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  • Health Trivia: Yes, There Is Such a Thing as a Dumbbell for Your Vagina

    Oh my goodness, gals. It is true. But, hold your giggles--what might sound laughable, actually could be a smart health and fitness tool for many women. Ladies, behold the vaginal dumbbell ...

    Recently, when researching some information for a story about urinary incontinence in women (so sad, but did you know that one in four women over the age of 18 deals with some form of involuntary urine leakage?!), I came across an image that sort of startled me: a vaginal dumbbell. Really.

    But, what sort of sounds (and looks) horrifying, may be a smart way for many women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles, something that may help resolve incontinence issues. Medical-grade steel vaginal exercisers, like the one above, are often available via your doctor's office.

    Kegals also help treat and prevent incontinence issues, so let's have a little refresher course, shall we? To do a proper Kegal, first locate the muscles that you would use to stop the flow of urine (for some women, it helps

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  • The Food to Eat for Beautiful, Smooth Lips

    Darlings, do you get chapped lips? I do. Mine occasionally will start to appear dry and chapped, and in the winter (and sometimes summer) they crack. Ugh. But, health experts say that while a good lip balm can help, so can your diet. The key to preventing chapped lips is eating more of this food, say experts ...

    The food to eat? Walnuts!

    Apparently, the king of nuts is also great for your lips. An expert who spoke to Women's Health pointed out recently that to keep your lips moist and beautiful, your bod needs to "constantly replace old skin cells with new ones." And, it seems that the Omega-3 fats in walnuts (and fish, too) may help "regulate this turnover so that it happens all the time."

    One serving of walnuts, an ounce, is about 14 shelled halves. Sprinkle them on yogurt, in salads and on oatmeal--yum!

    Do you eat walnuts and other Omega-rich food soften?

    P.S. Advice from The Girls in the Beauty Department about how to deal with chapped lips. And, love or hate:

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  • Sexual Health: More Are Relying on the "Rhythm Method"--Is It Safe?

    True story: Somebody I know decided to use the "rhythm method" for pregnancy prevention shortly after her wedding and guess what happened 9 months later? Yup, she delivered twins! Although I kind of love this story, others who aren't ready to have kids may not be so thrilled. It's why some are worried that more teens are relying on the so-called rhythm method for birth control. Details ...

    According to a new, major government-funded survey exploring the sexual habits of teens, more teens (now 17 percent, up 11 percent since 2002) rely on the so-called "rhythm method" to avoid pregnancy. The rhythm (not to be confused with rhythmic, which is what spell check just change the word to--now that would be a funny typo!) method is commonly known as the natural birth control where gals learn to read their body's signs and avoid intercourse on their most fertile days.

    What worries me, and others, about this is that not only does this open a woman up to a much greater risk of getting

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  • Dieting for Dollars: If Your Boss Paid You $500 to Lose Weight, Would You?

    The latest trend in weight loss? Financial assistance from employers to lose weight and get healthy. What do you think?

    According to the AP, more US employers doling out cash to get their employees to lose weight and get fit. In fact, at least a third of U.S. companies either are offering such financial incentives or are launching them soon.

    One hospital in Ohio even pays their employees up to $500 a year to get walking--the more steps on their employer-issued pedometers, for instance, the more cash they rake in.

    What do you think about this trend? Would you sign yourself up?


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  • Mental Health Minute: Got Empathy? If You're Under 30, Researchers Say the Answer May Be No

    Weird news from researchers who seem to have taken a pot shot at Generation Y. According to their findings, college students today--shockingly--display little empathy toward others. Let's debate this one ...

    Got empathy?

    It's one of those characteristics I, for one, always look for in new friends. Signs that a pal doesn't have it:

    *Blank stares when you share something deep and personal.

    *Awkward silences and uncomfortable moments when you veer into emotional territory.

    *The inability to sympathize with you when you're going through something major in your life.

    Sounds like a bad friend, right? Well, according to experts, it's something that many in our generation (Y)--defined as early 30s and under--are lacking. A team of researchers from the University of Michigan reviewed data from 72 studies from 1979 to 2009 and found that young people today scored a 40 percent lower score on a measure of empathy than those older than them did.

    Of course, technology gets

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  • Body Image: Does Something About This Photo Look Wrong to You?

    A women's clothing company featured a photo of woman in an ad recently, and it fired a lot of people up. Before I say why, take a long look at the photo and tell me if it bothers you--if so, why?

    The above photo is from clothing giant Ann Taylor (I got my favorite pair of linen pants there years ago--still wear 'em!). The model is gorgeous, of course, but is there something that strikes you as ... wrong?

    Yup, she's been PhotoShopped, bigtime, a point that Jezebel made recently, even calling the company out on the matter. Ann Taylor was up front and direct, owning up to an "overzealous" use of PhotoShop and promising to work at "celebrating the natural beauty" of the female bod in the future.

    "Photoshop isn't in and of itself a problem," the Jezebel bloggers write, "but using it to create and disseminate ridiculously unrealistic images of women kind of is. We'll take this statement as a pledge from Ann Taylor to do work differently in future."

    What did you think of the

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  • A New Hangover Cure That May Really Work

    So you had one too many drinks last night, you naughty girl. What's your favorite method for curing a hangover? Popular ones range from the straightforward (toast and coffee) to the strange (pickle juice). But, it seems that a new "cure" is emerging that some say really works ...

    Coconut water!

    Yep, the trendy newish beverage that's creeping into grocery stores everywhere--the beverage that celebs like Madonna are sipping--is said to be a power cure for a hangover.

    Related: Could Coconuts Help You Lose Weight?

    From TIME. "Coconut water, which is extracted from fruit too young to have formed milk, is low in calories and has no fat and a lot less sugar than most juices. But its most important attribute, at least among barflies, is that it is an excellent rehydrater.

    U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has called it the "fluid of life"--in medical emergencies, it's actually been given to people intravenously instead of IV fluid. Amazingly, it contains the same five

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  • Health Controversy: Hot Yoga Is Fascinating, But Is It Dangerous?

    You guys may remember my experience with hot yoga, as I wrote about here. Confession: I haven't been back since. But, I have been thinking about trying it again, and a recent news story caught my eye where some say that hot yoga is dangerous, do you agree ...

    Hot yoga enthusiasts, including Jenny McCarthy, who did it while she was pregnant, swear up and down that this caliente form of yoga is safe, effective and so good for your bod. But others beg to differ.

    Fabio Comana, an exercise physiologist with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), says the extreme heat associated with hot yoga is dangerous. "You may think it's purifying and cleansing but you have to respect the physiology of the body," he said to MSNBC.

    "The human body is designed to tolerate temperatures between 97 and 100 degrees. It's not designed to go outside those numbers," he said. "Core temperature can go up very quickly. Over 105 degrees you will start to damage protein. It's cause and effect."

    I know

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  • Why Wearing Shades Is Such a Healthy Move

    I can't leave home without my sunglasses--even on cloudy days. Diva-like behavior? Nah. Experts say it's a good thing, because our shades can actually protect our peepers in several surprising ways ...

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    Experts say that sunglasses--the bigger and more Jackie-O the better--may work hard to protect your eyes, protecting them from dangerous UV damage. Shockingly, reports Women's Health, 5 to 10 percent of all skin cancers appear on the eyelids. Sunglasses may also help prevent the fine lines and "crow's feet" from cropping up, too, along with preventing eye degeneration, such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

    Awesome news: You don't have to spend a ton of cash to get a great pair of shades. The American National Standards Institute requires that all sunglasses provide 95 percent of UVB and 60 percent of UVA light.

    Related: Round Sunglasses Are Totally Un-Square

    Although I did splurge on some Coach sunglasses last year that I really love, I

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  • Nicole Kidman: The Latest Actress With a New Pair of Breast Implants?

    It's like a line of dominoes that just keep falling--Heidi Montag, Kate Hudson, Jaime Pressly, and now ... Nicole Kidman?

    True story: On a cruise in the Caribbean 5 years ago, the hubs and I were paired up for dinner every night with a couple from New York. He was a state legislator, she was a beautiful, and quite busty (a detail I include only because it's part of the story, below) aspiring actress, who told us a story about Ms. Kidman.

    In a minor role she had years ago in a film, this woman we met said that Nicole Kidman requested that she be removed from the film because she was worried her breasts might overshadow her own in a particular scene. A tall tale? Maybe, but now that it's being reported that Nicole Kidman has gotten breast implants, the story does come full circle.

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    Yes, actresses are paid to look beautiful. Yes, this kind of thing has been going on in Hollywood for eons. But, if the reports are true about

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