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  • A grey hair cure may be available in 10 years

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesFor some women, going grey is a natural and beautiful part of the aging process. For others, the disappearance of hair pigment means spending lots of dough on hair dye or more frequent trips to the salon. If you fall into the second category, prepare to have your mind blown. Cosmetics company L'Oreal has been conducting extensive research on a treatment that will potentially restore your natural hair color, and prevent greys from ever showing up.

    "When hair goes gray, there is a progressive disappearance of the melanocytes from the hair," explains Patricia Pineau, L'Oreal Research Communications. "While there are still melanocytes in the hair, there is still hope that it could be re-pigmented."

    L'Oreal spends nearly $1 billion annually on research--about twice as much as its competitors--and after 100 years of hard work, they believe they've come up with a probable solution to eliminate greying. The process would target the hair inside and out with oral supplements and a topical hair

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  • Garters are back, but are they appropriate?

    Getty Images/Flynet/SplashGetty Images/Flynet/SplashWhen I spotted "Gossip Girl" actress Taylor Momsen wearing tights with garters at New York Fashion Week, I thought she was just making a statement. But over the past few weeks, more and more celebrities have been seen wearing underthings as outerwear. Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, and Rihanna have joined Momsen in donning garters out on the town.

    When temperatures drop, ladies typically take to wearing tights, but why the thigh high variety this year? Denise Fraser, a lingerie buyer for says stockings and garters are up 35% from last year. "Women are desiring a more feminine, sexy look and in the recession, they are buying something sexy to improve their mood." We believe that, but why garters in particular? "We are attributing it to the return of Forties and Fifties trends, which we have been seeing on the catwalk...There are such beautiful fabrics and styles available that it is impossible for women not to feel glamorous and sexy." With '90s style back in, and

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  • Slutty Halloween costumes: How young is too young?

    Splash NewsSplash NewsFor years there have been slutty costume variations we've never quite understood. Halloween somehow morphed from dressing up like scary creatures, animals, celebrities, and movie characters to store bought costumes of slutty cops, slutty cats, slutty bunnies, slutty nurses, slutty witches and slutty devils. StyleCaster even posted a blog on Shine of five Halloween costumes that should never be sexified. A sexy clown? A sexy baby?! It's gotten out of control.

    Sure enough, youngsters are now mimicking adults and our overly sexy Halloween costumes. Noah Cyrus, the nine-year-old sister of Miley Cyrus, attended the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation's 16th Annual Dream Halloween party this weekend dressed like, well, we're not sure. She has no cape or witches hat--just a short tight dress, black patent dominatrix heels and red lipstick. Noah Cyrus may be rich and famous, but the girl is only nine. She can't drive herself to whatever costume shop sells children's hooker shoes. We wonder

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  • Introducing “meggings”: Leggings for dudes slowly taking over the world

    StylesightingsStylesightingsMove over jeggings--there's a new tight, stretchy pant in town. Meggings are here! Man leggings! Just when you thought the leggings trend couldn't get bigger, they've now been spotted on the male population. Stylesightings noticed guys rocking them as under-layers in New York, Paris, London, and Tokyo earlier this fall, which come as no huge surprise since they were spotted on international runways in the Givenchy and John Galliano runway shows. While it hasn't become a massive trend yet here in the States, we've seen skinny jeans tighter than our own on dudes, and fear meggings may be the next scary but inevitable fashion step.

    In Japan, guys have already strayed from basic black meggings to patterns and colors even Lindsay Lohan might shy away from. A website called InventorSpot reports that Japan is sadly riddled with man spandex, and has posted this video to illustrate. The only bright spot: 62% of women polled about jeggings said they weren't feeling them. Male readers of Shine

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  • Would you spend more on your kid’s clothing than your own?

    Stella McCartney for GapStella McCartney for GapStella McCartney has designed for Chloe, H&M, Adidas, opened four shops of her own, and even launched her own fragrance and organic skin care lines. Now with three young children of her own, she's decided to scale down her designs--physically, that is. Her latest venture is a fall collection for Gap Kids and Baby Gap and hits stores on November 2. Garments will fit newborns to preteens, and range in price from $14 for wool tights to $128 for a military jacket.

    While this collection is admittedly adorable, we're not sure who will be shelling out big bucks on items for four-year-olds who will soon outgrown them. $14 for stockings? We don't like spending that much on tights for ourselves! And while the Sgt. Pepper's inspired coat is very cool (and a nice homage to McCartney's ex-Beatle father), we can't imagine toddlers gravitating towards such a stylized, mature garment in the way an adult would. Boys sketching sneakers that come with a set of pens, seem like a great idea, though we

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  • "Sex and the City” merchandise we actually like

    There's no doubt about it, TV and movie themed merchandise are usually pretty lame. For years HBO has maintained an online store where they've been making money off items like "True Blood" drinks and shot glasses. Up till now, the "Sex and the City" shop has been filled with martini glasses with the fictional characters names on them ($14.99 each), and memorabilia with cheesy fashion-related quotes we don't even remember Carrie Bradshaw saying i.e. the "I'm not afraid of heights. Have you seen my shoes?" tote bag ($19.99) and the "Fashion is my cardio" mug ($12.99). They're also inexplicably selling copies of "He's Just Not That Into You," along with the movie soundtrack, and keychains with the word "Love" in script. Ugh.

    But today we found out about these awesome ballet flats! How cute are they?! Sure they only say "Sex and the City" on the inside of the shoe, but they more appropriately honor the show (Hello! Fashion!) than a stupid mug. The shoes will be available in mid-November

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  • Isaac Mizrahi and Ashley Olsen weigh in: Are celeb designers legit?

    Last night celebrity designer Ashley Olsen, designer Isaac Mizrahi, and Washington Post fashion critic Robin Givhan spoke at the 92nd Street Y about "The Future of Fashion." Glamour editor-in-chief played moderator. Her lead question: "What do you think of celebrities as designers?"

    It seems like every famous person has their name attached to something these days with varying degrees of involvement on eachRaquel OlivoRaquel Olivo project. Just today it was announced that Nicole Richie will launch a full women's collection in February 2010 priced from $35 to $598 (she already has a maternity line and an accessories line). The line will be called Winter Kate--her daughter's middle names--and will feature mostly tops, vests, and jackets in bright vintage-inspired silk, crepe and chiffon, mirroring her own wardrobe.

    "Fashion should be accessible," says Richie. As for her customer, "she is a woman like me: She does not look at labels; she knows how to mix and match. The pieces can be dressed up, made casual, but

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  • 14 ways to wear faux fur

    Many of you Shine readers have commented that real fur is wrong and asked to see faux. We couldn't agree with you more! Everyone from mass retailers like Target to high end designers like Rebecca Taylor have swapped the real thing for fake, and we're quite happy about it. We love the way fur looks,

  • Buy Oprah’s clothes—you just can’t try them on

    C.J. LaFrance/Getty ImagesC.J. LaFrance/Getty ImagesOprah Winfrey has a store near her studio in Chicago where you can purchase designer clothing she's actually worn on her talk show. One blogger went to check out this boutique in search of "Oprah's Closet," but sadly the contents of large wooden wardrobe, hidden amongst Oprah keychains, mugs and logofied matching sweats, left much to be desired.

    "It contains no more than 10 or 12 pieces...on this day an Ellen Tracy blouse, a Donna Karan leather jacket, a pants suit that bore the distinct cut of Richard Tyler," said True/Slant blogger Matthew Greenberg. "And given Oprah's public battle with weight, who knows what sizes are available."

    And now for the weird part: when one customer attempted to bring a black skirt, once worn by Oprah, into the fitting rooms, retail associates chased her down. "You can't try on the clothes from Oprah's Closet," said the clerk, "To preserve the integrity of the items and ensure that Oprah was the last person to wear them."

    Can shoppers really tell the

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  • How much would you spend on a bra? Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller covers her boobs in $3 million

    Victoria's SecretVictoria's SecretEvery year Victoria's Secret debuts their pricey jewel-encrusted Fantasy bra just before Holiday time and their televised "fashion show." This time around supermodel and Victoria's Secret Angel, Marisa Miller, is wearing a $3 million diamond bra by Damiani. "It is an enormous honor to wear the Fantasy bra," says Miller. "It's one of the main features in the Fashion Show every year and I'm so excited to walk the runway in it." The bra showcases white, champagne and cognac colored diamonds with a 16-carat heart shaped diamond dangling in the center. "It is surprisingly comfortable because the Damiani diamonds are embroidered onto the VS Very Sexy Convertible bra - which is actually one of my favorites."

    Hey, here's an idea for a gift! How about buying the Very Sexy bra and then a separate diamond (or diamante, or some other affordable jewel) necklace like a normal person?

    We'll never understand the point of these ridiculous diamond bras, except perhaps to spark conversation. I remember

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