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  • 5 (Easy!) Healthy Things You Can Do For Yourself--Right This Second! healthy choices doesn't always have to be time consuming or a drag. Here are five super-easy things you can do to improve your health right this second ... without leaving your desk!

    1. Do your kegals! You know you haven't done them in a while, right? So start flexing, gals (squeeze for 3 seconds, then relax for 3 seconds)! Do a set of 15 right this moment and try to work in a few more sets before the day's in. The health payoff: You'll strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which can help prevent incontinence issues down the road and even improve your sex life.

    2. Drink some water. Take a sip right now! You'll feel more energized and will be less likely to fall victim to a headache (dehydration is the #1 cause of common headaches).

    Chugging Water: Does It Improve Your Skin? Like, For Real?

    3. Sit up straighter. You were slumping over just then, weren't you? I was, too, until I caught myself. Notice how when you sit up straighter, you feel better. Posture experts

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  • Would Becoming a Mom Make You Change Any Unhealthy Habits?

    File:Papierosa 1 ubt 0069.jpegSomeone I know was telling me that since becoming a mom 2 years ago, she's basically given up booze (prior to mommyhood, she says she drank too much). It makes sense that we become more responsible as parents (at least we should, right?). One star made headlines recently about giving up marijuana after kids. How will motherhood change your habits?

    Brad Pitt admitted that he had a little pot habit before he became a dad. Now? He won't touch the stuff, for his kids' sake. "I'm a dad now. You want to be alert and my eyes used to glaze over when I did that," he told HBO's Bill Maher.

    Whether drinking, smoking, staying out to late or something else--what do you think you'll give up or change about your lifestyle when you become a mom?

    P.S. Is it just me, or is every woman in America pregnant right now? Do you think that teens should be paid to not get sperminated? And, check out the weird forecast your bikini line could make about your fertility...


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  • Breakfast At Your Desk: The 5 Healthiest Cereal Bars

    0814-cereal-bars_vg.jpgI always have a cereal bar in my bag--either for me or my 2 year old (we both tend to have random fussy low-blood sugar moments). But, some times cereal bars can make decent snacks or breakfasts (with a glass of milk) in a pinch. Here are five of the healthiest picks...

    See our tips: 8 Snacks to Eat for Weight Loss!

    Dana Angelo White, a blogger over at Healthy Eats, wrote about her quest to find the most nutritious cereal bars recently. Here were her top picks:

    *Kashi TLC Baked Apple Spice Cereal Bar: 100 calories, 3 grams fiber
    *Health Valley Organic Blueberry Cobbler Bar: 140 calories, 1 gram fiber
    *Trader Joe's "This Fig Walks into a Bar" Cereal Bar: 120 calories, 0.5 gram fiber
    *Barbara's Fruit & Yogurt Bar: Cherry Apple: 150 calories, 1 gram fiber
    *Nature's Choice Cereal Bar: Triple Berry: 150 calories, 3 grams fiber

    The rules of choosing healthy cereal bars, she adds: Do look for whole grains for nutrients and fiber and real fruit. Don't

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  • Everyone's Talking About Hula Hooping! Could You Get Into It?

    I think we're experiencing a hula hoop revival. Everywhere I look, someone's talking about them! Truth be told, I'm a huge fan. They make me feel like I'm exactly 12 years old, and I can't take a spin without giggling. Fun, yes, and healthy too, say some fitness experts. Do you own one? Should you buy one?

    I spent the 4th of July holiday at my grandma's beach house and some of my younger cousins brought out the hula hoops. Of course, I had to pick one up and show off a little (I was once a hula-hooping champ back in the day, you know--well, if you count family competitions on the lawn!).

    "Hooping," as Laurel House writes on Shine, "is becoming the exercise of choice for everyone from hipsters to boomers all looking to make their workouts do more in less time and actually enjoy it." She goes on to write about a woman who lost two dress sizes in two months by hooping alone. "Most of all, people are happy when they're hooping. It doesn't even feel like exercise!"


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  • Ahh! Is Birth-Control-Related Weight Gain Permanent?

    Have you ever suspected that the pill--or other contraceptive products--may have made you gain weight? Happened to me! Now, one new study asserts that some of this weight gain, in certain cases, could be permanent. The details ...

    When I started taking a new brand of birth control years ago, I noticed that I gained a few pounds, and I was not happy about that. I quickly talked to my doctor and switched prescriptions. Have you ever been there?

    Sick of the weight gain? Find a better birth control.

    A study published in the medical journal Obstetrics & Gynecology reports that women who gain weight quickly (in the first six months) after starting birth-control injections tend to experience "lasting" weight gain--gaining, on average, 22 pounds over three years. (Important note: This study did not look at birth control pills; just injected birth control.)

    Researchers aren't sure why some women react to birth control in different ways, but they point to hormones

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  • The New Eating Trend: Part-Time Vegans

    Photo by Sakurai Midori via commons.wikimedia.orgPhoto by Sakurai Midori via commons.wikimedia.orgWe've talked about veganism and raw food here on Vitamin G, and I've admitted to dabbling my toe in the water a bit. I could never be a full-fledged vegan, for many reasons, but a part-timer? I think, yes. Turns out, there's a new eating trend that more people are embracing. It's called before-dinner veganism...

    The Times Online recently reported on a new trend, which was hatched, in part, New York Times columnist and bestselling author Mark Bittman (who I happen to think is pretty much genius) in Food Matters.

    Here's what he says about his vegan-before-dinner plan: "You don't eat any, or much, in the way of animal products or processed food during the day. At night you eat what you want," he explains. "In some ways it's stricter than veganism in that there's no junk allowed. In others it's easier--in coffee is acceptable, and breaking the rules occasionally is okay. The basic line is this: no matter how you do it, you [and the planet] will benefit if you eat a higher

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  • All Aboard The Abortion Boat? The Cruise Ship Where Pregnancies Are Terminated.

    I told you guys about a college student who threw a party to help fund her abortion, which many of you were outraged about. I wondered what you'd think about this cruise ship that offers women a place to terminate their pregnancies...


    Did you hear about the "abortion boat"? Rebecca Gomperts, a pro-choice physician in the Netherlands, is behind the ship that trolls the waters of countries that limit or outlaw abortion (including anti-abortion European countries, such as Portugal, Malta and Ireland) and distributes abortion pills to women seeking the termination of early pregnancies. (Note: No surgical/medical abortions have been performed on the boat, according to Gomperts; she only prescribes the abortion pill.)

    Few women talk about such a serious health decision, but here eight women share their abortion stories.

    But, a new Dutch law may force Gomperts to dock her ship. What she's doing, some say, could be illegal. But, according to reports, she's challenging

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  • 17 Delicious Things to Do With Carrots

    Photo via www.commons.wikimedia.orgPhoto via www.commons.wikimedia.orgI always have a million carrots in my fridge. Dinner, dessert, lunch, side dishes, snacks, even breakfast--carrots tend to play a starring roll in my cooking. Here are 17 ways to get more of one of the world's most nutritious veggies ...

    1. Steam them, mash them, then add to marinara sauce (no one will know they're there!)

    2. Grate and add to muffins.

    3. Make low-fat carrot cake.

    4. Grate and add to stir fries and fried rice dishes (fried rice with lots of veggies + carrots is what I had for dinner last night!).

    5. Grate on top of granola or muesli in the morning.

    Hate veggies? Swap them out for these fruit equivalents.

    6. Make carrot-ginger soup--it's so comforting when you have a cold.

    7. Bake peanut-butter-carrot cookies.

    8. Make a classic carrot-raisin salad.

    9. Make a cooling carrot "raita"--plain yogurt, mint, spices ... mmmmm.

    10. Add to veggie sushi. Carrot + avocado is a favorite in my house.

    Related: Frozen foods (especially

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  • What's Your Kryptonite Food?

    www.commons.wikimedia.orgwww.commons.wikimedia.orgDo you have a food that almost always makes you week in the knees--the food that derails you from your healthy eating ways? I call these kryponite foods. I have three:

    1. Cupcakes and cake. I never used to like cupcakes or cakey sorts of things as a child (I always had pie for my birthday, and I hated frosting so much that my mom would just make plain cupcakes when she did--no frosting or sprinkles for me). But now, as an adult, I love them. What's up?

    A five-step plan for cupcake avoidance in times of weakness.

    2. Apple fritter doughnuts. These are dangerous, especially the local Top Pot variety in my city.

    3. Sweet potato gnocchi. What's so bad about that, you ask? Well, the kind I tend to love is smothered in brown-butter sage sauce. And I always eat too much!

    Here are some yummy healthy snack alternatives to try!

    What are your Kryptonite foods?

    by Sarah Jio


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  • What's the Most Unusual Thing You Eat for Breakfast?

    Morning dearies! Have you noticed our new morning breakfast focus here on Vitamin G? Check back each morning for a thought, a suggestion, a tip, or some tasty recipe idea with breakfast in mind (since we all know how important it is to eat our Wheaties, right?!). On that note, let's talk about what you eat for breakfast, but not the usual stuff. What oddball things do you sometimes eat in the morning? My husband eats...

    ...cold pizza (well, sometimes)! It always makes me cringe. I never crave dinner foods at breakfast (OK, almost never), but without fail, if there is leftover pizza in the house or even leftover dinner from the night before, Jason is powerless to resist it (sorry for tattling on you, honey!).

    I'm pretty good about eating healthy, balanced breakfasts. But my one breakfast sin is eating too late in the morning. Sometimes I don't feel hungry until 10, but some health experts believe that eating shortly after waking is a must-do for these reasons.


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