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  • New Forever 21 store attracts seven times more daily visitors than Statue of Liberty

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesLast Friday a gargantuan new Forever 21 store opened in New York City's Times Square. They took over the famous Virgin Megastore spot which over is 90,000 square feet, four floors, and now has 121 dressing rooms. I feel dizzy just thinking about it, which is why I haven't attempted to enter the store yet, despite admiring it from afar and dreaming about the endless racks of affordable trendy items that may or may not fall apart after several washes.

    Another New York City attraction I've yet to visit? The Statue of Liberty. I've gone past it on several ferry boat rides, and once looked down upon it from atop the World Trade Center, but I've never actually gone inside. As someone who has lived in New York for over a decade, I assure you it is high on my to-do list, but the thought of sweating it out amongst hoards of camera-crazed tourists deters me every time I contemplate a visit.

    You may be wondering why I've made such a comparison. Well, you see, the Statue of Liberty had 14,000

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  • Women spend nearly $25,000 on shoes

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesA quick glance into your closet and you'll find high heels, flats, sandals, shoes for the beach, shoes for special occasions, shoes you've outgrown, shoes you've never worn, and shoes you've worn so much they should be thrown away but you can't bear to part with them. We once reported that more women remember their first pair than their first kiss, but we had no idea how much money ladies actually spent on footwear over a lifetime. A new survey of 3,000 women conducted by British insurance company found that the average woman spends nearly $25,000 on shoes. Nonsense, you say? Here's the breakdown via Daily Express who reported the results.

    The average woman has about 19 pairs of shoes in her closet. Girls buy their first pair without their mothers at 14 years old, then seven pairs a year for the rest of their lives, which comes out to be 469 pairs. Ladies spend an average of $53 per pair (around $370 annually) and about $ 24,741 over a 67 year period.

    The 19 current

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  • Which beauty trend do you wish would go away?

    Splash News via PeopleSplash News via PeopleWhen it comes to fashion beauty items and trends, I've seen (and most likely written about) it all. I think some are fun, but some trends totally drive me crazy. Obviously my preferences on beauty trends all come down to my personal style and individual taste, but there are some items that the majority of us find cringeworthy (think about the permed hair of the '80s, or the still-pravalent orangey fake tans). Some of the trends I hate may stem from a bad experience (overly-plucked eyebrows) and some of my opinions are totally irrational. Like my distaste for hair extensions.

    Surely hair extensions can be a fun way for people with short hair to try on a longer style for the night, a few weeks, or years (hey there, Britney Spears). But I actually get grossed out by the stringiness of super-long, Paris Hilton-esque hair extensions. "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen also rocks the mile-long, obviously fake extensions, and I just hate it. So when I came across a photo on of the

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  • Would you wear a $450,000 engagement ring?

    Flynet via ModelinaFlynet via ModelinaThis week British actor Orlando Bloom and Australian Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr announced their engagement. (Um, if they have kids, they might be the most adorable babies ever.) Miranda looked adorable as she went to scout potential churches for the wedding ceremony with her mom and her Yorkie, Frankie, who never leaves her side. But we were so distracted by the giant rock on her finger that we turned into zombies.

    Unfortunately we can't find a closer image of the ring, but it's a 5-carat diamond estimated to be worth around $450,000.

    While we understand that these two lovely specimens can afford to spend nearly half a million dollars on a piece of jewelry, isn't it a bit dangerous to wear something that costs that much without, like, a bodyguard and homing device attached to it? Poor Megan Fox lost her new engagement ring on the beach in Hawaii as soon as she got it. Miranda, you better glue that thing to your finger!

    Would you ever want a super-pricey engagement ring? And

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  • The celebs you're taller than

    Suck UKSuck UKOne thing we often forget when we see all the stunning celebs on the red carpet is that many of them are quite petite. Today we stumbled upon this fun "Who Tall Are You" mirror from Suck UK which cleverly shows you if you're tiny like Dolly Parton, Missy Elliott, and Kylie Minogue (they're all 5'1") or tall like Charlize Theron, Sigourney Weaver, and Taylor Swift (they're all 5'11").

    After doing a little research, we realized that many the most popular and beautiful stars these days are under 5'4", which is the average height for American women over 20 years old. So while many of us may not be as stunning or as thin as these famous ladies, we do have the height advantage!

    Check out the list of celebs who all stand comfortably below the average height:

    • Kristin Chenoweth - 4'11"
    • Lil Kim - 4'11"
    • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - 5'0"
    • Christina Ricci - 5'0"
    • Kristen Bell - 5'0"
    • Nicole Richie - 5'0"
    • Paula Abdul - 5'0"
    • Carmen Electra - 5'0"
    • America Ferrera
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  • Things we don't get: Ta-ta-toos

    Ta-ta-toosTa-ta-toosTemporary tattoos are back this summer, and thanks to the fancy ones spotted on Chanel's spring runway, they're not just for kids anymore. But I was immediately fascinated/disturbed by the email I got this morning about Ta-ta-toos, fake ink designed for your cleavage area.

    "Getting something off your chest never felt so good," says founder Jodi Greenberg. "Ta-ta-toos allow you to express traditional statements in a unique way. They're for when you want to do more than wear your heart on your sleeve."

    Retailing for $12.95, your Ta-ta-toos can last for one week, so be sure to choose your design wisely! Here are just some of the messages you can deliver via your breasts with Ta-ta-toos:

    • Happy Birthday
    • 100% Natural
    • Naughty/Nice
    • Just Married
    • Let's Celebrate
    • Paid For
    • Missed You
    • Special Delivery
      (and my personal favorite...)
    • Guess What? I'm Pregnant

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  • Is Lady Gaga about to fall? via US Weekly via US WeeklyStefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta aka Lady Gaga has been on top of the world for nearly two years now. Though the 24-year-old initially seemed like an attention-seeking, one-hit wonder pop act, she has parlayed her outrageous fashions, catchy tunes, and racy music videos into a successful career as the current reigning princess of pop. She's sold over 15 million albums and over 40 million singles worldwide. Her music videos have been viewed over one billion times. She was chosen as one of Time magazine's most influential people in the world. She performed alongside Sir Elton John at the Grammys and took home awards for Best Electronic/Dance Album and Best Dance Recording. She's headlining Lollapalooza. She's met the Queen of England. And soon she'll be graced with perhaps the greatest honor a mega-successful pop artist can experience: Weird Al Yankovich is working on a parody of one of her hits. But the backlash has begun.

    Many skeptics have criticized Lady Gaga from day one,

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  • The 32AAA bra is here!

    Lula LuLula LuTen years ago, the average U.S. bra size was 36C. Today it is a 36DD. Bra makers have taken note and are expanding their ranges, and Fruit of the Loom even introduced the Perfect Pair bra that allows you to mix and match cup sizes. But as I've noticed whenever reading the feedback on stories about bigger bras, or dressing for your curves, there are many petite and small-breasted ladies out there not having their fashion needs met! So gals, this post is for you.

    The petite intimates online retailer Lula Lu happily and beautifully accommodate those with a less ample bosom, and now have a new collection launching that ranges from 32AAA to 36AAA. Designer Ellen Shing says, "These women may be petite, but they do have a shape." Why should ladies in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee have to shop in the junior's department or be forced to wear a flattening bralette all the time? Lula Lu has padded, push-up, strapless, and regular bras in all sorts of materials, colors, and cuts that will fit

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  • Which celeb makes you want to buy stuff? Ellen and Rihanna make best endorsers

    CoverGirlCoverGirlFor years now celebs have been the preferred marketing tool to hawk products, but sometimes their level star wattage doesn't always make us want what their selling.

    Ad Age is reporting that Starch Advertising Research examined 2,725 full-page (or larger) ads featuring celebrities in magazines from October 2008 through the first quarter of 2010 to determine the best-selling stars in 10 major advertising categories. Many people questioned Ellen DeGeneres being added to the CoverGirl roster and said she didn't seem like an authority on makeup, but it turns out the cosmetics brand knew what they were doing. 91% of women read her ad for CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageles Foundation in the March 2010 issue of House Beautiful, and 30% of these readers said they recommended the product as a result of the ad. Wow!

    Other celebs who made you run out and buy their products were New York Yankees' closing pitcher Mariano Rivera (Canali Clothing), Holly Robinson Peete (Colgate Total Advanced Whitening

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  • Has your favorite beauty item ever been discontinued?

    GuerlainGuerlainSomething really sad happened to me yesterday. I went to Sephora to pick up my favorite lipstick, and discovered that my favorite shade has discontinued! I couldn't tell if I was more angry or sad. That was MY color! The BEST color! How dare they?! And what will I do without it?

    I was riding strong on Team Lipgloss for years, until one day about five or six years ago when a bag from Guerlain was delivered to my office at the now-defunct ELLEgirl magazine. I was unpacking products in the beauty closet and fell head-over-heels in love with Guerlain's Kiss Kiss lipstick. As if the golden ice cube-shaped tube wasn't stellar enough, the formula was smooth, light, and smelled softly of flowers. When applied, it wasn't the overly thick like other lipsticks I had tried. It went on like silk, and made my lips look juicy. It lasted hours. And took me over a year to go through one tube.

    I dabbled with several of the shades, but the Violet Shine was my favorite. As you can see, it's not so much

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