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  • Italian town bans miniskirts and low-rise jeans

    ThinkstockThinkstockA small town in Italy called Castellammare di Stabia is planning to ban miniskirts and low-cut jeans, which the mayor, Luigi Bobbio hopes will "restore urban decorum and facilitate better civil co-existence. BBC News reports that those who do not abide by these new wardrobe rules will face fines of 25 euros ($35) to 500 euros ($689). Another report says tops that reveal too much cleavage will also warrant a fine.

    Personally, I don't believe in dress codes. I went to schools with fairly lax dress codes (no rips, no jeans, no hats indoors were some of the policies enforced), and while I followed all the rules in the handbook, I was constantly brought in to see the assistant principal for what she considered inappropriate. She called my purple hair dye "distracting," yet there was no written rule against using it. She claimed parents complained that my miniskirt was too short (it went halfway down my thigh) and asked if my mother knew what I was wearing. My mom bought it for me and there

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  • The top celebrity hair highs and lows

    As much as we enjoy changing up our hairstyles and trying new colors, it's not always practical or affordable. Celebrities, on the other hand, have access to the best stylists and lots of money to invest in updating their looks. They've also learned that a new hairstyle, whether good or bad, can get them tons of publicity from people like you weighing in with your countless opinions. We've rounded up the prettiest, the ugliest, and the most outrageous styles we've seen on famous faces in recent months. See if you agree with our picks.

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesDrew Barrymore

    Barrymore loves experimenting with her appearance, which often translates to frequently switching up her haircut and color. When you try many daring looks, there are bound to be a few misses, but her dip-dyed black ends are downright witchy, and there is no real way to make this blunt cut and color a flattering style. Thankfully Barrymore ditched the look after a few weeks, and grew her hair out. Here she illustrates a pretty way to wear

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  • Who says middle-aged women can't have long hair?

    Why is there always a debate surrounding long hair? Writer Dominique Browning, 55, wrote a piece for the New York Times today about how she loves having long hair, but everyone in her life seems to have a problem with it: "My mother hates it. My sister worries about it. My agent thinks I'm hiding behind it. A concerned friend suggests that it undermines my professional credibility. But in the middle of my life, I'm happy with it," Browning writes. And we can see where she's coming from!

    When you're a young woman, a long, lustrous mane is often hair priority number one. Bouncing long hair is the most popular style for younger celebrities, it's favored by both designers and stylists, and, from what the many magazine surveys tell us, most men love it best. Ladies under 40 will go to great lengths (heh. pun intended) to get the look-even shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for hair extensions. But the cultural acceptability of long hair comes to a screeching halt by the time Read More »from Who says middle-aged women can't have long hair?

  • Supermodel Brooklyn Decker on body image, insider beauty tips, and the rise of plus-size models

    Brooklyn Decker for VenusBrooklyn Decker for VenusSome of you may not know Brooklyn Decker by name, but she's the 23-year-old blonde babe who landed the highly coveted cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue this year and was voted Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive. How very lucky for her husband, tennis champ Andy Roddick. Decker has modeled for Victoria's Secret and Gap, been in magazines from Teen Vogue to Cosmo to FHM, had guest TV appearances on "Chuck" and "Ugly Betty," and she's currently in Hawaii filming the new Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler rom-com "Just Go With It." As the new spokeswoman for Venus razors, we reached out to Brooklyn for beauty tips, her thoughts on body image, and the ever-evolving modeling industry. Check it out!

    Shine: As a supermodel you have so much exposure. How does it make you feel to see your photo everywhere? Do you ever feel weird knowing people are staring at your picture?

    Brooklyn Decker: It was definitely an adjustment when I first started seeing myself in magazines. I don't know if that's

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  • Army finally unveils female-cut combat uniform

    The new and improved army uniform designed for women. Photo courtesy of Army Times.The new and improved army uniform designed for women. Photo courtesy of Army Times.Fifteen percent of the Army's 560,000 soldiers are women, but up until this point there have only been male uniforms for those serving. That means about one in six soldiers is probably uncomfortable in what they're wearing while serving our country. Granted the garments are made for function, not style, but we'd imagine women may have a tough time operating in items that may be far too large in certain areas (arms and shoulders) and too tight in others (chest and hips). Thankfully, Army Times is reporting that a brand new Army Combat Uniform designed especially for the ladies is on the way.

    "We need to ensure our women are wearing something they are comfortable in, and it doesn't make them look like their uniform doesn't fit," said Brig. Gen. Peter Fuller, Program Executive Office Soldier. Over a dozen changes have been made to the new female-cut ACU in hopes that garments will now fit every soldier comfortably. These are just some of the structural changes being made to the new

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  • JWOWW's clothing line shut down, while Snooki launches slippers

    JWOWW modeling her Filthy Couture line that will never be. / Photo by Getty ImagesJWOWW modeling her Filthy Couture line that will never be. / Photo by Getty ImagesSorry to be the bearer of bad (good?) news, but all seven of you who pre-ordered your club gear from JWOWW's Filthy Couture line will be waiting forever. Radar reports that while her website launched in July, garments so tastefully named Pure Sin, Luscious Links, Violet Desire, and Sexy Siren, are not being produced. "Due to trademark issues the company was shut down," a friend told Radar. "Money needed to be returned to the people who had ordered clothing." The buddy added that "she couldn't handle the clothing line and didn't really have the help she needed."

    JWOWW couldn't handle running a business? You're kidding! Jenni "JWOWW" Farley's official bio makes her sound so accomplished like she could take on the world! Look at all these great things JWOWW can feel proud of:

    • "long lines, cold winters, and fake club promoters who think they own New York made Jenni realize that she wasn't going to be like everyone else who had to wait or pay to get into clubs in the tri-state area"
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  • Uma Thurman’s makeup malfunction

    When you're a big celebrity who has their photo taken all the time, it's impossible to avoid a beauty disaster from time to time. Just ask Uma Thurman. On Monday she spoke at a New York gala celebrating 40 years of the Feminist Press, but guests may have had a hard time focusing on what she was saying since they were too busy staring at her makeup malfunction. It appears that her makeup artist decided last minute to powder Uma's nose... and her cheeks, and her hairline, and her neck, and around her eyes. Sheesh, the actress looks like she just had a baking accident! But these things happen, especially under bright lights. Next time we hope Uma Thurman checks a mirror before giving a public speech.

    Sometimes makeup has a hint of shimmer that reflects under bright or natural light different than in your bathroom. And powder is meant to be dusted on VERY lightly with a blush to prevent shine--not caked on, which is the same mistake that Nicole Kidman made last year at the New York

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  • Nine-year-old Willow Smith is poised to be the next... Will Smith

    Willow Smith performing on BET's Willow Smith performing on BET's Willow Smith may be dubbed a fashion icon at just nine-years-old, but we think she's going to be much more than that. She's got the hottest single in the country right now with "Whip My Hair" and the music video has already gone viral. Stylistically it's like Lady Gaga meets Lil Mama and Rihanna. Perhaps being on Jay-Z's label Roc Nation doesn't hurt, because the song is incredibly well produced and well promoted, but there's something else. She has something we haven't seen since... her father Will Smith came on the scene as the Fresh Prince.

    The reason Willow Smith is going to be huge is simple: she's incredibly cool and has a good message, but she's keeping it PG. After all, the girl is nine. But when was the last time you listened to a song by a tween? On repeat? As a teenager Will Smith mastered the same formula with fun but positive hit songs like "Summertime" and "Parents Just Don't Understand," and even won the first rap Grammy of all time by age 20. Willow has a long way to

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  • $500 socks and other insanely overpriced legwear

    Fancy socks and tights are more popular than ever this season, thanks to big-name designers like Prada, Givenchy and Chloé who all sent several incarnations down the runway. In fact, the New York Post recently reported that a $500 pair of socks from trendy fashion house Rodarte is currently being s

  • Artist creates themed dress sculptures in all 50 states

    We've always loved seeing dresses made out of unsuspecting materials. Robin Barcus Slonina is an installation and performance artist working on an ongoing project called "States of Dress." She has been touring the country constructing and modeling her unique dress sculpture in hopes to do one for all 50 states. Take a look at some of her recent creations, and see how they're made on her blog, State of Dress. [WhatTheCool]

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