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  • The death of pipe dream: Johnny Depp's getting married

    Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesFrazer Harrison/Getty ImagesWe know what you're thinking: isn't Johnny Depp already married to that French chick? The truth is, they've been together for 10 years, have two children (Lily-Rose, eight, and Jack, six) but Vanessa Paradis and our -- er, we mean her man never felt the need to make it official. Well, turns out the lady has changed her mind and Johnny Boy's making an honest woman out of her.

    We must now let go of that one strand of hope we had to be together. The wedding is rumored to be taking place this summer in Georgia's Tybee Island. Sigh. If you love something, let it go… [Showbiz Spy]

  • iPod, youPod, WeAllPod! Now buy yourself a case

    There probably isn't a person alive without an iPod these days, so wouldn't it be nice if yours stood out? Whether you have an iPod, a shuffle, a nano, or an iTouch, here are some awesome cases will keep yours from scooping up a friend's by mistake.
    Griffin Reflect Chrome Mirrored Case for iPod classic, $25
    Apply your makeup when it's turned off. The screen magically lights up through the case when turned on. It's like the Siegfried and Roy of iPod cases, except obviously without the tigers.
    Speck Pinstripe Hard Sheck Case for iPod Touch, $30
    Fashionable fabric with a convenient pull-out stand for easy viewing.

    100% Organic Hemp iPod Case, $32
    You may feel guilty for finally throwing away your discman and creating more electronic waste, but make yourself feel green again by investing in this Earth friendly iPod cozy.

    Mophie Mueva Wraptor, $10
    Protects your teeny shuffle and keep ear buds from getting tangled in your purse.

    Debris Custom iPod Cases, $45
    Pick your own size, fabric

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  • The Reality Shows of our Dreams!

    Bryan Bedder/Getty ImagesBryan Bedder/Getty Images
    In the past week, the Jacksons, Pam Anderson and Foxy Brown have joined dozens of other stars who have their own reality shows. We're dying for some of our favorite celebs to takeover these pre-existing programs:

    • "The Bachelor": Half of young Hollywood cat fights for a one-on-one date with Justin Timberlake. Season 2: Bruce Willis.
    • "Survivor": The scariest season of the show yet: Naomi Campbell test-drives personal assistants.
    • "The Simple Life": 50 Cent struggles with everyday tasks like painting the barn and running out of toilet paper.
    • "Wife Swap": Tom Cruise shuffles spouses A) when it's time to promote new movies or B) once his wives discover he's crazy.
    • "Big Brother": Alec Baldwin tries to reign in his misbehaved siblings.
    • "My Super Sweet 16": Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. Madonna's daughter may only be 11, but when you come out of the womb in Burberry, every birthday should cost at least $30k.
    • "The Apprentice": Oprah is practically like God. Contestants vie for
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  • Going to rehab sure didn’t hurt Kirsten Dunst's social life

    Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesFrazer Harrison/Getty ImagesBest rehab rebound:
    Kirsten Dunst leaves Cirque Lodge and is spotted cuddling up with Ryan Gosling. [Jezebel]

    Third time's a charm:
    Orlando Bloom lands his third trilogy, Disney's Prince of Persia and continues along his path of not wearing regular clothes on-screen. [NY Post]

    Creepiest sign of devotion:
    Obsessed with cremating all his deceased tigers, Roy Horn dismembered one when it was too big to fit in the furnace. [Gawker]

    She made him an offer he couldn't refuse:
    J.Lo gets Tom Cruise to act as godfather to her twins. [d listed]

    Most insatiable desire for the spotlight:
    Pam Anderson is most likely dating bad boy Criss Angel and will star in a new reality series on E! called Pamela. [People, Perez]

    Just like Kermit said, it's easy being green:
    Leo DiCaprio buys an apartment in NYC's eco-friendly Riverhouse building. [E!]

    Late entry to the social networking game:
    Radiohead creates a music-centric, Facebook-like site called W.A.S.T.E. [NME]

    Hush-hush couple might have one

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  • Lifetime gets a facelift, "The Golden Girls" are replaced by Heidi Klum

    How can the cable network Lifetime be so cruel? First came the news that they've swiped Project Runway right out from under Bravo's Christian Louboutin heels. Now we hear that The Golden Girls were auf'd from Lifetime and forced to relocate to Hallmark's WE. Seriously, why don't they just send the girls packing to Shady Pines? Don't worry ladies, we'll enjoy cheesecake with you no matter what network you're on. After all, you haven't aged a day since the show went off the air in 1992. We can't say Heidi Klum will age as gracefully. [Perez]

  • If you’re Rob Lowe, it’s hard to find good help these days

    David Livingston/Getty ImagesDavid Livingston/Getty ImagesRob Lowe's former nanny quit out of the blue and is now demanding 1.5 million from him, and threatening to reveal loads of family secrets. The actor has filed three separate lawsuits: one against her, one against another former nanny and a third against his former chef who he claims had sex on his bed and stole prescription drug. Is there no screening process for these people? So in addition to the lawsuits, what would any celebrity do to retaliate for instant gratification? Publish his ex-employee's text messages thus completely tainting her image, of course. Read the greedy employee's embarrassing text resignation to Lowe's wife after the jump!

    "Sheryl, I am really sorry. I have nothing bad 2 say about your family and really am thankful for what you guys have done for me over the years. I hope we can handle this as friends. I did not leave out of spite or anger, it was just time for my heart to let go. I am embarassed that I just up and left like this but I could not see another

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  • Adopted baby count! Angelina: 3 Madonna: seeking 2

    These days celebs are adopting children faster than they're buying handbags. Surely there's no questioning how charitable their efforts are in placing these young ones in safe and loving homes, but we can't help but almost feel a race between some ladies to prove their devotion, specifically towards reaching out and adopting from foreign countries. Madonna had a total head start on her brood giving birth to daughter Lourdes in 1996. Years later came Rocco, with husband Guy Ritchie, and most recently adopted Malawian David.

    Now comes word that she's looking to adopt a girl from India, adding one more to her roost. Not to be outdone, Angelina adopted Maddox, Zahara, birthed Brad Pitt's baby, Shiloh, then adopted Pax, only to become pregnant with twins. Ladies, we hate to break it to you, but you weren't pioneers in this area. Tom Cruise and ex-wife Nicole Kidman share two adopted children, as do Steven Spielberg and wife Kate Capshaw. Rosie O'Donnell and her wife Kelli Carpenter have

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  • Guilty Pleasures: "Paradise Hotel"

    [ED: Welcome to Guilty Pleasures, a new feature on Shine to discuss the things we love so much, but don't always want to admit. But away with the veil of deceit! It's time to come clean with the truth.]

    Who remembers the hit reality show Paradise Hotel? It aired on Fox in the summer of 2003 and followed a group of hot singles living in a luxurious island resort who had to strategize and couple up with roommates of the opposite sex. The goal: to try to stay in the hotel the longest for a massive cash prize. The catch: every other week one contestant is odd man out and gets sent home only to be replaced by a new cast member.

    With tropical drinks, days spent entirely in bikinis and shared hotel rooms all set on a beautiful backdrop, the show is probably as close to a documented spring break as you can imagine, and trashy as that is, I can't get enough! So you can imagine how thrilled I was when the show finally returned to MyNetworkTV and Fox Reality earlier this year. Sadly, this Read More »from Guilty Pleasures: "Paradise Hotel"
  • Name that diva!

    Celebrities have crazy demands. Guess which lady requires these items:

    * 11 bodygaurds around the perimeter of her table so mere mortals can't watch her eat

    * Every penthouse on the floor for ultimate privacy

    * Installation of a $20,000 gym next to her hotel suite

    * 20 humidifiers around her bed

    * Someone to carry her so she can wear stilettos at all times

    * A private plane or car for her pooches

    * Sound bite hint: "Honestly, I don't even have birthdays. I call them anniversaries."

    Any ideas? Find out the answer after the jump!

    Dave M. Benett/Getty ImagesDave M. Benett/Getty Images

    Of course it's none other than Mariah Carey! [D Listed]

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  • Carrie Underwood tells her ex to peace out after text breakup

    Frank Micelotta / Getty ImagesFrank Micelotta / Getty ImagesRemember how Carrie Bradshaw felt after getting dumped by Jack Burger via Post-It on Sex and the City? Modern times have upped the ante with text message breakups, and country crooner Carrie Underwood is one victim to fall prey, thanks to ex-boyfriend, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. "It was completely mutual," she told Extra. "We broke up over text's like 'peace out.' " We can't decide if this is harsh or hilarious, but would put money on the text ending with a "TTYL." [People]

    Are Hollywood romances a joke? Would you break up with someone via text message?


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