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  • Kanye’s childlike requests: Connect Four and Rice Krispy Treats are a must!

    After reporting on Kimora Lee Simmons' personal champagne filler, Kanye West's contract rider seems a lot more low-key. In fact, his must-have items remind us of something Tom Hanks in Big might request. TMZ got a copy of the rider for his "Glow in the Dark" tour (read for yourself here), which demands Kanye's favorite board game, Connect Four. It says Kanye usually has his own, but "sometimes its nice to have an extra." Beyonce has been known to challenge him, and win! Other requests include Rice Krispy Treats, tapioca pudding and an "entertainment center" including XBOX 360 and/or Playstation 3 with a copy of Guitar Hero III. High-speed Internet access is also a necessity (perhaps for updating his blog?) If Kanye ever has kids he'll be in heaven! [Rolling Stone]

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  • Whitney Houston: her own charity case

    Charity events are a great excuse for celebrities to step out of their bubble and do something for a good cause. Maybe even donate some money. This notion seems to have escaped the mind of Whitney Houston, who will be raking in over $2 million to perform at the Cauldwell Children Legends Ball in London on May 8. Did we mention that billionaire philanthopist John Cauldwell has hired her to perform for only one hour? Call us crazy, but wouldn't the right thing be to donate that money to the charity? "Mr. Caudwell thinks it is important to raise the profile of the Cauldwell Children charity and stars such as Whitney Houston are the sort of people he's hoping to attract," says a source. We think attracting a star willing to perform for free would be the way to go, but maybe when you have billions to give away it just doesn't matter. As long as Whitney is using that money to keep on track (not crack), we'll support her working for the cause. [Perez Hilton]

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  • Brangelina’s Wedding Troubles

    After accumulating a classroom's worth of children, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to get hitched. Sounds awesome, until both parties took on the role of bridezilla! Uh oh, not a good look, especially for the pregnant-with-twins mother of four. Star magazine reports that the couple got into a screaming match over everything from location to the number of guests to the actual invitees. Apparently Brad wants a big bash in New Orleans-a city he's gotten attached to after his efforts in rebuilding post-Hurricane Katrina-while Angelina would prefer an intimate wedding in France. Brad's mom stepped in to help plan the ceremony and the bride-to-be freaked out. "They ended up going to separate bedrooms and slamming doors," says a friend of the couple. "Angelina was so frustrated, she was crying." The worst move ever? Jane Pitt felt Brad's ex, Jennifer Aniston deserved an invite. Big mistake. "Brad tried to reassure Angie that she wouldn't show up," the source told Star. "Still

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  • Supermodel Gisele unknowingly makes a sex tape

    Which of the rich and famous will be joining the likes of Paris and Pam Anderson? Ot's too soon to tell, but New York's fancy One restaurant waitstaff got a peep show of what we'd guess would be a highly coveted video-Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen and her quarterback boyfriend Tom Brady hooking up in the wine cellar! A security camera caught the whole thing, and we'd be willing to bet it surfaces on the internet down the road. The best part about the discovery? They aren't the only stars using the basement for a quick fix. The NY Post claims Sienna Miller and Diddy were also caught on candid camera. These celebs already have paparazzi following them everywhere, but this is a new (and wickedly sneaky) low! We kind of love it. [Defamer]

  • Salma Hayek wanted a baby boy

    In this month's Glamour, Salma admits she didn't have the baby of her choosing. , "I have something to confess, I wanted a boy," Hayek tells the magazine. "Probably because I was afraid. I think women suffer a bit more than boys, and there is always conflict between mothers and daughters." Baby Valentina Paolma Pinault was born about 6-years-ago, and now Salma claims she's not nothing but love for her. "Now that she's here, I'm so happy she's a girl. And I can't imagine there ever being conflict between us, because I'm in a state of innocence where I love everything she does." Sure, there won't by any conflict…that is till Valentina grows up and reads this article! [NY Post]

  • Kimora’s Crazy Demands

    Just because Kimora Lee Simmons isn't an actor or a singer doesn't mean she can't have a contract rider like every other celeb. Really, after seeing her spot on cribs would you expect anything less? ""She demands that someone stand by and refill her champagne glass whenever it gets below one inch, that the water is Fiji only and that the place provide fans that blow on her in case it gets hot," says a source. Wow! Do they peel her grapes for her too? Simmons' rep confirms, "She does only drink Fiji water but these reports are completely false and inaccurate." Um, wouldn't the water already make it partially true? We'd like to believe in the dream, thank you. [Page Six]

  • Miley’s Dad says “No” to Lindsay Lohan

    On Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Tuesday, the American Idol host reported that Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan met during Grammy weekend and traded numbers, but Miley's dad, Billy Ray, erased Lindsay's number from her cell. Now Billy Ray claims that's totally false. "We love Lindsay," he told Seacrest. "I wanna be the person [Miley] wants to talk to," he told Seacrest. While nosey parents are annoying, we can't say we blame Billy Rae protecting his 15-year-old, given the apparent lack of assertive parenting as exhibited by many other young celebs like Britney Spears and even Lindsay herself. People reveals that La Lohan hit up three nightspots in L.A. on Friday night, while telling the paparazzi, "I'm not going anywhere crazy." After swinging by The Wiltern Theater to changed outfits, Lindsay and friend went to iO West and then Goa nightclub. DJ Samantha Ronson picked her up and brought her home. Good looking out, Sam. Someone has to know when to call it a night! [Page Six]

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  • Battle of the Cover Babies: Nicole’s sells more copies then Christina’s

    Christina Aguilera may have a collection of Grammy's on her mantle, but isn't selling magazines. Nicole Richie on the other hand, has a handful of arrests on her record, cementing her star power and making her baby more popular. Is it possible for there to be a cooler newborn? Richie's current cover story is on track to sell 1.8 million copies--about 500,000 more than X-tinas! "Christina historically doesn't do that well on covers," says one mag insider, who claims sales of her wedding photo in OK! And her recent nude shoot for Marie Claire were both sup-par. But with only a reality series under her belt, what makes Nicole such a draw? "She's gone public about being a heroin addict," the source says. "Her boyfriend is covered in tattoos. By default, she's got the more interesting baby. People want to see how she settles down. They want to see what kind of baby someone with her background has." It's too bad Christina's settling down with a nice, normal guy has trumped the public's

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  • Bai Ling caught stealing

    Actress Bai Ling was charged yesterday with one count of petty theft for stealing one pack of AAA batteries and two magazines at LAX before hopping on a flight to Mexico on Feb 13. The gift shop employee called authorities and she was booked at LAPD's Pacific Station but let go once they figured out who she was. The total of her stolen goods? $16. C'mon Bai, your parents must have taught you better than that, and we know you've got cash saved up from movies and your appearance on LOST, so what's the deal? Apparently the star was coping with ""the huge problem of breaking up" right before Valentine's Day. Her friend Damon Elliot tells E! News, "She had some relationship issues going on. She wasn't in the right frame of mind...She was very spacey, and that was pretty much what happened. She was distracted and had a lot of things going on." Perhaps this compounded with the backlash of the fashion police after the Grammy's on Feb 10 was too much for the poor girl to take. [E!]

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  • Jake and Reese – still on!

    With all the breakups and scandals and trips to rehab it's refreshing to see a couple who actually seems in love, so we just wanted to take a minute to say aww. This weekend Reese Witherspoon and boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal were seen walking around NYC holding hands, kissing, shopping in SoHo and dining at Prune (note Jake exiting just behind her). Just because they've kept their relationship out of the spotlight doesn't mean it's gone sour-in fact, just the opposite! Take heed, celebri-couples. The camera's don't always help! [Perez Hilton]


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