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  • The ugliest shoes, well, ever

    After a quick glimpse of the rather unattractive newUggs collection by master shoemaker Jimmy Choo, we couldn't resist rounding up the ugliest shoes of all time. Beware: these hall-of-shamers are not easy on the eyes.

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  • Fall’s biggest and best hair trends

    The easiest-and perhaps most affordable-way to change up your appearance this season is with a new hair style, cut, or color. We enlisted celebrity stylist Tracey Cunningham to weigh in on the latest and greatest looks for fall, how to achieve them at home, and which celeb photos you should bring with you to a salon.

    Getty ImagesGetty Images

    Ombré hair color

    Drew Barrymore's multi-toned hair color (at left), as created by Tracy, is the go-to style of the season, and many celebs are going after the same look that gradually fades from darker roots to lighter ends in the same color family. "When I do Drew's hair this warms up her face a little bit without really changing her hair color."

    At the salon
    "Do not ask somebody to highlight you and stop two inches from the root," says Cunningham. "That's ridiculous and it's a waste of money. Get your hair highlighted to the root. When it's over, have them put a semi-permanent hair color on top, avoiding the hairline."

    At home

    This is a great fall style, since your

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  • New denim designer Jessica Simpson talks jeans and fall trends

    With over 20 million albums sold worldwide, Jessica Simpson has recently moved on to prettier pastures, using her recipe for success to tackle the fashion and beauty industries. She created and starred in an MTV series called "The Price of Beauty," and has launched fragrances, hair products (with her longtime friend and stylist Ken Paves) shoes, handbags, and clothing. This season Jessica is taking on the biggest fall essential: denim. Ms. Daisy Duke certainly knows a thing or two about jeans, so we were psyched when she agreed to show us to her new denim line and share some fashion tips and words of wisdom. Jessica also gave me my first pair of jeggings (gasp!) and I have to admit they are flattering, incredibly comfy, and are quickly becoming my go-to pair.

    Shine: So many celebrities have clothing lines these days, and it's hard to tell how hands-on they are with the garments. How much do you collaborate in the creation process?
    Jessica Simpson: I am very involved in the

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  • Good girls go bad: Taylor Momsen and Lindsay Lohan aren’t alone

    Everyone rags on Lindsay Lohan and Taylor Momsen (us included from time to time), but we've recognized that they're merely following the footsteps of a long line of teen queens before them who wore revealing outfits, let curse words fly, had too many drinks, and let down their youthful fan base. So we're taking a look back at the female child stars who fell and a few who have managed to get back up on their again. Young celebs: take heed!

  • Fashion etiquette: what not to wear in a confined public space

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesYesterday I was flying back from vacation in Miami and took notice of my plane neighbors...and was horrified. I totally understand people wanting to be comfortable while traveling, and even let my "fashion rules" slide. Normally I don't think people should wear sweatpants in public, but hey, if you're sitting in a cramped seat for a few hours and prefer to cozy up in a Juicy warmup suit then go on, girl. That said, there are a few rules of fashion etiquette that I believe should never be broken when in a confined public space.

    1. Taking off your shoes. Just because everyone does this does not make it OK. Taking off your shoes in public is gross! Whether you're wearing flip-flops, high heels (stilettos on the plane? Maybe if you're Victoria Beckham), or even sneakers, there is no reason your shoes should be removed. Feet smell and have all kinds of germs. And that airplane carpeting? How often do you think that is cleaned? The sporty girl sitting next to me kicked off her flip-flops
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  • Attention "Lost" fans: We have to go back (and watch the DVDs)

    The complete collection of The complete collection of If you were a devoted viewer of "Lost" like I was, you sat on the edge of your seat for six years through every twist and turn. You wondered what the significance was of 'the numbers,' where or what the island was, and whether these unique characters were brought together by fate or coincidence. You waited impatiently during programming gaps, yelled at your TV, discussed theories with friends, and wondered if you'd be devastated or relieved when the series came to a close. So... are you ready to relive it all again?

    Sure, "whatever happened, happened," but now that we finally have a clear comprehension of the show, there's so much to experience again with newfound appreciation and significance. Like Desmond's popular phrase, "see you in another life, brother." Kind of mind-blowing in retrospect, right? Well, thankfully for us Losties, there are still mysteries ahead!

    I received my review copy of "Lost: The Complete Collection" last week (don't hate me), and have already

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  • Guys, don't do that: Brozilian waxes

    Waxing hurts. Just ask Steve Carell. Photo courtesy of Universal.Waxing hurts. Just ask Steve Carell. Photo courtesy of Universal.In these metrosexual times it is now acceptable for a grown man to get mani/pedis, have a medicine cabinet filled with grooming products, and even wear body-slimming man Spanx. But really, ladies, how do we feel about this? Do you ever want your man to just, you know, be a dude?

    Personally I have a rule: I can't date a guy who uses more products or takes more time getting ready than I do. Hair pomade? Sure. Exfoliating face wash? Cool. Cologne? Yes, please, as long as it's not Axe. Manscaping? Well, a little is OK. Brozilian wax? Hell no! You see, I had the absolute horror of discovering this morning that not only does the male version of a Brazilian wax exists, supposedly is a new grooming trend for men.

    Let me reason with the fellas for a moment: As a woman who has had many bikini waxes before, I can tell you they are painful and not to be taken lightly. If your skin is sensitive, the area becomes all red afterward. And you know what ladies don't have? Balls. Sorry to be graphic,

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  • How to revamp your style from head to toe

    Thinkstock: Tips for updating an outdated hairstyle.Thinkstock: Tips for updating an outdated hairstyle.With the changing of seasons, dropping of temperatures, and kids heading back to school, what better time to assess your own appearance and revamp your look head to toe? Whether you're in a haircut rut, bored with everything in your closet, or fear your metallic lipstick is horribly out of fashion, we've enlisted some hair, makeup, and fashion experts to help update outdated looks. Read on to learn what changes you can make to get on back on track and looking fabulous for the fall.


    Signs you need an update: Your hair color is too dark or too "yellow" after years of the same color treatments and/or you have too many colors showing.

    How to revamp: "Stylists will tell you that a little bit of root showing is nice, especially if you have auburn hair or are brunette. It gives a nice depth. When three inches of roots are showing or ends are brassy, it's time to get things cleaned up," says June Ambrose, a fashion stylist who has helped celebs like Zoe Saldana, Kelly

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  • How do you define "cheap"?

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesA recent article in fashion trade paper Women's Wear Daily polled designers and industry insiders on their idea of a bargain. While admittedly, the elite fashion set may have a skewed perception of the retail market, we could not get over some of their comments. Take a look at this sampling:

    • "Anything my husband won't yell at me for." - Rachel Zoe, celeb stylist and reality star who has a serious penchant for Chanel.
    • "Cheap for me is that great feeling when you look at something, expect it to be four times the price, then look at the price tag and find it's a third of what you were expecting. That's the definition of value to me." - Patrick Robinson, executive vice president of global design for the Gap
    • Linda Fargo of Bergdorf Goodman counts Havaianas $18 plastic flip flops as a "cheap thrill."
    • Designer Lyn Devon says she buys Michael Stars $34 black tank tops in bulk.
    • "Whether it's cashmere socks or buying a Porsche on sale, my mantra is luxury at an affordable
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  • Shine Beauty Gurus review: must-have summer products under $25

    With summer's heat and humidity comes a whole slew of new beauty needs that must be met. Our faces, bodies, and hair require a little more maintenance, or less if you surrender to mother nature. Hydration and protection are key against the elements, though sometimes finding just the right products to simplify your summer beauty routine is tricky! With that in mind, we turned to our expert Shine Beauty Gurus to weigh in on their favorite warm-weather products under $25. Check out their reviews, and if you have tried or plan to try the items yourself, let us know what you think of them. And please share your own must-have summer products in the comments. Happy last month of summer!

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