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  • Pick of the Day: Fancy Sunglasses

    The Judith Leiber shades are on major saleThese ornate Judith Leiber Moroccan Butterfly Sunglasses were $700, but now they're on sale for only $99!

    Sale starts Monday at noon EST on

  • Quality Sunglasses

    We used to only rock $10 sunglasses because we lost them/sat on them/broke them all the time. But once we finally invested in higher quality shades we realized we took way better care of them and they actually protected our eyes from UV rays. (Yes, many of those cheap pairs are tinted but don't really do anything.) We've rounded up some stylish sunnies for all face shapes that are worth investing in. Go ahead and treat yourself--you'll enjoy these classic styles summer after summer. By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

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  • Find it Fridays: Blue Maxi Skirt

    Hello, and welcome back to Find it Fridays! My latest challenge for Shine's weekly fashion scavenger hunt came from a reader named Janice. Here is her request:

    "I am really loving the whole maxi skirt skirt trend this summer, but I am having the hardest time finding the right one in my size. I'd LOVE to find a flowy maxi in a royal blue color...but I've checked out so many places and can't seem to find the one I want or one that looks flattering. I'm 5'3" and a size 14. I'm trying to stay within the $40 range. Can you help?"

    I sure tried, Janice! Here are 10 options I felt would flatter your figure. Please let me know if you like these choices. Readers: please weigh in on which maxi skirt you think Janice should pick! Do you have any additional tips on where she can find what she's looking for? Let her know in the comments.

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  • The Cost of Kate Middleton's Beauty Routine

    Kate Middleton spends a fortune on her grooming routineIf you're envious of Kate Middleton's shiny, perfectly curled hair, you can take solace in the fact that flawless grooming doesn't come cheap. According to US Weekly, The Duchess goes to her favorite salon, Richard Ward Hair and Metrospa in London, three times a week for $75 blowouts. A source told US, "She loves her time there and she has known everyone there for years so it's really relaxing for her." Hair salon visits at least 156 times a year?! Must be nice.

    Get the Look: Kate Middleton's Braided Updo

    When you're a member of the royal family, appearance is everything. Middleton, who is constantly photographed, must constantly uphold an image of elegance and class, so naturally her skin, makeup, nails, and hair must all be impeccable. We dug a little deeper into Middleton's beauty routine to see how much she spends on grooming. We've rounded up her favorite products and estimated her yearly beauty budget based on reported sources, general habits, and cosmetic expiration dates.

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  • Pick of the Day: Convertible Bag

    This cool day-to-night purse is on sale. We love this Foley + Corinna City Mini Convertible Bag. It's versatile--fill it up and use the handles or fold it over and use the cross-body strap. Plus it's on sale! It was $198, but now it's only $91.

    Sale starts Thursday at noon EST on

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  • Johnny Depp’s Great Loves

    Many women have swooned hopelessly over Johnny Depp, but many women have won his heart as well. After one failed marriage, four broken engagements, and a 14 year relationship with French model/singer Vanessa Paradis, the handsome actor is back on the market. We're taking a look at Depp's past relationships (some will really surprise you!) to recall went wrong and determine which lucky lady might be his next great love. By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

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  • Pick of the Day: Designer Gown

    Grab a designer gown for 98% off! This Badgley Mischka velvet draped gown was originally $3,990, but now it's on sale for just $80! Yes, REALLY! Scoop it up and wear it to all your fancy events!

    Sale starts Wednesday at noon EST on

  • So This Happened: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent

    Shine's daily spotlight of the most jaw-dropping photo from today's news.

    Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. Photo courtesy of Greg Williams/DisneyWhen we first heard Angelina Jolie would be playing the evil queen in Disney's Maleficent we knew she'd be perfect for the role, and the first image of her in costume has us stoked for the reimagined version of "Sleeping Beauty." The upcoming film with focus on Maleficent and explain what caused her to curse the baby Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), played by Elle Fanning. With twisted horns, yellow eyes, sculpted cheeks, and a blood red lip, Jolie looks perhaps even scarier than the evil sorceress in Disney's 1959 animated classic.

    The original Maleficent. Photo courtesy of DisneyThe original Maleficent. Photo courtesy of DisneyFilming began in London on June 13 and is expected to run through the summer. The Jolie-Pitts have temporarily made the UK their new home.
    Miranda Richardson, Juno Temple, Imelda Staunton and Sam Riley will also star in the film.

    "Maleficent" is set to open in theaters in 3D on March 14, 2014. That feels like a lifetime away, but this first image of Jolie has us abnormally excited for a

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  • Adidas "Shackle" Sneakers Create Controversy

    The JS Roundhouse Mid A new Adidas sneaker has sparked outrage, with sneaker fans accusing the brand of promoting racism. The Roundhouse Mid "Handcuff" shoe, created by controversial New York designer Jeremy Scott, features a plastic orange shackle that attaches to each ankle. The $350 sneakers hit stores in August, but Adidas promoted them on their official Facebook page on June 14 with this quote: "Tighten up your style with the JS Roundhouse Mids, dropping in August. Got a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles?" While the brand may be making a cheeky statement about shoe theft, many are equating these binding devices with slavery and prisoners. At press time the "Handcuff" sneaker image has over 36,000 Facebook likes, but many of the comments are angry and disapproving.

    5 Creative Ways to Customize Your Tennis Sneakers

    Jeremy Scott's Adidas Wings shoes are a celebrity favorite. Photo courtesy of Adidas"Please tell me this is FAKE. I am not hearing these Adidas Amistad Originals," one woman commented on Facebook, referencing the ship famous for an African slave revolt in

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  • Pick of the Day: Studded Cuff

    Who knew studs could be so delicate?This nOir white and silver triple band 3-cone bracelet in on-trend and lends an edge to your feminine frocks. We love the contrast of the clean white leather with cool studs. It was originally $138, but now it's on sale for only $28.

    Sale starts Tuesday at noon EST on

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