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  • 4 Smart Reasons to Start Your Day With Citrus

    By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

    Do you make a point of having citrus in the morning? I'm not talking about OJ, which is fine and dandy, but let's get fresher. Four reasons why citrus for breakfast is a smart way to start the day:

    Why citrus in the a.m.? Let me count the ways:

    1. It gives you a mega boost of vitamin C--great for keeping our immunity up.

    2. It provides a boost of B vitamins and folic acid--great for our moods and our reproductive health.

    3. Most citrus fruits are very good sources of fiber (read: filling!).

    4. Citrus is also packed with antioxidants. In fact, new research found that tangerines are loaded with potent, unique heart-healthy antioxidants.

    Do you tend to reach for citrus in the morning hours?

    P.S. Eat this to curb late-night cravings, and good news about your bowl of cereal!

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  • Health Controversy: Kate Hudson Photographed Drinking Wine While Pregnant

    By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

    Kate Hudson, and her adorable baby bump, was snapped recently having a sip of red wine at a restaurant. Yes, it fired some folks up. What's your response?

    Mom-to-be Kate Hudson is gorgeous, glowing and ... buzzed? Well, probably not, but a recent photo that surfaced of her sipping what looks like wine at a restaurant in Argentina has tongue's wagging. After all, don't doctor's discourage against drinking during pregnancy? Should Kate be chastised for her choice to drink wine?

    MSNBC reports: "The experts at BabyCenter say abstinence is the only way to go: 'No one knows exactly what harmful effects even the smallest amount of alcohol has on a developing baby.' (The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists agrees.)"

    But, before you call the pregnancy police, remember there's a whole contingent of folks who follow the European thinking that a glass of wine now and then during pregnancy is A-OK, and there was even that recent study indicating

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  • Spring Cleaning: Don't Clean This Thing in Your House--It May Be a Health Risk

    By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

    My dears, are you doing any spring cleaning this month? If you're dreading the big annual scrub-down, here's a part of your home that health experts actually suggest steering clear of:

    Permission to slack off on house-cleaning a bit: According to some experts, cleaning your oven may make you sick. Here's why: The harsh chemicals in mainstream "oven cleaner" products contain nasty products that can affect your respiratory tract, but that's not all: Prevention magazine experts note that the self-cleaning cycles on most ovens, which use extremely high heat to blast the grime, may actually release low, but unhealthy levels of carbon monoxide into your home (even when the oven door is tightly closed, it can still seep out). Not good.

    Yeah, you can't exactly leave all that old burnt-on, petrified cheese at the bottom of your oven stay there forever. Here's a healthier alternative:

    *Spritz your (unheated and completely cooled) oven with a bit of water--just

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  • 3 Smart Reasons to Work Out in the Morning

    By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

    I know, I'm with you: When I open my eyes in the morning, the last thing I want to do is start breaking a sweat. Coffee and breakfast and email come to mind first. I tend to push my daily run out to the afternoon, but here are smart reasons I, and you, might reconsider and try working out first thing...

    1. It boosts your mood
    Are you a grouch in the mornings? A long stream of research has indicated that exercise boosts endorphins and other feel-good hormones in your bod, and it may be enough to push you through the morning slump and keep you smiling all day.

    2. It may help you burn more calories
    Working out in the morning, say experts, gives a mega-boost to your metabolism, setting your body on track to burn more calories throughout the day--even when at rest.

    3. It may be less toxic
    Experts believe that, in general, air quality may be better in the morning hours than afternoons. So when you're huffing it up the street in your neighborhood, you'll

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  • Health Controversy: "I'm Pregnant, and Vegan."

    By Sarah Jio, Glamour magazine

    She's vegan. And pregnant. But hold the judgment, gals. Today we hear from the lovely healthy-living and vegan-eating guru Corinne Bowen who makes the case for smart, educated vegan diets during pregnancy.

    Yes, many mainstream health experts have warned against vegan diets during pregnancy out of malnutrition concerns, but my friend, writer Corinne Bowen, longtime contributor to Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Life Web site, wants to set the record straight. Approached with care and diligence, a vegan pregnancy can be just has healthy as any other, she says. Here's what she has to say:

    When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I thought about was my vegan diet. I was already taking a vegan prenatal vitamin and a plant-based DHA supplement in preparation for pregnancy, but suddenly the food on my plate was under scrutiny. And not just by me. Many people had concerns about my diet, including friends, family and my health care provider. I admit it.

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  • Eat This to Curb Late-Night Cravings

    By Lexi Petronis, Glamour magazine

    Do you ever find yourself hungry at night, way after dinner (but way, way before breakfast)? Sometimes, when the house is quiet and I feel like I'm finally able to breathe after another crazy day, the goodies in the kitchen start calling. But some researchers think they may have discovered the perfect food to eat that'll keep those munchies at bay...

    Two studies recently published in the journal Obesity found that including lean protein--such as lean pork--in each of three meals throughout the day can stave off cravings at night.

    The research centered on overweight people who were trying to lose weight. Some of them were following a higher protein diet (25% of total calories from lean meats and eggs) or a either a normal protein diet (14% of total calories from protein). Each diet had about the same amount of calories and fat. Those who ate more protein reported feeling fuller--especially at night.

    "Our research shows that eating about a quarter

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  • Does Eating Something Gross Make You Judgmental?

    By Lexi Petronis, Glamour magazine

    Taking a bite out of a piece of food that grosses you out can be a huge bummer, for sure. But could having a bad taste in your mouth--literally!--leave a bad taste in your mouth about other people's morals?

    A study published in Psychological Science has found that eating something bad-tasting might make us judge people and situations more harshly.

    Huh! Researchers gave study subjects water (neutral), berry punch (yummy), or Swedish bitters (yucko) before having them judge scenarios like second cousins sleeping together or (gross-out alert--don't read this if you're still eating breakfast or about to enjoy lunch) a man consuming his deceased dog. The result: people who'd had the bad-tasting drink were much more judgmental of the scenarios.

    The researchers also asked study participants about their political preferences, reports MSNBC: "They found that conservatives were significantly harsher in their moral decision-making after the bitter drink than

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  • Body Image: How Often Do You Talk About Fat?

    By Lexi Petronis, Glamour magazine

    New research has just surfaced, correlating how often women talk about fat with how positive their own body images are. Can you guess the study's results?

    I'll bet you guessed right: the study found that, the more often women engaged in "fat talk," the "greater dissatisfaction with their bodies and are more likely to have internalized an ultra-thin body ideal than those who engage in fat talk less frequently," no matter what size they actually were according to Science Daily.

    The research, published in Psychology of Women Quarterly, also showed that the women who talked about fat more frequently felt that it made them believe they felt better about their bodies. The study also found that more than 90% of college-aged women regularly engage in "fat talk."

    And "there was no association between a woman's actual body size and how often she complained about her body size with peers," according to the study.

    Me? I think I do talk about weight matters

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  • 5 Awesome Health Benefits of Even the Tiniest Vacay

    By Lexi Petronis, Glamour magazine

    I went on a press trip to Los Angeles about a week ago for 30 hours (actually, it might have been 31--but who's counting?). Worth it? Oh my goodness--yes. The health benefits of even a little mini-break can be huge...

    It was my first solo trip since baby number two was born, so that was certainly part of it. I also got to screen that new movie, HOP (so adorable), and meet James Marsden (also adorable) and Russell Brand (who gave me a big smooch! And, you guessed it: adorable). But honestly? I could have spent 31 hours on a mini-vacation anywhere and still come back to reality as the poster child for Rejuvenation.

    You don't have to spend a month on a deserted beach to reap the good-health benefits of a vacation (though it would be nice, wouldn't it?). Even an out-and-back business trip can give you a health boost:

    * Your heart might be healthier.
    According to research, women who took only one vacation once every six years or less were almost eight

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  • Could Hot Dogs Be Better For You Than... Roasted Chicken?

    By Lexi Petronis, Glamour magazine

    A lot of words may come to mind when you think "hot dogs," but "healthy" isn't usually one of them... until you read the results of this new study, anyway.

    A study in a scientific journal called Meat Science has revealed that rotisserie chicken contains higher levels of carcinogens called "heterocyclic amines" (HCAS), which are created when meat is grilled, fried, or cooked at high temperatures. People with diets that are high in HCAs from meats have been found to have higher incidences of breast, stomach, and colon cancers.

    Researchers prepared different kinds of meat for study participants: microwaved bacon and hot dogs, pepperoni from pizza, and deli meats and rotisserie chicken straight out of the package. Pepperoni had the lowest levels of HCAs, while rotisserie chicken--particularly the skin--topped out at the highest.

    Does that mean tossing the rotisserie meats in favor of hot dogs? No. Reports TIME: "people who regularly ate processed

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