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  • If it Were Offered, Would You Take a Period Vacation from Work?

    by Lexi Petronis

    photo: Hure Jean-Lucephoto: Hure Jean-LuceHuh? No, I know, but for women in Russia, that just might happen.

    Mikhail Degtyaryov, of the nationalist LDPR party who is also running for mayor, introduced a bill that would give women two paid days off work every month while they have their periods. His reasoning?
    "During that period, most women experience psychological and physiological discomfort. The pain for the fair sex is often so intense that it is necessary to call an ambulance."

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    Well. I don't know about an ambulance, but we all experience the joys of menstruation differently, so who knows? Essentially, Degtyaryov is saying that women may be hormonal and not so good at their jobs during those lovely three to seven days of the month.

    With the cramps and the irritation levels at a specific kind of high, a few (paid!) days off sounds kind of like a good idea. But think about the other points: potentially awkward conversations amongst coworkers

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  • Sleepwalking? so 2012. Here's Why More of Us Are Sleep-Texting

    by Lexi Petronis

    photo: Kyle Ericksenphoto: Kyle EricksenHow nearby is your phone when you go to bed at night? (I sometimes tuck mine underneath my pillow--why? It makes no sense!) Because so many of us have our phones at arm's length when we're sleeping, a new phenomenon has emerged: sleep-texting.

    In a study of 300 people, researchers discovered that 25 to 35 percent of them had actually had text conversations (some of them entirely in gibberish) while they were still asleep. And it seems to affect plenty more: a quick Twitter search of the #sleeptexting hashtag reveals that lots of people have later found they've done it too. The researchers think that we're so in sync to the whir, beep, or buzz of a new text message, that our brains revert to automatic pilot and tell us that we need to answer it. Like, now.

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    Sleep-texting usually occurs during naps, or about an hour and a half to two hours into the sleeping process--just before you drift off into a deep sleep. Like

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  • Can You Lose Weight Just From...Breathing?

    by Lexi Petronis

     I mean, breathing is something we all do over and over again, all the time. But one man says that he lost 28 pounds in 50 days with special breathing for two minutes every day.

    Former actor Miki Ryosuke says that he stumbled on his Long Breath Diet when he was using breathing exercises to help with his back pain, and he noticed that he was also losing weight. To reap the benefits of his accidental diet, he says that all you have to do is concentrate on "taking long breaths and then exhaling aggressively." There's a little more to it than just breathing,'re also supposed to place one foot in front of the other, tense your butt, and inhale for three seconds while lifting your arms over your head, then tense all your muscles for seven seconds. Or, you can stand up straight, tighten your glutes, place one hand on your stomach and the other on the bottom of your back, inhaling for three seconds and out for seven seconds while keeping your abs tensed.


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  • Elizabeth Banks' Super-Smart Portion Control Tricks

    by Lexi Petronis

    Getty ImagesGetty Images Elizabeth Banks has no problem talking about health (she's made videos about the importance of women taking care of their hearts and her own "heavy flow"). And now she's speaking out about another health topic: portion control!

    When it comes to not overeating, Elizabeth has these choice tips to offer:

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    1. "When you go to the grocery store, buy more
    bananas than cookies."

    2. "[The freezer] is where my Girl Scout cookies are," she says, explaining that the placement makes them less easy-access, so she'll reach for a healthier snack instead.

    3. "Portion control is a real problem. My husband and I always split one appetizer and one entree. I'm sure waiters hate us."

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    4. Elizabeth is on what she calls "essentially a gluten-free diet: no rice, no bread, no pasta. I'll eat tons of protein and veggies. Also, I just drink water and tea...and alcohol."

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  • 5 Reasons Pretty Teeth Are REALLY Good for Your Health

    by Lexi Petronis

    photo: Giovanni Giannoniphoto: Giovanni GiannoniYour eyes may be the windows to your soul, but it's your mouth, ladies, that can impact your health more than you might think! Here's how.

    1: Healthy teeth may help you lose weight. Flossing your pearly whites helps keep gingitivitis--inflammation, and irritation of the gums--at bay. Because inflammation in the body can mess with your metabolism, it could lead to possible weight gain. So keep those teeth clean!

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    2: Stronger enamel will keep away tooth pain...which means you can eat the hot and cold things you want to eat, without any sensitivity. To keep your enamel strong, eat tooth-boosting foods that contain calcium, which neutralizes mouth acids, and avoid sugary foods and drinks. You might also consider Lumineers, which, unlike veneers, are ultra-thin and fit right over your teeth (without any grinding). So they protect your dental structure and original tooth enamel--while making teeth white and pretty at the

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  • 5 Tricks for Drinking Way More Water Each Day...It'll Lead to Beautiful Skin

    by Petra Guglielmetti

    photo: Mark Leibowitzphoto: Mark Leibowitz We all know by now that drinking plenty of water each day is an important part of having healthy, pretty skin--so seriously, why is drinking enough water so darn difficult? I'm not even one of those people who passionately dislikes drinking water, but I have still found it really challenging to drink more than a couple big glasses over the course of a day. Until recently, that is. Here are the tricks that have FINALLY gotten me fully hydrated.

    1. Find your water-bottle soul mate.
    Several of my friends have water bottles they carry around 24-7 like security blankets. Now I can finally understand their obsession. Once you find that perfect bottle, it makes drinking enough water 100x easier, and you'll start to crave water constantly, and you'll always bring the bottle with you to avoid getting caught in sub-par hydration situations while out and about (like when you go to a friend's house and the only option is warm tap water, or when you have to resort to

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  • 7 One-Minute Weight-Loss Ideas

    by Lexi Petronis

    Romulo YanesRomulo Yanes You know how that $4 latte that you get every morning doesn't seem that extravagant at the time--but when you add up how many $4 lattes you've had over the course of a month, you realize that you've had $100 worth of caffeine? The same thing can happen when you want to lose weight--well, in the good, not-draining-your-bank-account sort of way, of course.

    Instead of making dramatic changes to your eating habits and your workout regimen all at the same time--which research has shown can often end up in failure--try some of these little things, which can add up.

    1: Have some soup for lunch. Several studies have found that people who slurp soup every day end up eating fewer calories overall. And soups filled with chunky veggies are even better: one study showed that those who ate chunky vegetable soups instead of pureed vegetable soups ate 20 percent less.

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    2. Blot the grease off your pizza. It actually helps! You

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  • Want to Lose Weight? Skip Breakfast, According to Surprising New Research

    by Lexi Petronis

    Chris GentileChris Gentile OK, hold on a tick...haven't we all heard that breakfast is absolutely, 100 percent important to eat, every single day--especially if we're on a weight-loss mission? I thought so. That's why this new research is so surprising.

    In a recent issue of the journal Physiology & Behavior, Cornell University researchers say that skipping breakfast a few times a week actually promotes weight loss. According to senior author David Levitsky:

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    "There's a fundamental belief that if you don't eat breakfast, you will compensate for the lost calories at lunch or later in the day. We've found that there is no caloric compensation in a normal group of eaters. If you skip breakfast, you may be hungrier, but you won't eat enough calories to make up for the lost breakfast."

    So, researchers gave breakfast to volunteers and withheld it from others (half of them usually ate breakfast, while the other half skipped it regularly). Then

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  • How to Tone Your Abs with Paper Plates (No, Really!)

    by Lexi Petronis

    CN Digital StudioCN Digital StudioIf you don't have high-tech gym equipment at home--and, let's be honest, how many of us do?--you know that it's still possible to get a kick-butt workout with exercises that don't require much equipment at all. In can MacGyver a pair of paper plates and give your abs and butt a serious toning session.

    Paper plates...who knew? The idea is to mimic glider disks: circles that you place under each foot or each hand and slide from side to side (sort of like speed skating). Leah Sparks at Tybee Island YMCA & Recreation outlines an intense workout for the Savannah Morning News:

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    * For your abs: Put your toes on the paper plates and get into plank position. Bring your knees toward your chest, and then extend them back to plank. Repeat for 3 sets, 30 seconds each.

    * For your butt:
    Lie on your back, knees bent, feet hip-width apart, and heels on the paper plates. Keeping your head and shoulders on the floor,

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  • Is Your Smartphone Keeping You from Losing Weight?

    by Lexi Petronis

    CN Digital StudioCN Digital StudioSometimes it's hard to imagine life without a smartphone--how on earth did we check email, send messages (without actually, you know, talking to one another), and play way-too-addicting games such as Candy Crush Saga? (I can't believe I just admitted that.)

    Now one study is showing that we should do more than just imagine life without our smartphones--maybe we should try putting them down more often, because they may be contributing to our lack of fitness.

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    New research from Kent State University has found a link between heavy cell phone usage and poor fitness in college students. The researchers studied 300 students in the Midwest to find out how much time they spent on their cells every day, and tested the fitness levels and body composition of a portion of them. The results: The people who spent lots of time on their phones--as much as 14 hours a day (!)--weren't as physically fit as those who averaged about 90

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