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  • Special K Uses Plus-size Women for New Campaign

    Plus-size non-models pose as part of Special K's new campaign. Photo courtesy of Special KIn an unusual move for a cereal that claims to encourage weight-loss, this week Special K announced they will be using "plus-sized real women" in their new UK campaign. The Kellogg's breakfast brand has ditched their red swimsuit "K girl" in favor of ladies with a body mass index of up to 29. (A BMI of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered healthy, while 25 to 29.9 is categorized as overweight.)

    Jeans Ad Sparks Controversy. Do Levis Models Come in Any Other Sizes?

    The brand will continue to use the red swimsuit The new campaign shows women getting on giant scales in London's Covent Garden, and aims to encourage a more positive body image, even in people who want to lose weight. Instead of the scales flashing the women's weight, words pop up like "amazing," "happy," and "glowing." The ad also poses the question, "What if we stopped focusing on what we want to lose and focused on what we want to gain?"

    'Plus-Sized' College Student Claims Discrimination at Bar

    "We want to encourage a responsible attitude when it comes to body image and to show

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  • Pick of the Day: Coral Sundress

    Pick up an affordable frock in the season's best colorThis Nola Z Sleeveless V-Neck Dress can be dressed up or down. It was originally $97, but now it's on sale for only $34!

    Sale starts Monday at noon EST on

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  • Find it Fridays: Brown Bridesmaid Shoes

    Hello, and welcome to the very first edition of Find it Fridays! My first challenge for Shine's weekly fashion scavenger hunt came from a reader named Stephanie. Here is her request:

    "Please help! I need a chocolate brown dress shoes for a wedding that I'm going to be a bridesmaid in October. I've been given free reign in terms of style, but the color is non-negotiable. The ceremony is outdoors and involves walking over grass & gravel, so I'm hoping for something with a smaller heel or a wedge. Comfortable would be a major plus. I'm looking to spend less than $100 and am a size 6.5 or 7 depending on the shoe."

    I said I'd find five items for these challenges, but since I don't know anything about Stephanie or her sense of style, I've found 10 options in hopes that one of them is exactly right for her needs. Stephanie: please let me know if you like these choices. Readers: please weigh in on which shoes you think Stephanie should pick! Do you have any additional tips on where she can

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  • Pick of the Day: Lightweight Jacket

    Warmer weather calls for a mellow, yellow jacketThis sunny Hawke & Co. Spring Short Anorak is perfect for the breezy and wet days of late spring. It was originally $130, but it's now on sale for $52.

    Sale starts Friday at noon EST on

  • Editor's Picks: Best Summer Beauty Products

    Exposed skin + hot, sunny weather = a whole slew of new beauty needs and desires. The Shine editors have rounded up our must-have products that keep us feeling pretty through long, sticky days. Hopefully you will enjoy them too. By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

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  • Pick of the Day: Zebra Dress

    Black and white doesn't have to be boring. This Sheri Bodell Iron Animal Printed Jersey Dress was originally $216, but now it's on sale for $76. Get in touch with your wild side.

    Sale starts Thursday at noon EST on

  • Summer Sequins

    Most of us associate sequins with New Year's Eve, but glamorous sequin dresses are equally enjoyable for festive summer nights. Scoop up sparkly styles on sale now and show off a flashy evening look when it's actually warm enough to skip the tights and jacket. By Joanna Douglas, Shine Staff

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  • Pick of the Day: Strappy Sandals

    Flat sandals get us through warm weather months. Photo by MyHabitThese Pour la Victoire Jamary Flat Sandals are cute, comfortable, and come in a trendy color. They were originally $205, but now they're on sale for $98. Score!

    Sale starts Wednesday at noon EST on

  • Record-breaking Bridal Train is Nearly Two Miles Long

    Italian designer Gianni Molaro's two mile bridal creation. Photo by Splash NewsYoung couples are doing everything in their power to get noticed on their big day, from over-the-top wedding proposals and engagement rings to wearing Vera Wang's new batch of red bridal gowns.But if a bride really wants to turn heads, nothing could possibly top wearing Gianni Molaro's latest wedding gown. The Italian designer's silk and tulle dress features a train that's nearly two miles long!

    Short, casual, beachy, and affordable wedding dresses

    The record-breaking style was displayed this week cascading down the steps of the Trinita dei Monti Renaissance church in Rome, Italy, to celebrate the opening of Molaro's new design studio. According to the Daily Mail, the sheer gauzy train, made of 1.86 miles of tulle and six miles of silk , was worn by Elena De Angelis last September for her wedding to Ferdinand Pucci in Casal di Princice in Naples. It took dozens of seamstresses months to create, and required 600 volunteers to keep it off the ground as De Angelis drove to the church in

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  • Coming Soon: Find it Fridays!

    Fashion Detective Joanna Douglas reporting for duty!When it comes to shopping, I'm less impulse buyer and more jungle cat stalking and ambushing my prey. I know exactly what I'm looking for and I will not stop hunting until it is mine. Over the years many friends have enlisted my fashion detective skills, and I've decided to offer up my services to Yahoo! Shine readers every week for my new column: Find it Fridays.

    Are you looking for a purple bridesmaid dress that you really, truly could wear again? Seeking some cute, comfortable red flats that aren't too pointy for under $50? Need a clutch to match a specific dress for a formal event that's big enough to hold all your essentials? Sadly having to replace your stained and worn-to-death favorite t-shirt? Email with your budget, size, and a description of the elusive item and I'll track down five great options for select Shine readers on Fridays! (If you're feeling extra lazy you can also leave your request in the comments below.) I'm also hoping to get readers

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