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  • Dr. Oz's tips for gorgeous teeth the natural way always feel funny about teeth whitening products. Even the little strips (which I've used and do like) seem a little harsh, you know? I feel like they're burning my gums and I hate it that I always, accidentally, swallow some of the solution. So what's a better, more natural, way to keep teeth white and healthy? Check out these tips ...

    Check out these great tips from RealAge's Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen for glistening pearly whites:

    Ditch the soda: Sorry, gals. It contains "enamel-stripping acids" like phosphoric, citric, malic, and tartaric acids. If you have to have your soda, rinse your mouth with water after drinking. Oh, and straws help protect your teeth too--so use them if you can!

    Skip OJ and have tea: OJ is a major enamel ravager, but tea--namely green and black--apparently don't harm enamel and may actually be tooth-friendly because of the natural bit of fluoride they contain (who knew?).

    Eat your greens: Spinach and other greens may leave a film over your teeth

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  • Health Controversy: The Taco Bell ... Diet food?You loved their double-decker tacos in college (and, well, maybe you still do!), but could Taco Bell help you lose weight? The company has launched a new diet plan that's raising some eyebrows ...

    First came Subway and their guy Jared. Next up, Taco Bell and their gal Christine, who lost weight with ... tacos. Yep, Taco Bell says Christine Dougherty, 27, ate various foods from Taco Bell's reduced-calorie "Fresco menu" about five to eight times a week and voila--she dropped about 54 pounds (proof: in recent Taco Bell ads, Dougherty is seen flaunting her bikini bod).

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    But, really now, can you eat fast food "five to eight" times per week and truly lose weight--and get all the nutrition you need? Because let's be real here--Mexi Fries don't count as a veggie.

    Important point of clarification: Taco Bell's so-called "Drive-Thru Diet" is based on it's "Fresco" fare, which is the same burritos and tacos on the regular menu but

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  • Psst! I Think I Just Stumbled Upon a Genius Sleep Solution ... all insomniacs, light sleepers, and tossers and turners! I have the strangest, and potentially most helpful, little sleep-better tip for you--and you can try it (for free) tonight!

    Did you guys see the super-fun collaboration between Glamour's editor in chief Cindi Leivi and Arianna Huffington, of the Huffington Post? I'm eager to read their posts here on Vitamin G in the coming month. I think we're all going to learn some fascinating things about healthy sleep. Stay tuned!

    So, before I get to my own little sleep tip, first, some back-story: I've shared a little about my sleep issues here before. In short, I have two little boys (1 and 3) who love to wake up at night (you know, nightmares, hugs, milk, etc.) and a husband who snores--bless all of their hearts. The result? A very sleepy me.

    The problem really isn't all the night-wakings (well, one could argue that this is a problem), but rather my inability to fall back asleep after the night wakings. I sometimes find

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  • Healthy Reminder: Always Ask Your Pharmacist This Question (Every Single Time!) off a new prescription at the pharmacy today or sometime soon? Whenever you visit the pharmacy, always--always!!--ask the clerk this question when she takes your prescription. It could save your life!

    Everyone jokes about doctors' handwriting, and for good reason! While some doctors print legibly, yes, many don't. And my doctor's penmanship looks sort of like a third grade boys'! Anywho, so what should we all ask our pharmacist when we fill our next prescription?

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    Here's your script:

    You: "You can read what that says, right?"
    Your pharmacist/clerk, scrutinizing the handwriting: "Yes, does it say [INSERT NAME OF PRESCRIPTION HERE]?
    You: "Yes/no."

    Here are two reasons why this is soooo important:

    Exhibit A: In a recent story in Parents magazine, I read about a mom who filled a prescription for her daughter. The prescription was for some sort of allergy medicine that began with the word "A." What did

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  • 3 Hangover-Zapping Foods

    New Year's Eve is coming! Do you have plans to sip champagne (in moderation, yes?)? But, let's just say you wind up with a wee bit of a headache a day later. Here are three things to eat to feel better...

    EatingWell magazine's Carolyn Malcoun compiled a list of hangover-busting foods, and here's what made her list and why:

    *Bananas: She points to a study conducted in the 1970s (an oldie but a goodie) that found that drinking fruit juice or eating fruit relieved some hangover symptoms. "Fruits and fruit juices contain a sugar called fructose, which may help your body clear alcohol faster, according to the National Institutes of Health," she writes. "Fruits and vegetables (think: supposed tomato juice "cures") also contain minerals, such as potassium, that are important in restoring your electrolyte balance and replenishing your body's fluids."

    10 Ways to Survive the Season of Eating-and Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    *Bread: "Starchy carbohydrates, such as toast or

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  • Is Running Bad for Your Knees? Researchers' Shocking Answer ...

    As much as I love running, I tend to have an ongoing concern about the sport, and that concern involves my joints. After all, health experts have long suspected a link between running and joint damage, even arthritis. Now, after a review of collective research over the last few years, researchers have a more clear answer for us, and it really surprised me!

    The shocking news, reports Time, is that running has gotten a bad rap. According to the article: "Not only is there no connection between running and arthritis, the new studies say, but running--and perhaps regular, vigorous exercise generally--may even help protect people from joint problems later on."

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    Do I hear you cheering? I'm cheering!

    In a major study conducted at Stanford University over the course of 20 years, researchers tracked nearly 1,000 runners and non-runners and found no link between running and joint problems. Bonus for runners, according to the study: Runners

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  • The Shoes-Off Vs. Shoes-On Debate Rages On: Which Is Healthier for Your Home?

    1217-shoes_vg.jpgShoes! They're so controversial! Some people shudder at the thought of tracking in dirt and germs into their home and have no-shoes policies, others hate the idea of taking their shoes off in their home or others (for a variety of reasons). What side are you on? Here's the latest news on this touchy subject--just in time for holiday parties ...

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    We've talked about this subject before, and it really fired you guys up. For good reason. The debate is a heated one. Let's take a look at what both sides are saying, courtesy of a fascinating article written by a friend of mine, Diane Mapes, over at

    Anti shoes: Can you say "fecal matter"? People (and experts) argue that dirt and grime, including E. coli and all kinds of harmful bacteria and microbes, are tracked into homes on the back of shoes. Yuck! People with young, crawling children say they dread their children's hands touching dirty surfaces like this, so they ask

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  • 5 Shocking Things Many Women Don’t Know About Sex you feel pretty knowledgeable about safe sex? Of course you do, right? But wait, according to a landmark study of people ages 18-29, many young adults have some seriously dangerous assumptions and beliefs about pregnancy and STD prevention. The startling news, in the following exclusive ...

    According to a major survey of young women and men by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, most people agree that it's important to practice safe sex, but many have no idea what that means. The organization gave an exclusive look at some of the (shocking and crazy!) things that some young people believe:

    MYTH: "If you haven't gotten pregnant (or gotten someone pregnant) yet from unprotected sex, you probably won't."
    (A shocking 59% of single young women think it's at least slightly likely they are infertile if they haven't gotten pregnant from unprotected sex.)

    FACT: Just because unprotected sex hasn't led to pregnancy yet doesn't

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  • Love to Shop? Researchers Say That For Women, It's Biological! I had kids (you know, when I had TIME!), I'd go on these long and luxurious shopping trips every few weeks--all by myself (I loooove solo shopping). I'd come home hours later with a few treasures for my house and scores from great sales. The whole experience just felt cathartic, and now new research explains why. Apparently, the need to shop is in our genes, gals ...

    Fascinating: So, scientists believe they know why more women like to shop than men. While men tend shop like this, go to store, buy item (fast), and make a beeline to the car, women compare prices, sort through racks for the right shade of blue, check the ripeness of fruit, etc. Here's why, say evolutionary psychologists at the University of Michigan School of Public Health: It all links back to the days when men hunted and woman foraged.

    Whoa! Researchers say that women don't like beautiful shop girls--really?

    Sexist? Maybe. But it is interesting, isn't it? And, as much as I hate to admit it, this model

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  • The $4.95 Investment That Could Save Your Life

    1211-izup_vg.jpgI have a personal rule: No texting or emailing (or even looking at my cell phone) when I'm driving. But I have to admit, the chime of my Blackberry is pretty enticing when I'm stuck in traffic or at a stoplight. We all know how dangerous our phones can be in the car. If you struggle with distracted driving, here's a pretty amazing new service that could save your life ...

    Did you guys read the sobering story in the January issue of Glamour about the alarming number of women die in car accidents each year? We've all known someone (maybe it's even yourself!) who has had a close call or a fender bender due to distracted driving--and often their cell phone is to blame. (FYI: People who text while driving are 50 percent more likely to get involved in an accident--yikes!)

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    One of my editors at Glamour told me about a new product called iZUP (you know, "eyes up" ... get it?) that is pretty ingenious. Here's

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