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  • Britney’s man caught cheating? Paparazzo forgets that people take pictures.[

    As if Britney's life couldn't get any more "Chaotic," UK tabloids are reporting that her photographer boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, has been spotted with another woman, namely L.A. waitress Amanda Pagel. Dude, didn't anyone tell you waitresses aren't millionaires? How do you expect to score money and fame out of this one? It seems the paparazzo clearly wasn't thinking when he swung by Ms. Pagels house and had other photogs shuttering away with their cameras. Sadly, this isn't even earth-shattering news to Britney, who found flirtacious text messages in his iPhone. "There were about a dozen (texts) from one girl, all sent in one day," an insider told The Sun. "They were pretty saucy stuff with sexual references - certainly not the sort you'd send to a friend." Upon this disheartening discovery, Spears threw his phone into her pool marking the first great decision she's made in a long time. Let's hope she has the sense to dump this guy and continue trying to get back on track. [The Daily Mail

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  • Diddy goes to Hollywood!

    After a huge success with his first starring role in the TV adaptation of Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin in the Sun, Sean "Diddy" Combs has set his sights on another arena to conquer-Hollywood. "I'm out here looking for houses now," Combs told "I'm going to officially be bi coastal. I feel like in order to make movies, you gotta be where they are being made." While audiences weren't sold on the casting, A Raisin in the Sun was the highest rated original TV movie since November 2005, drawing 12.7 million viewers for ABC, and Diddy's performance was well received. "This has really set a tone out there in Hollywood that I could draw, that I could bring people to the box office and put people in seats as I make this transition," Combs said. "It's one of my proudest artistic moments because I kept on working hard. I didn't give up." We know Diddy has mastered the music industry, but is there an Oscar in his future? Eh, not likely, but the guy is persistent. You never know! [

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  • Suri’s birthday bash: She’s only two, but why not hire a famous DJ!

    Just after we told you about J.Lo's pampered twins comes news of big celeb baby birthday bash. Tom Cruse and Katie Holmes have hired British music producer Mark Ronson to DJ at Suri's second birthday party on April 18. When you're a Hollywood toddler, pizza and cake with a few other babies doesn't exactly cut it. So what made TomKat seek out a Grammy winner to spin the event? Ronson (known for recent work with Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen) DJ'd the couple's 2006 wedding in Italy and won over the groom with a remixed version of the theme to Top Gun. Good move stroking his ego-If Ronson is available, we can picture Tom wanting him to DJ when Suri loses her first tooth! Ah, being a famous baby. It must be nice. [ShowBizSpy]

  • Lindsay and the Olsen Twins in Playboy?

    Unless you were in a coma, you saw the sensation that was Lindsay posed as a naked Marilyn Monroe in New York magazine. Apparently the word spread so rapidly their website crashed from too many hits and the magazine made thousands in ad sales. Now, Hugh Hefner wants in on the action! The NY Post heard that Hef suggested La Lohan re-create a nude scene from Marilyn's unfinished movie "Something's Gotta Give" to grace the pages of Playboy. So will Linds give? Time will tell. In the mean time, the silk-robed ladies man has set his sites on an even bigger prize: the Olsen twins. "Hef thinks the twins are every young man's fantasy," a source tells Star. Mary-Kate and Ashley turned down his offer to appear in his magazine when they turns 18. Will they do it for Playboy's June issue when they turn 22? "They're all about high-end fashion these days," says the insider . "They want to do Vogue."

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  • Mischa Barton turns down Gossip Girl role

    Mischa was charged with four misdemeanors earlier this week including a DUI and marijuana possession stemming from a December arrest. Not too far from her hard-partying character of Marissa Cooper on The O.C. who was eventually killed off by the producers in 2006. We thought it was all but over for the ex-small screen teen queen until rumors about an upcoming role on the CW's Gossip Girl. TV Guide says she was handpicked for the role of Georgina Sparks-an old friend of troublemaking Serena van der Woodsen (played by Blake Lively). But today her rep told, "She will not be on the show. She was approached, but her reps passed." Hmm… could they be doing damage control? Barton is now in Paris promoting her upcoming drama Closing the Ring and taking in the shows at Fashion Week. While we would have enjoyed a return to the boozing and drugging Mischa we've come to enjoy watching over the years, perhaps it was a good move on the part of her camp. Fine, be boring! We'll tune in

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  • J.Lo’s pampered babies: Harder to get to than the President?

    It's all but confirmed that the twins of Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony are named Max and Emme (possibly short for Maximiano and Emelina). But it's not just their names that have been kept safe from the public. The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Jenny is spending $600,000 on six baby bodyguards. Seriously? Of course the babies are precious, but that sounds beyond excessive. They also claim that the couple has installed cameras throughout the house because J.Lo is "paranoid about a possible kidnapping." Her rep tells TMZ, "This story is ridiculous and without merit," however she admits they do have a security team ready for action. Hmm… she maybe be Jenny from the Block, but we doubt she's depriving her new additions from the Hollywood treatment. Maybe there are only five bodyguards. [TMZ, Star]

  • Jesse McCartney seeks companion on JDate

    Gone are the days when joining an online dating site has an desperate social stigma. But what about when you're a hot, young celebrity! 20-year-old Jesse McCartney has girls everywhere drooling over him, so why is he searching for a date on the internet? "One of my best buddies is a conservative Jew and his sister had met her boyfriend on JDate," he explains. Okay, but didn't anyone tell him the "J" stood for Jewish? "There are a lot of different people of all religious backgrounds on that site. My screen name is jbagel07." Right, but what happens when prospective suitors recognize him? "A lot of people see the pictures of me and say, 'Who are you? Why are you pretending to be Jesse McCartney?' And I say, 'It's me - I just decided to meet somebody online.' And they're still like, 'Why are you doing it?' I have to admit I have a pretty cheesy profile - I just had fun with it." After his breakup with Katie Cassidy (yes, David's daughter) we encourage him to get back on the market-online

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  • Scarlett coaches Jessica Biel on Love

    Scarlett Johannson has been giving love advice to her pal Jessica Biel. Nothing weird there… oh, unless you consider that she's been linked to Jess's boyfriend, Justin Timberlake. So what's the deal, were they comparing notes? "Jessica knows she and Justin are happy and there are no problems," says an unnamed source. "But she wanted to get a female perspective on the best way to handle all the rumors about him with other girls." Scarlett's advice? "Ignore the speculation and concentrate on the relationship." How mature! She's experienced with high-profile relationships, namely her current romance with Ryan Reynolds. But perhaps S.J. isn't the best girl to play Dr. Romance. Today the NY Daily News claims that Ryan and Scarlett "haven't spent more than a day in the same city in months." In fact, while promoting their respective films "Fireflies in the Sky" and "The Other Boleyn Girl" at a film festival in Germany, Ryan had swarms of women around him. As a result, instead of celebrating

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  • In case you didn't know, Michael Stipe is gay

    R.E.M. singer and 90's icon Michael Stipe has come out of the closet in the current issue of Spin magazine. While we thought Stipe announced he was gay about 15 years ago (does anyone recall a story Courtney Love once told about Stipe-Frances Bean's godfather-spending a night with Kurt Cobain?), apparently his sexuality has been under wraps till now. "I recognize that to have public figures be very open about their sexuality helps some kid somewhere out there," Stipe says in the interview. Well, now that R.E.M. are back and have just come back from some shows at SXSW, perhaps this will generate some buzz to a generation unfamiliar with "Losing My Religion."

  • Britney's massive legal fees mean it's time for Daddy Spears to sell cars

    Court commissioner Scott Gordon ordered Britney Spears to give ex-hubby Kevin Federline $375,000 to cover his legal fees in their child custody case. With K-Fed making dough just to celebrate his birthday in Vegas and a recent alleged $2000 tip on a restaurant bill, we hardly feel it's fair for her to give him money to take her kids away, but perhaps it's for her own good. Besides, no matter what happens, Britney rakes in around $700,000 a month just for being Britney. Not bad! To save up more cash, Spears' dad, Jamie, was also granted permission to sell some of her cars-she's currently got nine of them. With sometime "manager" agreeing to keep his distance for a month and an upcoming sitcom appearance on How I Met Your Mother, Brit could be on the up-and-up.


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