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  • Meryl Streep is awe-inspiring

    Between her superb acting skills and consistently diverse character choices, it's easy to consider Oscar winning Meryl one of the greatest actresses ever. The fact that she's so far off our gossip radar makes her an even bigger draw. Her sassy, nothing-bothers-her demeanor adds to our obsession. But when we saw this image of the 58-year-old doing an astounding mid-air split on the set of her new movie Mamma Mia, we just stopped for a moment in awe. As we're doing again right now. [Defamer]

  • Chris Martin: Brad Pitt is a tough act to follow

    Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesKevin Winter/Getty ImagesIt seems like Coldplay frontman Chris Martin would always know the right thing to say to please a lady, but he wasn't always so suave. "I had a tricky time with girls until I was, like, 21," says Martin. "I got trapped in the friendship trap many, many times," he says. "It was like, 'I need to be a rock star because this is no good: Being the kind of guy that everybody likes but no one wants to [sleep with].' "

    He said he wanted to instead "to be the guy everybody" has sex with. Well, we don't know about everybody, but he did snag Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow. "I always felt it would be great to be with a very powerful woman because it would keep you in your place," he says. "Being married to someone very successful and very powerful basically keeps you hungry to improve. You've got to be hungry. If your wife went out with Brad Pitt, you'd want to prove yourself, you know what I mean?" Umm… yeah. But it looks like Brad isn't for everyone! [Rolling Stone]

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  • Ed Hardy by... Michael Jackson?

    Dave Hogan/Getty ImagesDave Hogan/Getty ImagesIf you read the tabloids, you know that Ed Hardy is a clothing line favored by huge celebs like Madonna, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Now there will be one more less-than-typical fan: Michael Jackson. Apparently he's collaborating with the designer, Christian Audigier on a line of garments.

    "It's still in the developing stages, but it's going to be big," says an insider. "This will be a major comeback for Michael. He's dedicating a lot of his time and money to this venture." No word yet on if the line will include gloves, sequins and red leather jackets. [Perez]

  • Pam and Tommy: back on!

    David Livingston/Getty ImagesDavid Livingston/Getty ImagesTommy Lee has reunited with Mötley Crüe band members and has another bit of news he couldn't wait to share-he's also back together his ex-wife and sec-tape costar Pamela Anderson. "Pamela and the kids have moved in with me," he said grinning. "It's awesome, man. It's definitely working. You can tell on the kids' faces - they're happy when we're together." We have to admit, we really want this couple to work… and perhaps create a more stable home for their two 90210 named babies, Brandon and Dylan. As even Tommy Lee admits, "We've only given it a try 800 times - 801, here we go."

    Do you think Pam and Tommy are meant to be? [Rolling Stone]

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  • Dr. Drew Pinsky takes on Tom Cruise!

    Valerie Macon/Getty ImagesValerie Macon/Getty Images
    Dr. Drew Pinksy, the host of VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, has taken it upon himself to publicly diagnose Tom Cruise… and it hasn't gone over well. "A lot of people in the public eye who behave strangely have mental illness we can learn from, and much of it is based on childhood trauma, without a doubt," says Pinksy. "Take a guy like Tom Cruise. Why would somebody be drawn into a cultish kind of environment like Scientology? To me, that's a function of a very deep emptiness and suggests serious neglect in childhood - maybe some abuse, but mostly neglect."

    Cruise's lawyer fought back, saying: "This unqualified television performer who is obviously just looking for notoriety is so grotesquely unprofessional as to pretend to diagnose Tom and others without ever meeting them." Well, he sort of has a point, but he is a doctor, so he's entitled to his opinion. Cruise's lawyer continues, "He seems to be spewing the absurdity that all Scientologists are mentally ill."

    We feel this is

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  • Quote of the Day: Charlize Theron has zero need for tabloids

    Andrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesAndrew H. Walker/Getty ImagesOscar winning ctress Charlize Theron is a big star yet noticeably absent from tabloids and paparazzi photos. And it's not an accident.

    "It comes across as this really sad need for approval. I've heard people make comments like, 'You don't really want to be in the tabloids, but you need to be for your career.' They believe it's actually important. It's not. It's ugly," she says. "Like, your life belongs to us now? That's the deal? I didn't get that memo. It wasn't sent to me and I didn't sign it. So, f--k you."

    Do you agree with Charlize, or do you think a certain amount of gossip is necessary to keep celebs in the spotlight? [E!]

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  • Animated 80s icons get a makeover—and we don’t like it!

    Call us nostalgia obsessed, but we've never been a fan of change. American Greetings has given 80s cartoon icon, Strawberry Shortcake a "fruit-forward" makeover for the big and small screens, that none of us can get over. Sure, it's cool that they're making her appeal to a younger generation, but swapping her curls and pink calico cat, Custard, for a flat iron and cell phone? This is not the sugary sweet girl we know and love. Strawberryland has received a healthy make over as well.

    Says a company rep, "We're downplaying characters that were part of Strawberry's world but who didn't immediately shout out fruit." Does this mean best buddies Huckleberry Pie, Lemon Meringue and Angel Cake were ditched too? Sadly enough, Shortcake isn't the only cartoon whose seen a redux. We couldn't help but notice the shrinking waist sizes of Care Bears and kinder Ninja Turtles. Let's hope they don't botch the upcoming Smurf movie as well. If there's no evil Gargamoyle, you can count us out. [Jezebel

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  • Women and teens reign supreme on the Forbes power List

    Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesKevin Winter/Getty Images
    Forbes has announced their annual Power List, ranking the top celebrities on their money and fame. Oprah takes the crown at #1 with $275 million, while the top earner Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling slunk down to #9 with $300 million. Other trends we spotted this year? Females trumping their male counterparts (Angelina and Beyonce are ranked higher than their men, Brad and Jay-Z) and loads of youngsters making the cut (Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Daniel Radcliffe and the Jonas Brothers).

    The complete Top 10 list after the jump!

    1 Oprah Winfrey, $275 million
    2 Tiger Woods, $115 million
    3 Angelina Jolie, $14 million
    4 Beyoncé Knowles, $80 million
    5 David Beckham, $50 million
    6 Johnny Depp, $72 million
    7 Jay-Z, $82 million
    8 The Police, $115 million
    9 J.K. Rowling, $300 million
    10 Brad Pitt, $20 million


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  • When family members cash in: New tell-alls about Britney and Madonna

    Pool/Getty ImagesPool/Getty ImagesTo heck with autobiographies. If the stars won't tell their stories, find a mom, dad, brother, or cousin who will! Lynn Spears, mama of Britney and Jamie Lynn is writing about the life of her famous daughters though her eyes. Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World is due out in September. The Madonna memoir, however, is being written by brother Christopher Ciccone without Madge's cooperation or approval. While the siblings have worked together in the past (he designed and directed her Girlie Show tour and played a part in her infamous documentary, Madonna: Truth or Dare) they are now estranged. Sounds like someone is hard up for cash.

    Do you think family members have the right to pen such books, or do you think they are inappropriately exploiting their relatives? Or would you read them either way? [People][Yahoo]

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  • Angelina and Brad can’t agree on nursery dé they enlist a psychic

    Brad and Angelina may be a beautiful couple, but they have very different tastes, and most recently the design of their new nursery has been up for serious debate. Apparently Brad wants it to be modern with wood and lots of clean lines, while Angie has a more traditional room in mind. The couple consulted with a rep at Petit Tresor baby store in Beverly Hill, but when they couldn't agree on a theme, the enlisted the help of a psychic.

    "It's totally true," says an insider. "The psychic was to determine the 'vibe' of the twins." So what was the verdict? It seems the "vibe" was more girly than modern. Looks like Angie wins this round, but, um… does anyone find this method a little preposterous? [MSNBC]


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