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  • Will Smith: An 8-hit wonder

    Gareth Davies/Getty ImagesGareth Davies/Getty ImagesWill Smith is definitely an American favorite and go-to for directors when they want a guaranteed hit. But did you know he's a box-office record breaker? According to predictions, his new movie, Hancock (in theaters July 2nd) is looking to make around $140-150 million opening weekend-this would be Will's 8th consecutive film to rack in $100 million at the box office. Know how many other actors can claim they've done that? Zero.

    Do you consider Will Smith a box office draw? [Perez]

  • Today in underwear: David Beckham’s package gets supersized; woman sues Victoria’s Secret for dangerous thong

    San Francisco is smiling today with the unvailing of a massive Emporio Armani ad feature David Beckham in his finest tighty whities. Soon those in New York, Los Angeles, Rome, London, Milan, Paris and Tokyo will be able to indulge in the eye candy as well. Why the first ad in San Fran? Armani wanted to make their target demographic perfectly clear.

    Meanwhile in ladies undies, A California woman has filed a lawsuit against Victoria's Secret claiming a staple linking a jeweled-heart charm to her thong flew off and hit her in the eye. Beware of the low-rise v-string, folks! Especially if you're a spaz. [Gawker] [People]

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  • Kimora Lee Simmons “kind of” engaged

    Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesAlberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
    Designer Kimora Lee Simmons, 33, and actor/model Djimon Honsou, 44, might be getting married. Yes, it's unclear. Kimora, who has kept the surname of famous ex, mogul Russell Simmons, was asked at a recent Cartier event if she was engaged she said "kind of." When reporters pried as to whether Honsou had given her an engagement ring, Simmons response was, "Well, kind of, not quite." Huh? Did you buy the ring for yourself? Does this dude want to marry you? We understand keeping your private life private, but next time just say "no comment"-these vague answers are making you look bad!

    Would you settle for a "kind of" marriage proposal? [People]

  • The first good move Madonna has made in a long time

    Dave Hogan/Getty ImagesDave Hogan/Getty ImagesIt's not that we don't like Madonna-sure, we'll even admit to humming along to her crappy single, "4 Minutes," whenever that shampoo commercial comes on. It's just… unlike Madge, who often publicly renounces her previous incarnations, we miss the Madonna of yesteryear. So sue us. That said, we couldn't be more excited at the glimpse of the set list for her upcoming tour: "Heartbeat," "Everybody," "Borderline," "Open Your Heart," "Vogue," "Who's That Girl," "La Isla Bonita," "Dress You Up," "Holiday"… holy cow.

    We need to cop tickets immediately! Looks like there's no time like the present to see the Queen of Pop. [Perez]

  • Jamie Lynn's having her baby... and naming it after herself

    Frederick M. Brown/Getty ImagesFrederick M. Brown/Getty Images
    Word is Jamie Lynn Spears will be in labor tomorrow and doctors are preparing her for a C-section due to complications in the pregnancy. We wish Jamie Lynn a very healthy delivery-whether baby daddy Casey is present or not. Speaking of, despite the fact they are no longer a couple, the parents are planning to go with baby naming family tradition. Jamie and Lynne Spears produced Jamie Lynn, now Jamie Lynn and Casey are also considering combo-names their newborn daughter: either Cailynn or Cassie. Hey, it could be worse! Miller Lyte McConaughey, anyone? [Perez]

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  • Do tabloids affect famous kids? Ivanka Trump says yes

    Andrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesAndrew H. Walker/Getty Images
    There's no hiding anything from your kids, hence Madonna's daughter Lourdes asking is she was a lesbian upon seeing her kiss a woman on stage. Ivanka Trump says when her and brothers Donald Jr. and Eric were children, they'd read the gory details of their parents' divorce from gossip columns. She even found out about The Donald's divorce that way! The worst headline she recalls: "Marla Boasts to Pals about Donald: BEST SEX I EVER HAD." Luckily Ivanka has a good head on her shoulders and is extremely hardworking like her dad. "I'm not the type to be eating bonbons all day. I just can't imagine anything worse than spending my day figuring out what I was going to wear that night."

    Do you think celebrity kids have a tough time dealing with their famous parents and the rumors around them? [NY Post]

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  • Matthew McConaughey parties on despite pregnant girlfriend

    Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesKevin Winter/Getty ImagesMatthew McConaughey's Brazilian girlfriend, Camila Alves, may be due to give birth any minute, but that won't keep a man from partying! The star recently went to Nicaragua to surf, but ended up partying at a bar called the Iguana, flirting with women, dancing, and eventuall standing on a table "screaming in broken Spanish, 'I've lost my flip-flops,'" according to one female bar patron. He was later spotted "resting" in a ditch. While Matthew denying flirting with the ladies, he can't hide how wasted he was. "Drunk?" he told the NY Daily News via e-mail. "Absolutely. Nicaragua is a beautiful place, epic waves, the best surfing I have ever been on. And yes, I'm STILL looking for my left flip-flop. So if anyone finds it floating around down there (it has 6:22 stitched into the side), please send it my way. There is a reward."

    You can't call it a good night until you've lost a flip-flop. [NY Daily News]

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  • Bruce Willis likes to prove he’s famous

    Stephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesStephen Lovekin/Getty ImagesSome stars try their best to avoid paparazzi and signing autographs for their fans. Not Bruce Willis! This past Sunday the Die Hard actor was having brunch with his girlfriend Emma Heming at P.J. Clarke's when he told his waiter he looked a lot like his buddy, Tom Hanks. "The waiter at one point said, 'You think I look like Tom - well, I think you look like Bruce Willis, so yippie kai-yay!' Willis then told him, 'I am Bruce Willis.'" To prove himself, Willis brought ex-wife Demi Moore and daughter Tallulah back to the restaurant for dinner. Aw Bruce, net time we're sure they'll just take your word for it. [NY Post]

  • Britney’s selling her home, off to spend time with pregnant sis in Louisiana

    Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesEthan Miller/Getty ImagesAfter a string of good, careful decisions, Britney is right on track as her father intends to sell her fancy Studio City home. For now her and papa Spears are ready to aid sis Jamie Lynn in her pregnancy and will be jetting down to Louisiana ASAP. And then? "Having more privacy and wide open spaces for her to raise her boys has been a goal for some time," says an insider.

    We'd have to agree a new, more appropriate house sounds great-her home has been the site of many a bad paparazzi photo (remember earlier this year when she was taken to a psychiatric hospital via ambulance?) Keep up the good moves, Brit. Focusing on family was never a bad thing. [People]

  • Diddy’s grooming 101: no pain, no gain

    Pascal Le Segretain/Getty ImagesPascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
    Diddy, or, um, we mean, Puff Daddy, has a very elaborate two-hour beauty regimen before going out for the night. Not that we'd expect anything less… but we did get a laugh out of the details. "While I'm getting ready I like to relax with a drink - vodka and lemonade - and listen to some James Brown," says Diddy. "Then I'll have a manicure and pedicure - and yes, I wax as well. Men owe it to women to make sure they are well-groomed."

    Yep, he means, his "boys." What's worse? He then splashes his cologne on his newly waxed testicles. Ouch! We mean... gross! We mean… what the heck, we wish we didn't know this, but hey, maybe that's why his cologne is called Unforgivable. [Daily Mail]

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