishtail braid and pairing your blazer with rolled-up jeans.

    Lobster Sweater

    Lighten up the mood with a cute top like this lobster sweater.

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  • Designer Sporting Gear: Would You Ever Buy This?

    The U.S. Open officially kicks off today, and fashion designers are getting in on the fun -- in their own super stylish way, of course. Anna Wintour is an avid tennis fan (often choosing tennis matches over runway shows during Fashion Week) and so it's no surprise that Vogue commissioned 12 high-fashion designers to create the most fabulous tennis balls we've ever laid eyes on.

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    Designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Rag & Bone, and Tory Burch transformed plain ole' tennis balls into beautiful pieces of artwork decked out in pearls, lace, spikes, and rhinestones. Our favorite? Peter Som's blinged out creation.

    And while these aren't for sale (and wouldn't improve your serve, anyway) we've drummed up some of our favorite high fashion sporting goods that you can actually buy:

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    Chanel Surfboard

    For the extremely fashionable surfer, these Chanel boards were created as a part of the label's

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  • Kanye Cleans Out Kim's Closet -- Our Editor's Boyfriend Tries It, Too

    We know it can be hard keeping up with the Kardashians, so we'll fill you in. During last night's riveting episode, Kim's boyfriend Kanye West showed up to give her closet a complete overhaul, ditching all those ultra-tight, sparkly bandage dresses for more sophisticated options. "Kanye has inspired me to be more of an individual. My style is evolving and changing," confessed Kim to the camera. Now, normally we would be appalled that any woman would change her style for a dude, but we agree with Kanye, those sparkly bandage dresses had to go. At the same time, we don't know if replacing them with Kanye's wardrobe is any better. We'll have to wait and see …

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    Sarah, Day 1Sarah, Day 1

    Kim isn't the first woman to let her boyfriend give her a full fashion makeover. Our very own Beauty Riot editor, Sarah, was way ahead of the curve, and let her significant other pick out her clothes each day for one entire week. The results? Both impressive

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  • Who Would You Rather Smell like -- "Mint Romney" or "O-bama"?

    Looks like the beauty world is going political … beauty brand Bliss, known for their puns and cheeky product names (past favorites include "No-Zit Sherlock" and "Pore-fector Gadget"), is launching "Mint Romney" and orange-scented "O-bama" body lotions. The moisturizers will be handed out at upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions.

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    Says Bliss president Mike Indursky, "There's a lot of mean-spirited politicking going on. So we thought, why not have fun with it? It's an 'eau-lection.'" With the inevitable mud-slinging that comes with presidential elections, it's refreshing to make light of it all with some kitschy beauty products.

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    And Bliss isn't alone. Urban Outfitters is already selling a slew of presidential products, including Obama vs. Romney tees, and underwear brand Hanky Panky has an "Election Collection" featuring Democratic donkey and Republican elephant thongs. So is

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  • Now You Can Stalk Kate Middleton's Every Fashion Move

    Attention, Duchess fans. Instead of constantly trolling the web to see what Kate wore, now there's an app for that. It's called Kate's Style List -- a $1 iPhone app that lets you browse through every outfit worn by Kate Middleton, and even purchase the clothing on the spot. (We'd personally love to steal her dove grey Roksanda Ilincic dress that she wore during the Olympics.)

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    We're not shocked at all this exists; in fact we're more surprised it took this long for someone to come up with it. To get the ball rolling on more fashion stalking, we've created a wishlist of a few other fabulously-dressed celebs we'd love to follow via iPhone:

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    Victoria Beckham

    The ultimate glamour girl, Victoria Beckham never looks anything less than perfectly polished. We'd totally go for this fur -- but only if it's faux -- and those big oversized sunnies.

    Taylor Swift

    The singer's

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  • This Gorgeous Gown is Made from … Speedos?

    One glance at this stunning floor-length gown and you'd never guess it was made entirely of … of all things … Speedos. Yes, Speedos, those banana hammocks favored by beachgoing out-of-shape older men and western Europeans who've yet to catch the boardshorts wave, are behind this glorious creation. And, clearly, this dress from the sustainable fashion label, From Somewhere, is everything Speedos aren't -- really, really gorgeous and all kinds of awesome.

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    "It's about the environment and preserving water, which should be a priority for all humankind," said dress designer Orsola de Castro. The idea of high fashion with a message of sustainability is pretty cool, but let's be real -- it's hard to get right. Often times these recycled dresses made out of duct tape or trash bags can be major hot messes.

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    So in honor of this fabulous Speedo dress, we've rounded up some other recycled

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  • Artist Accessorizes City with Giant Jewelry

    We can't get over Belgian artist Leisbet Bussche and her oversized art installation pieces. Bussche specializes in adorning cities with giant jewelry -- yep, everything from enormous earrings to friendship necklaces. Her latest work is a huge charm bracelet hanging in the streets of Cagnes-sur-Mer, France, part of an installation from "Mirror, Mirror." It stands as a tribute to Suzy Solidor, a model, actress, and nightclub owner in Paris during the '30s and '40s.

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    We wish our town was this glammed up. It would be pretty cool to walk outside and be greeted by a colossal pair of stud earrings. We love when fashion and art converge in such a cool, unique way. And it's refreshing to see asphalt streets and urban spaces get a pretty makeover.

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    Also, this kind of reminds us of that childhood storybook "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," only replacing giant food with giant jewelry. What do you

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  • Top 10 Beauty Essentials for Your Clutch

    Moment of Truth: I'm the girl that packs an entire suitcase for an overnight stay. On my last weekend getaway, I brought six pairs of heels, eight dinner dresses (not to be confused with flirty summer day dresses), five bathing suits with their matching cover-ups, and enough hair tools to open my own salon. Sure, you can call me the queen of over-packing, but at least I've got my essentials … and then some.

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    So you can imagine how hard it is for me to pack an evening bag. A clutch is certainly not designed to hold a lot. And let's be honest, an overstuffed glitter clutch isn't cute on anyone. But with a romantic dinner date coming up, I had to solve my over-packing problem pronto. Scroll down to check out my after 8 p.m. purse must-haves.

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    Club Crawling

    When you're in the mood to dance, you don't want to deal with a clunky purse, so choose a slim envelope bag with a chain so you

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  • Would You Wear a Face-Kini?

    Floppy oversized hats, top-notch SPF sunscreen, beach umbrellas -- there are a million ways to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays, but we bet you've never heard of this one: the face-kini. All the rage on the beaches of China, the face-kini is a protective head mask that guards the skin from the sun. (They also protect against insects and jellyfish.) Face-kinis come in a variety of styles, cost less than $5, and are also often paired with full bodysuits.

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    While we feel strongly about protecting your skin, we have to admit the face-kini is kinda scary. It makes the wearer look like they're staring in a horror movie, a la "Chainsaw Massacre." And while we're sure there are benefits to wearing these creepy masks, something tells us American women would rather slather on the sunscreen than put a face-kini on. We don't see this trend catching on anytime soon … but then again, who ever thought neon would come back in style?

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  • "Fashion Hazard": The New Runway Action Video Game for Girls

    Move over, Diner Dash -- there's a new girl game on the market. "Fashion Hazard" is an arcade-style video game for the iPad and iPhone that lets gamers choose a fashion model avatar and then guide her down an action-packed runway, dodging obstacles like red paint, flying lattes, and other antagonistic models. No surprise that the game was created by Interactive Product Group, a part of Conde Nast, the media giant that publishes "Vogue," "Glamour," and "GQ."

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    The game was influenced by "Temple Run," a fast-paced, Indiana Jones-esque chase through an ancient temple. "Fashion Hazard" is similar, only a catwalk replaces the temple paths. It's being introduced as a sort of antidote to the typical video games for girls that are all about running a cupcake store or dressing up dolls. "Fashion Hazard" is clearly trying to make the statement that girls like action, too, and arcade-style games are not just for boys.

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