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  • Seattle Kids Weekend Events: Apr 13-15

    Burke Food 1-12 112 (Large)Burke Food 1-12 112 (Large)

    Rain or shine, we've got plenty of fun springtime activities to keep you and the little ones happy and entertained! On our weekend roundup: a super-fun cultural celebration, a fab boutique and consignment sale, a day dedicated to healthy choices, a musical journey with some memorable Dr. Seuss characters, a Mother's Day craft, and a race for your lil' swashbuckler. Plus, get your hands dirty (and celebrate Earth Day a little early!) with a fun day of projects at the Washington Park Arboretum.


    Cherry Blossom Festival
    At this annual festival, explore Seattle's deep connections with Japan (through games and toys, Taiko drumming, and a tea ceremony!) and celebrate the sights and sounds of spring. Fri.-Sun., 10:00 am - 6:00 pm. Seattle. Free. All ages. Event details.

    Bumps & Babies Fair
    Shop this twice-yearly consignment sale for kids clothing and toys and baby items at bargain prices (at least half off retail prices!). Plus, check out the boutique showcasing

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  • Los Angeles Kids Weekend Events: Apr 13-15


    Friday the 13th might just be lucky this month with all this fun! Some early Earth Day activities arrive this weekend (like CicLAvia and a celebration at the Autry), there is free music at the Getty, fast cars in Long Beach, monsters downtown and cultural celebrations from Malibu to Thousand Oaks.

    Los Angeles

    Monster Mash Family Day
    Enjoy a day of monster related fun and crafts (make monster feet, monster puppets, monster origami and even monster snacks) for the whole family at the Japanese American National Museum. Sat., 11:00 am. Little Tokyo. Free. All ages. Event details.

    CicLAvia turns the L.A. streets into a giant park for 5 hours - it's the one time of the year you can tell the kids it's OK to go play (and ride their bikes) in the street! Sun., 10:00 am - 3:00 pm. Downtown. Free. All ages.Event details.

    Earth Day at the Autry
    There are loads of fun family activities all day long, like panning for gold, a western family jam, story time,

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  • Go Play! 101 Must-Try Family Adventures in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Turn off the televisions and ipads, because armed with this list of 101 must-try family adventures in the Bay Area you'll be the talk of the playground as the coolest parent with all of the insider info. Some of our favorite Bay Area activities on our Must-Try list are oldies but goodies (think the Academy of Sciences and Angel Island), but many of our picks are hidden gems, which we've decided to share with you at the expense of incurring the wrath of parents who want to keep these spots well, secret (you can thank us later). And, when someone asks you where you got this sweet list, we won't blame you if you take full credit. Sharing is caring, right?


    1. Feed your family's appetite for the avant garde at the Bay Area's most amazing outdoor art displays for kids.

    2. Check out an old school wooden playground with a stunning backdrop just 20 minutes from San Francisco.

    3. Your kids will be delighted to visit a farm right in the heart of San Francisco.

    4. If your

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  • Into the Sun: Balmy Springtime Destinations

    The gloom and thick coats of the winter months can weigh down on our hearts and leave us feeling a little less than the family love at home. Bring back the joy and laughter that's so important for you and the ones that matter the most, with a quick change of scenery at any of these awesome and inexpensive spring time destinations.

    Palm Springs

    Palm SpringsPalm Springs

    While this locale may at first conjure images of retirement communities and early bird specials, modern Palm Springs is brimming with family fun and vacation possibilities. Hotels in the area boast playgrounds, cabanas, hot spas, golf and literally hundreds of pools. If that isn't enough delightful exhaustion for you and yours, take a trip toJoshua Tree National Park, Splashtopia Water Park at Rancho Las Palmas Resort, the Walk of the Stars, the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway and the World's Biggest Dinosaur Museum.

    Loreto, Mexico

    LoretoLoretoA quick flight from LA will put you on this beach in about an hour for sun, sand, tapas,

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  • 15 Easter Basket Ideas Instead of Candy

    Looking for something other than peeps and jelly beans to fill your little ones Easter baskets this year? Give one (or more) of these cute and creative goodies a try. Besides, after their sugar high crashes, the kids will be looking for something more exciting to do than unwrapping candies. Imagine the fun of coloring with special crayons or painting wooden Easter eggs. Come on, you can do better than picking up a prepacked Easter basket at your local grocery store the night before.

    1. Crayons. We love these stylish Kitty Egg Crayonsfrom Portland Etsy designers. $14 for a set of 4. These robots and dinosaurs work too.

    Kitty Egg CrayonsKitty Egg Crayons

    2. Kite. We love the idea of getting out of the house and flying a kite, which is truly a great way to kick off Springtime.


    3. Legos. Little boys and girls alike will adore this Easter Lego set. Plus, they can add it to any existing collections. $4.99

    3-22-2012 4-07-34 PM3-22-2012 4-07-34 PM

    4. Rubber Stamps. Easter rubber stamps are fun

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  • How to Make the Hunt Easier or More Difficult

    Alexandra Hedin Easter Egg DesignsAlexandra Hedin Easter Egg DesignsHiding eggs for a range of ages can be challenging. Where a twelve-year-old can easily find almost anything, a three year old needs them a bit more obvious. If you have a range of ages all at the same place for Easter then the challenge really starts. How do you make sure the youngest guests get eggs but that the oldest ones still have a challenge? This year I created two different egg "disguises" to make sure everyone had fun. This takes a little more effort, but is a fun project for everyone to help with.

    Very Obvious Eggs

    You'll need:

    12 plastic eggs

    Assorted colors of glitter

    Thick white glue (such as Martha Stewart Glittering Glue)

    Small paint brush



    Step 1: Separate one egg and coat with glue using the paint brush.

    Step 2: Pour 1/4 cup of glitter into a bowl and dip egg into glitter. Use spoon to ensure an even coat of glitter

    Step 3: Let dry with pieces apart

    Camouflage Eggs

    You'll need:

    12 plastic

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  • 5 Tips for a Kid-Friendly Passover


    This year Passover begins at sundown Friday, April 6. The holiday celebrates Moses and the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt, and is told during a traditional seder dinner complete with symbols of the holiday.The Jewish holiday of Passover (or Pesach) can be one of the most kid-friendly Jewish holidays of the year. There are many ways to get the young ones involved in the seder and still have a meaningful celebration for adults.

    Here are five tips to make your Passover kid-friendly while keeping the religion intact.

    1. Put kids in charge of the Passover plagues. The ten plagues are an integral part of the Passover story (blood, frogs, darkness, beasts, etc.). Before Passover begins, put a "goodie bag" together with items that represent each of the different plagues. Dollar stores are a great way to find inexpensive items for each plague. During this portion of the seder, have the kids take over by explaining each plague and demonstrating it with the toys from

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  • ACME Party Box Company: Earth Friendly Birthdays

    So you're throwin' a party and want earth friendly birthday ideas because you're concerned about how much gets thrown away. For that big bash with a small enviro footprint, check out the ACME Party Box Company.

    Lisa Fulker and Cathy Keyani have made it their mission to furnish party supplies that are high quality, easy to set up, and most importantly, earth-friendly. The idea is to have a fun time where the guests leave feeling good instead of leaving heaps of trash that came from non-recyclable party supplies. The company motto is "Party, Rinse, Repeat", and that means washable, 100% cotton linens, invitations printed on recycled stock using soy ink and compostable tableware.theme-woodland1theme-woodland1

    Available online, ACME Party Box Company has imaginative party starter boxes featuring Circus, Woodland, and Kingdom themes. Starter boxes provide everything you need for a gorgeous table including napkins, bunting, reversible runners and even an heirloom wooden centerpiece made from sustainable

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  • 6 Stylish Indoor Swings

    When the weather isn't cooperating, we can't help but think about reinventing our house as an indoor play space, complete with a playground to keep our little monkeys from swinging off our clothes rack and shower bar.

    These indoor swings inspire us to think outside the (sand)box.

    1. While this leather-upholstered swing might be a little over the top, it's fun to fantasize about living in a loft and being able to plunk down $800 to install this ultra-hip, modern Svvving in our living room.

    Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 4.56.31 PMScreen shot 2012-03-12 at 4.56.31 PM

    2. The trouble with indoor swings is they usually accommodate just one little bum. That's a challenge when you have more than one. Haba's Ship's See-Saw Swing($269) can handle 2-3 little people, maxing out at 175-pound capacity. There's no limit to the imaginative play.

    Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 5.01.47 PMScreen shot 2012-03-12 at 5.01.47 PM

    3. Though it's been discontinued, Ikea's Svava swing offers inspiration for DYIers. A hula hoop and some kite fabric will get you started. And let's face it, will be easier to replace if the dog mistakes it for a

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  • Top 85 Apps for Kids and Parents

    Do you worry that your kiddos are more familiar with Angry Birds than with their Ipad kidsIpad kidsmultiplication times tables? Chances are you're just like us -- guilty of throwing your kids in front of the iPod or iPad just so you can secure those precious few minutes to finish up that nagging work project or make a couple of phone calls. While Angry Birds will always be one of our favorite apps, there are plenty of apps out there (educational ones, too) that will diminish your feelings of guilt for pawning your kids off on these sweet devices. So in the spirit of spreading the app love, here is our list of our favorite 85 apps for kids and parents.

    Bonus: If you caught yourself drooling over the new iPad but can't justify the steep price tag, we're giving awayone new iPad. Just click here to enter (it's that simple!).

    1. Cut the Rope
    Age rating: 4+ | Price: $1.99
    Oh, what a cute story this game presents! An adorable green monster arrives by mail and it's up to your kids to cut a

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