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  • Want Another Reason to Get Happy? Here's a Good One: It Can Help Make You Fit

    by Lexi Petronis

    photo: Giovanni Giannoniphoto: Giovanni Giannoni

    If "feel happy" is on your to-do list (it's on mine!), it looks like there's yet another reason to do the Happiness Challenge.

    A new study found that older adults who reported feelings of happiness and contentment were fitter than those who didn't. They walked faster than their less-happy peers, and their rates for developing physical impairments that affected their daily activities-such as getting dressed or getting in and out of bed--were much lower. In fact, the participants who said they were unhappy were more than three times as likely to develop physical problems as they aged.

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    A previous study discovered that happy people were 35 percent less likely to die compared with those who were unhappy--maybe because feelings of happiness have also been linked to fewer strokes and heart attacks. Other studies have pointed out that happiness may help give your immune system a boost, thanks to the release of fewer

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  • Gabrielle Union is on A...Porn Diet?!

    by Lexi Petronis

    Jeff LipskyJeff Lipsky
    Well! I do a lot of reading and researching when it comes to diets--and I have to say that this is one I'd never heard of before. Gabrielle Union told Conan O'Brien that her inspiration at the gym happens to be adult film stars, on whom she spies to pick up exercise and eating tips! She says she watches what kinds of workouts they do, then she starts competing with them--secretly, that is. She also follows them to the gym's juice bar to see what they're ordering.

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    OK, as I'm writing this all out, it sounds a bit creepier on Gabrielle's part than it actually is. Seriously--watch.

    Now that I think about it, I have definitely done some secret workout competitions at the gym, but usually with whomever happens to be on the treadmill next to mine (it is unconfirmed that any of them have been porn stars). Usually, I'll just try to go a bit longer or faster than maybe I would have normally--hey, motivation is motivation!

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  • A Healthy New Reason to Eat Chocolate...And Drink Wine

    by Lexi Petronis

    Romulo A YanesRomulo A YanesJust in case you need a health-related reason to reach for a bit of cocoa or vino, here's some interesting news: a new study has found that both may offer protection against type 2 diabetes.

    Researchers from Kings College London and the University of East Anglia found that consuming high amounts of flavonoids that are found in chocolate, berries, tea, and wine is linked to reduced insulin resistance, improved glucose regulation, and reduced inflammation (a condition that may be linked to cardiovascular disease, obesity, and cancer).

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    After studying 1,997 female volunteers between ages 18 and 76, the researchers found that those who ate lots of anthocyanins and flavones--which are found in foods such as berries, herbs, red grapes, chocolate and wine--had lower insulin resistance and improved levels of a protein that help regulate glucose and other metabolic functions.

    The researchers aren't sure just yet what the

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  • If You Do One Healthy Thing Today, Do This: Stand Up!

    by Lexi Petronis

    Cecil BeatonCecil Beaton
    Sitting down for hours every day does more than just help promote "sitting-on-your-butt-all-day-itis," according to new research. It also shuts down a molecule called called lipoprotein lipase--which helps stimulate metabolism throughout the day.

    Previous research about sitting all day long has found that it can lead to chronic ailments such as obesity, depression, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even premature death. Erp.

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    So this new study from Kansas State University examined data from nearly 200,000 men and women aged between 45 and 106 (!). The study's authors found that sitting for long periods of time--even if the subjects exercised for 30 to 60 minutes a day, but spent the rest of their hours just sitting--meant that there was little muscular contraction in their bodies happening. And that led to the shutdown of lipoprotein lipase.

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    The key to stopping this shutdown, say the

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  • How Michelle Obama Has Changed Up Her Fitness Routine for 2014

    by Lexi Petronis

    Getty ImagesGetty Images
    If you have a New Year's resolution to switch up your exercise routine, you're not alone. Michelle Obama has her own fitness goals for 2014!

    The (gloriously-gunned) Mrs. O turns 50 this week, and has her eyes set on the future--specifically, how to stay healthy when she's 70 or 80. She told People: "I'm seeing myself shift from weight-bearing stuff--even though that continues to be important--and the heavy cardio and running, to things like yoga that will keep me flexible," mostly "so that I'm not falling and breaking a hip one day."

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    OK, so I have two health resolutions: 1) to schedule (and actually keep) all of my scheduled doctors' appointments, and 2) go to bed early enough so that I don't decide to forgo my morning workout for sleep instead (the idea being that, this way, I'll get sleep and exercise). So far, so good!

    But how are your health resolutions going? (P.S. Here are some good things to keep in mind with

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  • In a Rush? Here Are 5 Healthy Foods You Can Get from Convenience Stores

    by Lexi Petronis

    7-Eleven7-ElevenI know, we talk a lot about healthy foods-on-the-go around these parts--but for good reason! When you are as excruciatingly busy yet also as health-minded as all of you are, it's always good to have some healthy food ideas in your back pocket (well, maybe not literally) so you don't end up scarfing something that totally wipes you out.

    When you're out and about and have just two minutes to grab something, here are a few healthier options--some specific, some a bit more general--that you can get at convenience (or convenient) stores.

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    7-Eleven Egg White Breakfast Sandwich: This new-to-the-store 180-calorie sandwich features lean Canadian bacon and egg whites. Each clocks in with 13 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat.

    Half-Wraps: Head to the pre-prepped foods and take a look at the wraps (which pack fewer calories than bread-y sandwiches). Choose something like roast beef, grilled chicken, or veggie, then grab a cup of fresh Read More »from In a Rush? Here Are 5 Healthy Foods You Can Get from Convenience Stores
  • 7 Ways to Healthify Your Breakfast

    by Lexi Petronis

    Chris GentileChris Gentile

    So...breakfast. It can actually be kind of tricky--there's evidence that working out before you eat it burns more fat, that skipping it could maybe help weight loss, and also that skipping it could maybe (possibly) be bad for your heart. But there are plenty of ways to make your breakfasting experience a healthy one: breakfast salads (I honestly do this almost every day!), smoothies (check out Miranda Kerr's), and even some dinner recipes you can totally adapt for the morning, instead.

    And, to add yet another way to healthify your breakfast, I'd like to introduce you to MixMyOwn ( OK. So when I eat cereal, I'm a big fan of adding a little from every box in my cabinet until the mixture is just right--and that's basically what MixMyOwn does. It customizes your cereal to make it what you want to be--using lots of healthy ingredients, such as bee pollen powder, baobab fruit powder, goji berries, quinoa, acai powder, chia seeds, plus muesli, granola,

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  • Need a Memory Boost? Try Sipping This Surprising Drink

    by Lexi Petronis

    Romulo YanesRomulo YanesCalling all caffeine lovers! If you're a fan of a daily injection of coffee, this may be news you can use....

    A new study in Nature Neuroscience found that drinking 200 mg of caffeine (about the size of a "tall" cup at Starbucks, or two smaller cups) might boost your ability to remember subtle details.

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    Researchers had participants (who didn't regularly drink caffeine) memorize a series of pictures. After committing the pics to memory, they were given either a caffeine pill or a placebo pill. A day later--after the caffeine had left their systems--the subjects had to pick out pictures that were different from the ones they'd seen the day before. Some of the photos looked similar to the ones they'd had to look at previously, but they weren't the same--so subjects had to seriously draw on their memory banks to remember if they all matched up.

    The results: those who had ingested caffeine were much better at

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  • Songs Scientifically Proven to Help Fuel Your Workouts

    by Lexi Petronis

    Robert MitraRobert Mitra
    Research has shown that listening to music while you exercise can be a definite "do": It can trick you into thinking you're not working out as hard as you are and even increase your endurance by as much as 15 percent. Plus, it's just nice--there are times I look forward to working out purely because it means the chance to listen to a new favorite song on repeat.

    Some studies have found that songs clocking in with 140 to 144 beats per minute are optimal for your workout (surprisingly, a good example of the right tempo is the fourth movement of Beethoven's Fourth Symphony!). Spotify combed through 6.7 million workout playlists of its users to find the songs that are most popular for sweating. Take a look-are any of these on your playlists (I'll admit right now that No. 9 is on mine)?

    1. "The Monster," Eminem
    2. "Timber," Pitbull
    3. "Work B**ch," Britney Spears
    4. "Wake Me Up," Avicii
    5. "Leaving You," Various Artists
    6. "Roar," Katy Perry

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  • The Healthiest Post-Sex Snacks

    by Lexi Petronis

    Kate PowersKate PowersA few months ago, Gena reported that a six-minute sex session burns about 21 calories...obviously not quite on par with spinning class, but hey. Sometimes it lasts longer, sometimes it's a bit--you know--more acrobatic, and let's not forget some of the other benefits: boosting of the immune system (people who have sex have bodies that are better able to defend against germs and viruses, according to research); it may help lower blood pressure; and it can even act as a pain reliever.

    Plus, a new study has found that an hour of lovemaking can burn about the same amount of calories as running for 30 minutes, which means it can absolutely count as a workout.

    No matter what happens during your sexy session, you might start feeling a little nom-my afterward. And instead of reaching for that pint of ice cream, consider these healthier alternatives first!

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    Hummus on whole-grain pitas
    Hummus is filled with protein and Read More »from The Healthiest Post-Sex Snacks


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