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  • Fashion that makes us sad: $2000 jeans

    AcneAcneJust last week we read that the price of designer denim was dropping. Granted many big name jeans still sell for $200, and some people can rationalize that price for a basic wardrobe staple they wear several times a week. I myself have fallen victim to fashion stupidity and shelled out $200+ on Sass & Bide jeans. They're grey stretch denim, and are my favorite pair I've ever owned... and maybe after wearing them for four years non-stop, I might have finally gotten my money's worth. Though I'm not the type of person who has 40 pairs of jeans. I have about six and wear them to death, so I don't mind spending a little more. That said, the most recent pair I bought cost $70. It is a recession after all!

    So imagine how annoyed I was to see this new pair of jeans by Acne, adorned with some type of modern body armor, selling for $2000. Those ridiculous things had better protect you--they cost more than several months rent!

    While I recognize that sometimes designers will make a product as

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  • The new Botox: “Dracula therapy” injects your own blood into your face

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesClearly the vampire craze isn't going away anytime soon, and "Twilight" marketing has reached epic proportions, but here's a beauty treatment only a real life vampire might appreciate. It's called Stimulated Self Serum therapy, but has earned the name "Dracula therapy" since the Botox-like treatment involves facial injections using your own blood. Ew! A London-based French doctor named Daniel Sister recently introduced the treatment, and the Daily Mail was so intrigued they sent reporter Leah Hardy to try it out.

    Here's how it works: First the doctor draws four vials of your blood, and separates it into red blood cells, the clear serum and the platelets. Then vitamins and amino acids are added and the serum is injected into your face. Supposedly the injections can heal scars and renew skin through DNA repair. You're probably wondering this creepy idea came from. Apparently, for years dentists have done a similar treatment using a patient's serum to regenerate their receding gums. "I

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  • Do you look your age?

    RadarRadarThere are those young women who are carded all the time, with people saying they look young for their age. Then there are girls like Angelina Jolie. The picture at the left was unearthed this week, taken during a photo shoot she did when she was 16 years old. Doesn't she look more like a college grad than a high school sophomore?

    Now that Jolie is a grown woman, she's gorgeous and often picked as one of the most beautiful on the red carpet. But did you know she's only 34? No disrespect whatsoever, but we would have thought the mom of six was older.

    What goes into determining someone's age? When a woman has few wrinkles, clear skin, healthy hair, and dresses youthfully typically she can look younger than her years. Likewise, sun damage, bad dental hygiene, distressed hair, and dressing old or overly conservatively can often make a woman look older. Age can also be determined somewhat from your career or if you have a family.

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesHow good are you at guessing someone's age? Do people ever

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  • Sneaky scents: Fragrances really are pumped into stores to make you buy them

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesWalking through the first floor of a department store can be a sensory overload. Aside from insane foot traffic, fragrances often smell so strong, you race to the escalator, quickly saying "no thank you" to every sales associate offering a spritz of perfume. Sometimes you can't escape it! Though we've heard rumors about fragrances being blasted through air vents in stores, we never really believed it was true until now.

    A company called Prolitec specializes in "ambient scenting," which uses hidden devices to disperse a fragrance throughout the store. Many retailers, such as Bebe, use these five-inch cubes to mist the scent around displays so you smell the perfume without even realizing it.

    "I think we're at a point with scent where music was 10 or 15 years ago," says Roger Bensinger, executive vice president of marketing at Prolitec. "Now you wouldn't think of going into a store without hearing music." That's true, but sometimes scents are more overwhelming and offensive than

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  • Celebrity Halloween: "The Today Show," "The Hills," Ellen, Octomom and more in costume

    Usually we dress up as celebrities for Halloween, so it's always fun to see what the stars themselves wear for this spooky holiday. Here are this year's best celebrities in costumes. Be sure to check back as we'll be adding more as they come in!

  • Happy 75th birthday, women's jeans!

    For most of us, we would be nothing without our jeans. They're our go-to wardrobe staple. Nowadays there's a style for every occasion: playing with your kids, going on hot a date, or even heading to a meeting, but prior to 1934 that was not the case. In fact, the only way women could wear jeans back then was by borrowing them from their husbands or boyfriends. Lame! Jeans were originally created by Levi Strauss & Co. for working men in 1873, and it took decades for them to fully cross over to the fairer sex. Now women's denim leads the trends every season, and surely we could not live without them.

    In honor of the 75th anniversary of the creation of Lady Levi's, we're taking a stroll down memory lane to check out some of the awesome achievements in denim and to see how they compare to the popular styles we wear today.

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  • The most stylish women in horror

    It's not easy to always be fashionable and glamorous, so we're thoroughly impressed that these ladies looked the epitome of chic while being chased by murderers, vampires, Satan worshipers, and killer birds. These stylish women stood up to the villains and served as momentary distractions from the creepy, bloody, and intense moments of some of our favorite horror movies over the decades.

  • When “Twilight” merchandise goes too far: Robert Pattinson panties

    Twitarded.comTwitarded.comThough we'll never fully understand the cult obsession with "Twilight" (we liked the "Harry Potter" books better), onwards it goes, yielding loads of merchandise and memorabilia. From the innocent posters and t-shirts, to the more fan-crazed fragrances, pendants, and sweatpants that say "Bite Me" on the bum, the market is flooded with "Twilight" items, and quite frankly, we're growing tired of it. But some people are too obsessed to be satisfied with a mouse pad that declares, "I can't live in a world Twitarded.comTwitarded.comwhere you don't exist," and so they are off making custom panties with Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen's face on them.

    Seriously. A "Twilight" fan site aimed at an 18+ audience unveiled these custom panties, just in time for Halloween. A really nice extra touch--Cullen's mouth is sewn into the crotch of the undies. Ugh. Though they're not available for purchase (at least not yet), this is so inappropriate and wrong! It's one thing for youngsters to have a poster of the fictional vampire

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  • Cindy Crawford on why models of the ‘80s and ‘90s were better

    Dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesDave M. Benett/Getty ImagesThis week my favorite supermodel of all time, Cindy Crawford, has been ranting about how she had to quit the business because she felt she was losing it and couldn't keep up with pretty younger models. This is obviously B.S., just like when she complained that she had cellulite. But then Crawford started to make sense when comparing the models of today to those of her time, and how she really couldn't make it in modeling nowadays.

    "I would not have become a supermodel in 2009. I look too healthy," says Crawford. "A body like mine with big breasts, normal thighs and toned upper arms" is not the standard anymore, or what the industry is looking for. "That's why I like being in my 40s so much--being at peace with yourself, knowing about your strengths beyond being pretty."

    As a teenager, my friends and I were always critical and dissatisfied with how we looked no matter what. Now in my 20s, everyone says you don't really come into your own as a woman until your 30s. Now that 40s are the

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  • How much has your mother influenced your style?

    My mom carrying me at a parade in NYC, around 1985My mom carrying me at a parade in NYC, around 1985Last night I stumbled on a really awesome new blog called "My Mom, The Style Icon." The creator began her site by posting up stylish pictures of her own mother in her 20s and 30s, and attributed her mother as the main source of her fashion inspiration. The blogger then went on to include other photos of chic ladies she found on the internet, complete with background stories of the women and the photos. She also accepts submissions, so if you had a stylish mom, send them to

    While my own personal style is heavily rooted in '80s trends, I don't think I ever realized until today how much my mother's wardrobe has influenced me. Sure, I was an '80s baby, but aside from Jem, the cartoon rock star, Denise Huxtable of "The Cosby Show," and Mallory, the aspiring fashion designer on "Family Ties," my mother was the lady in my life I most looked up to, and her clothing definitely played a big part of it. As a kindergartener, I even drew a picture of my mom in her

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