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  • Two more witnesses in R. Kelly child porn case

    Back in June 2002, R&B singer R. Kelly, 40, was indicted on child pornography charges and accused of filming himself having sex with an underage girl who may have been as young as 13. Kelly has denied the charges and finally is headed to trial on May 9, but some two new witnesses have surfaced and are expected to confirm prosecutors' claims about the identity of the girl. Sources say both witnesses knew Kelly and the girl during the time the tape was made and that one even worked for him! Assistant State's Atty. Shauna Boliker said the new potential witnesses "just recently came into our knowledge," while Cook County Circuit Judge Vincent Gaughan called the last-minute witness addition "extraordinary." The prosecution must be jumping for joy as the female who allegedly was filmed has denied being in the tape. If Kelly is convicted he may face up to 15 years in prison. We won't admit to seeing the tape so we definitely can't tell you that the guy did look an awful lot like that guy

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  • Carmen Electra and month-old beau get name tattoos

    In a truly original act of love, Carmen Electra and her boyfriend of one month, Korn guitarist Rob Patterson have gotten tattoos together. Last week the couple went to Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Boulevard for some fresh ink. Rob had "Carmen" etched on his forearm, while Ms. Electra got an "R" behind her ear. Why so modest, Carmen? Could it have anything to do with your ex-husband, rocker Dave Navarro who's now stuck with your initials on his chest? Maybe Till Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave, the reality show the old couple had on MTV prior to their 2006 divorce, really signifies a lifetime of ink. Sorry to say it, Rob, but you're not original. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you though.

  • Kristin Davis: Sextape and the City?

    Sarah Jessica Parker may be the star of Sex and the City and gracing an upcoming cover of Vogue, but that wont stop Kristin Davis (or an imposter) for stealing some of Carrie's thunder. Davis, known for her portrayal of the comparatively prudish Charlotte on SATC has been accused of making-gasp!-a sex tape. But now that photos have surfaced, we're slightly disappointed. Sure, it looks like her face…glued to someone else's body! It looks like we'll have to save the raciness for Kim Catrall's on screen sex scenes as fiery Samantha. Darn. See for yourself here:

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