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  • Shine Beauty Gurus review: makeover edition!

    Over the past year, the Shine Beauty Gurus have tried out and reviewed a variety of products--some of which they loved, and some of which they didn't care for. The fun thing about cosmetics and beauty products is that you can reinvent yourself with one swipe of liquid eyeliner or chopping some bangs

  • Hot trend: celebs in wigs

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  • It's official: neon hair is back!

    During my teen years I loved Manic Panic. From pink to plum to bright red, I tried many shades, and even experimented with blue dye on my younger brother (he was the coolest kid in 3rd grade). After spotting a neon Manic Panic display in the fashionably trendy Opening Ceremony boutique in New York City this week, it dawned on me: neon hair is back!

    Months ago, Lady Gaga was wore a Big Bird-yellow wig to the Grammy Awards that turned heads. Since then, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Kelly Osbourne, have all donned colorful new looks. And just yesterday, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were spotted with bright yellow and reddish-pink hair. Is bold hair dye making a resurgence? If the Fall 2010 runways are any indication, the answer is yes. Both Vena Cava and Cynthia Rowley showed bold, bright streaks of color on their runway models. But dyeing your hair doesn't have to be a permanent change: Streekers rinse out with just one wash. Kate Moss probably used something similar when she dyed her hair

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  • Camelflague panties “smooth out your feminine parts”

    CamelflagueCamelflagueFor those ladies who are unfamiliar, a cameltoe is a giggle- and perhaps cringe-worthy occurrence when your nether regions are outlined while wearing tight-fitting pants. Having a cameltoe can be quite embarrassing and unfortunate, as the makers of Camelflague panties so wonderfully illustrate through before and after photos. Their special panties offer a sewn-in shield to make sure you'll never have another cameltoe again. Here's the marketing pitch:

    "Shhhhh...Women have their beauty and fashion secrets and this is one of them. If you are an active, fashion conscious or contemporary woman then Camelflage panties are for you. These aren't your ordinary panty, they were specifically designed to smooth out your feminine parts under tight clothing. Yoga and exercise pants, leggings, tight shorts, skinny jeans or even some work trousers can have a shorter inseam. You have enough to worry about these days; the last thing you need to think about is your panties riding up during your cardio

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  • Katy Perry calls out Lady Gaga for being provocative...

    Getty ImagesGetty Images...but is she a hypocrite?

    According to Huffington Post, Katy Perry took to her Twitter account to bash Lady Gaga's latest music video, "Alejandro." Perry wrote, "Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling fart jokes."

    Let's back up a minute. Before Lady Gaga was causing an uproar with her outrageous outfits and music videos, there was Katy Perry singing about, well, kissing another girl and liking it. And saying it felt good. Sure, Perry may have kicked off her career as a Christian contemporary-music artist, but she has pushed the limits and alienated plenty of people based on her her lyrics (talking about a lesbian kiss is obviously a calculated cry for attention) and outrageous costumes (she appeared coming out of a banana, has used loads of other phallic imagery, and most recently appears shooting whipped cream from her boobs and wearing a cupcake bra with cherries for nipples in her latest video, "California Girls.")

    Lady Gaga is well known for her

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  • What’s your favorite men’s scent? Big cats are wild about Obsession

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWith Father's Day around the corner, today's news story became even more appropriate in my eyes. Apparently Zoos often spray perfumes and colognes to attract and stimulate the animals, as each scent can invoke curiosity and elicit different reactions. The Wall Street Journal reports that back in 2003, Pat Thomas, the general curator for the Wildlife Conservation Society's Bronx Zoo in New York, tested out 24 scents on two cheetahs to see how they were effected by them. While the cheetahs sniffed at Estée Lauder's Beautiful for an average of two seconds, Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men occupied the cats for 11.1 minutes. Obsession is so intoxicating that it reduced a 450-pound Siberian tiger named Sasha to an adorable kitty-cat nuzzling a tree that had been misted with the cologne. Researchers are even using Obsession to lure elusive jaguars closer to their cameras.

    So now we know what big cats like, but is Obsession for Men still a home-run for humans? The scent was introduced in

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  • 20 gorgeous swimsuits under $30

    When it comes to bathing suits, everyone has the same agenda: you want to somehow look your best while wearing far less than you'd normally wear in public. Swimsuit shopping can be a scary thing, especially after a long, lazy winter. But as a fashion editor, my first thought is, where do I shop? In recent years, I have worn bathing suits from Forever 21, H&M, Target, Wal-Mart, Victoria's Secret, American Apparel, Lacoste, Burberry, TopShop, Missoni, Shoshanna, Pucci, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, and many more-I don't discriminate! But to be honest, I've realized that even though a Pucci print is admittedly stunning, that print fades in chlorine and sunlight, and you feel a whole lot worse throwing out a $200+ bikini than a $30 one. (Confession: I still have it in a drawer, because I don't want to part with it!) And some of those cheapies really hold up! I have an H&M bathing suit from five or six years ago that has barely faded and the elasticity is still perfect.

    Since we found out that $100

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  • The right kind of flip-flops to wear this summer

    FitFlop Electra, $59.90, zappos.comFitFlop Electra, $59.90, zappos.comAt last, the breezy days of summer are upon us. Instead of repeatedly checking the daily weather forecast to deliberate if we need a scarf or sweater for layering, we can enjoyably slip on some comfy shorts or an effortless sundress. For many of us, flip-flops become the go-to footwear to accompany such an ensemble, but as we've often been warned, these flimsy slip-ons do not always provide ideal foot support.

    USA Today reports that Justin Shroyer, an assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, studied over 100 flip-flop wearers to uncover patterns in their feet and leg movements. While presenting his findings at the American College of Sports Medicine's annual meeting in Baltimore this week, Shroyer explained some of the key problems with these shoes. Namely, he discovered that by trying to grip and hold flip-flops in place, people work the muscles in their shins much harder than when they're barefoot. He said that shortened strides while wearing

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  • New scented and color-changing nail polishes

    Perfect FormulaPerfect FormulaI'm admittedly a nail polish junkie. I've been hooked ever since I was about six when my mom first painted my nails hot pink on vacation one summer. From Tinkerbell's BOPO (brush-on, peel-off) and Hard Candy's pastels, to Essie's Ballet Slippers and Chanel's trendy Vamp and Jade, I've collected hundreds of bottles of nail polish over the years. When I enter a drugstore I make a beeline to the nail aisle to see if there's anything new for me to sample. Luckily, as a beauty editor, I have new polishes mailed to me so I can try out the latest and greatest. And boy have there been some polish evolutions this year.

    Many brands are trying to come up with a new concept for recession-proof nail polish this year. You may have seen my story about the awesome innovations behind CND's Shellac polish, which lasts 14 days. Perfect Formula's new "In the Mood" collection boasts six color-changing shades. Remember the hyper-color shirts of our youths? Like those tees, these polishes are

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  • How much to pay for a swimsuit: $100 bikinis can cost $5 to make

    From left: J. Crew solid twist-front bandeau top, $44, bikini with detachable ties, $40; Forever 21 monochromatic drawstring top, $9.80, bottom, $8.80; Malia Mills top $135, lowrider bottom $125; Victoria's Secret twist bandeau top, $22, double-string bottom, $14.50.From left: J. Crew solid twist-front bandeau top, $44, bikini with detachable ties, $40; Forever 21 monochromatic drawstring top, $9.80, bottom, $8.80; Malia Mills top $135, lowrider bottom $125; Victoria's Secret twist bandeau top, $22, double-string bottom, $14.50.At a glance, these bikinis all look fairly similar, but their price tags tell a different story. When shopping for bathing suits, we've become less stunned over the years at the escalating prices for skimpy pieces of colorful, stretchy lycra, but that doesn't mean we're willing to pay for them. What, for example makes the green bikini on the left cost over six times more than the pink one? we've never been able to figure it out. The New York Times did some investigating today, and they found some answers, but not all.

    Apparently swimsuit "technology" is partially responsible for price discrepancy. The new line of Spanx swimsuits are claiming to contour and slim your body, and this bonus comes at a cost. The Times says other expensive bikinis claim to be weatherproof. Does this mean that the fabric is OK to get wet? Because we've seen some extremely pricey bikinis that just barely held up to that challenge.

    Swimwear designer Malia Mills, told the Times that bikini bottoms cost more

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