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  • Carrie Underwood tells her ex to peace out after text breakup

    Frank Micelotta / Getty ImagesFrank Micelotta / Getty ImagesRemember how Carrie Bradshaw felt after getting dumped by Jack Burger via Post-It on Sex and the City? Modern times have upped the ante with text message breakups, and country crooner Carrie Underwood is one victim to fall prey, thanks to ex-boyfriend, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford. "It was completely mutual," she told Extra. "We broke up over text's like 'peace out.' " We can't decide if this is harsh or hilarious, but would put money on the text ending with a "TTYL." [People]

    Are Hollywood romances a joke? Would you break up with someone via text message?

  • Unwilling to let mixtapes die, we’ll send one virtually

    If you're anything like us, you have boxes full of mixtapes your old boyfriends made for you, ones you swapped with friends, or ones you made for yourself to play in your car's tapedeck. Sadly those days are gone, along with leggings and Madonna (oh wait, nevermind....). Keep up one of your favorite rituals with Muxtape, a newly launched site that lets you upload MP3s and send your mixtape to loved ones immediately without even so much as a fee for a blank cassette. If you want to do things more the old fashion way, write your own liner notes in this adorable little device which looks like a tape but has a 64 MB USB stick cleverly hidden inside. Thank goodness for technology.

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  • Dear Hollywood: Please stop with the remakes

    Dear Hollywood,

    Do you know when the last time was that we were excited about a movie being remade? Never! Thus the reason why we wanted to cry in despair when we discovered you've given the green light to remakes of classic films like Nightmare on Elm Street, The Birds, Rosemary's Baby and Barbarella as well as more mediocre flicks like Hellraiser, Prom Night and Short Circuit that we, quite frankly, could've lived without the first time around.

    Why do you feel the need to torture our eyes and over-saturate theaters with throwaway remakes? It seems like your writers are bankrupt of original ideas and you're looking to cash in. We're not stupid! Or are we? Upon further research, us moviegoers regrettably spent over $170 million on the dual franchise collaboration (read: epic piece of trash), Alien vs. Predator. Congrats guys! You duped us.

    Big budgets and big name actors helped catapult the new versions, but you can't win us over on that alone. Tim Burton took great liberties in Read More »from Dear Hollywood: Please stop with the remakes
  • The Jackson family reunites for a new reality show AKA another reason we will feel guilty for watching TV

    Dave Hogan/Getty ImagesDave Hogan/Getty ImagesIn addition to Michael Jackson almost losing his beloved Neverland Ranch came reports that the Jackson family were all moving into a compound in England. The reason: an Osbournes-style reality show is in the works. Call us crazy, but we feel the family-reality-show genre lends itself more towards a family with kids rather than adults with surgically "enhanced" faces and slews of lifelong emotional issues, but producers have worked out the details: Tito Jackson will be hanging around the house while parents and siblings Michael, Janet, and Jermaine will fly in to share in the love (or drama).

    "They can't wait to get here. They love North Devon and they'll be moving into the rented house during the first week of May," said Tito's bodyguard Matt Fiddes. "The TV people will follow them from California to Appledore and make a documentary on how they settle in." Not to be mean, but this sounds like a train wreck. However, the chances of a LaToya cameo is enough to keep us tuned in.


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  • From Anne Hathaway to Kate Moss: ladies who can't stop dating losers!

    Evan Agostini/Getty ImagesEvan Agostini/Getty ImagesActress Anne Hathaway couldn't have a more squeaky-clean reputation, but her man is bringing her down. NYC police arrested real estate developer Raffaello Follieri yesterday after bouncing a $250,000 check to a PR firm. Apparently his account balance wasn't even close to covering it. He better get out the yellow pages, because he'll need a new publicist to field this negative attention! In addition, Follieri has been spotted out on the town many times with other women, including a Roberto Cavalli model, and last summer was sued by supermarket billionaire Ron Burkle for allegedly stealing $55 million and using it for private jets, a private chef and loads of designer shopping. Anne, you're an amazing woman -- how long until you ditch this guy? Unfortunately, in Hollywood it's common for leading ladies to date unworthy men. [TMZ]

    Other women notorious for dating undeserving, dishonorable dudes:

    Kate Moss - ln the early 90's Kate was known for bolstering the "heroin chic" look.

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  • Mariah Carey: a penny for your thoughts…

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty ImagesGareth Cattermole / Getty Images

    A) "Uh oh, is that Madonna? I hope she's not mad that my single beat hers out on the charts-have you seen those biceps, she's gonna kick my butt."

    B) "Am I getting too old for butterfly rings and Hello Kitty Band-Aids?"

    C) "Lemme just pick this spinach out of my teeth before you snap the pictures, OK?

    D) "Oh my God, a Glitter poster. Alright, breathe. Keep your cool. Is it possible someone actually saw the movie? Nope, they're messing with me."

  • Lindsay Lohan must have a really good sense of humor

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    Several weeks ago Lindsay, we believe with a dose of irony, wore a mini skirt to her Paper Magazine cover party adorned with traffic signs, taking a jab at her own driving violations. Next she mocked herself on TMZ for wearing leggings, not wearing panties, and always carrying Aviva gum. Now we hear that La Lohan, who was also charged with cocaine possession, will be appearing in N.E.R.D.'s video for "Everyone Nose," a song about the white powder in question (the chorus chants, "All the girls standing in line for the bathroom."). We wish we heard the conversation that went down between signer Pharrell and Lindsay, and wonder if she got a good laugh at the situation or is really that desperate for a gig. N.E.R.D.'s third album, Seeing Sounds, is slated for a June release-with any luck Lindsay and her nose will stay out of rehab till then and beyond. [Perez]

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  • Diddy's "Making the Band" groups both score #1 albums: can reality contestants land actual careers?

    Scott Gries/Getty ImagesScott Gries/Getty Images
    You may not recognize these girls, but they are Danity Kane, the girls who survived hip-hop Svengali Diddy's MTV reality series Making the Band. Its sophomore release, Welcome to the Dollhouse, debut at No. 1 on the charts (the group's self-titled debut also entered at the top spot as well, going on to platinum sales). So why is DK not #1 this week? Because Diddy's other group from the TV show, the boy group Day26, bumped them down. Sean Combs' recipe for reality-turned-real success is really nothing new-he's just smart enough to tack his name on to the product.

    Flash back to MTV's 2004 series The Ashlee Simpson Show. Why, we at the time asked, would anyone want to watch a show about Jessica's "Is this chicken or Fish" Simpson's kid sister? Who knows, but we did, and when the finale was timed with the release of Ash's debut album, it also debuted at No. 1 and went 3x platinum. There's no question other minor stars got a boost from a dose of reality-Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie, and

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  • Yet another spicy scandal: Shakira enters the sextape race

    Frank Micelotta/Getty ImagesFrank Micelotta/Getty ImagesWhen Latin-crooner Shakira sang, "Underneath your clothes, there's an endless story," she wasn't kidding! After a whirlwind of government prostitutes and celebrity nudes, now comes the latest sex rumor: Shakira and then-boyfriend Antonio de la Rua videotaped themselves Pam and Tommy style on a yacht belonging to Spanish pop star Alejandro Sanz. "If some of this tape's content would be made public, it could seriously threaten the singer and couple's private life," said a Spanish radio host. But it doesn't end there. Two of Sanz's ex-employees are under prosecution for stealing the yacht, including the tape which was on it, meaning there's a very strong chance it will be presented to the court. And that's a good thing, because well, Shakira's hips don't lie-especially under oath.

    Do you think stars need to be more careful documenting their intimate moments? Would you watch such a tape? Or not any of our business? [AOL]

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  • David Beckham has a hot bod, but his mum doesn't like him showing it off

    Even if you are a famous soccer star, your mom can still call you out:
    David Beckham fielding the call from his mother about his Emporio Armani underwear billboards. "When the photos came out, she was the first one to call me and say, 'What are you doing?' " [People]

    Famous people's sex lives are boring, too:
    Madonna and Guy Ritchie, "lie right next to each other with our BlackBerrys under our pillows. It's not unromantic, it's practical." [Daily Mail]

    Most conscious of her own celebrity:

    The Hills star Heidi Montag admits, "I don't think anyone cares who Heidi Montag votes for." It's McCain, in case you were curious. [Gawker]

    Person we wish would just go away:
    Heather Mills. She vows to create heck for ex-hubby Paul McCartney and his new babe. Stop it, you mean woman! [Mirror]

    Most injuries on the set of a reality show:
    American Idol contestant David Cook was hospitalized for heart palpitations (he's okay) and Ryan Seacrest smashed his knee on a wall and got an ice pack (he's a

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