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  • Game of Thrones Premier: Host a Themed Dinner Party

    Sara Bonisteel

    Host a Game of Thrones banquet with our recipes and entertaining tips

    Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, dragons, and direwolves

    Winter is coming. Prepare to live this night as if it were your last (this is George R. R. Martin's world after all), and get ready to stuff your face till your belly aches

    A banquet of Medieval-inspired fare that would make King Robert weep for gluttonous joy

    The Menu:
    HBO's Game of Thrones is based on Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, a seven-book saga filled with tales of lust, greed, love, violence, food, and so many characters there's an updated genealogy in the back of every volume. With that in mind, we've devised a potluck menu, heavy on a Martin ingredient favorite-honey-that pays tribute to some of our fondest families and characters featured in Season One.

    Two dishes stand in for characters in Ned Stark's Winterfell clan. Arya begins this second season on the run with

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  • 10 Best Foodie Films

  • Easter Baskets and Gifts

    Anna Fixsen

    Treat your favorite food lover to one of these culinary-themed Easter gifts, including chocolates, cheese, and luxurious pantry essentials

    he hunt for the perfect Easter basket is on, but it needn't make a basket case out of you. We turned to some of our favorite culinary talents-an award-winning chef, several top chocolatiers, and a niche cheesemonger-for Easter gift ideas to satisfy a wide range of palates and wallets. For chocoholics, we selected a menagerie of adorable hand-decorated chocolate bunnies, decadent dark chocolate eggs, and an oversize chocolate mushroom. For the more savory-inclined, we recommend a selection of farmstead cheeses, homemade scone ingredients, and pantry staples straight from the Mediterranean.

    This year, swap cellophane grass and plastic eggs for one or more of these sweets and savories. They're guaranteed to give the Easter Bunny a run for his money.

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  • Kid-Friendly Kitchens: Tips and Tricks

    Julie Scelfo

    Encourage children to help with meal prep while keeping hassles to a minimum with tips, equipment, and layout advice from designers and clever moms.

    Create a View

    An essential feature of a kid-friendly kitchen is that the adults using it have clear sight lines to watch their offspring. Meg Rogers says that when she's planning a kid-friendly kitchen, she thinks about all the different places where Mom and Dad might need to keep an eye on the children, whether in the same room or down the hall. Are you building your house from the ground up? If so, consider putting the kitchen where windows will allow you to simultaneously cook and keep an eye on kids playing in the yard.

    Make It Welcoming
    Consider decorative elements that appeal to the whole family. For a family in Manhattan with five children, Celerie Kemble wallpapered the back wall with a gigantic map of the world. "They can pin into it current-event issues or where they're traveling," she says.

    Also don't

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  • Make Your Own Matzoh House

    Kendra Vizcaino-Lico

    Our extreme matzoh makeover is the ultimate family craft for Passover

    Move that matzoh! Don't pass up the opportunity to use your extra matzoh for more than snacking. Charoset may be the traditional representation of mortar at Passover, but you can build this festive abode using other edible construction materials like kosher candies, chocolates, and peanut butter. This craft is fun for the whole family and makes a beautiful decoration for your hametz-free home.

    Ingredients & Equipment

    • A rectangular piece of cardboard (about 12 by 14 inches)
    • Aluminum foil
    • Kitchen scissors
    • 5 sheets of matzoh
    • Matzoh crackers
    • 2 cups peanut butter (see Editor's Note)
    • A pastry bag or resealable plastic bag
    • 1 cup matzoh meal
    • Toothpicks
    • Assorted kosher-for-Passover candies and chocolates, such as fruit slices, marshmallow twists, and jelly rings

    Editor's Note: Some denominations of Judaism forbid consuming peanuts and peanut products during Passover. Feel free to

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  • Can You Overdose on Antioxidants?

    Megan O. Steintrager

    Our current Doable Challenge encourages upping dietary antioxidants for health and longevity, so when I read the headline "Antioxidants: Friend or foe?" on the cover of the April issue of Consumer Reports onHealth, I got a bit nervous. The article explains that it's not always advisable, and can even be unhealthy, to down tons of antioxidants in supplement form. Fortunately, the take-away message lines up nicely with our challenge: "Focus on food instead." Here's the nugget of wisdom from the article that I circled as a reminder to eat my greens, and purples, and reds, and yellows, and blues: "As scientists continue to explore how antioxidants work in the body, the best health advice remains the simplest: Make sure your diet contains plenty of varieties of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes."

    Do you take antioxidant supplements or eat packaged foods fortified with antioxidants?

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  • Matzoh Taste Test

    Carolina Santos-Neves

    We tried eight varieties of kosher-for-Passover matzoh and found three that are delicious straight out of the box.

    Matzoh, the unleavened bread made of water and flour, is consumed during Passover to commemorate the Israelites' hasty departure from Egypt. Before we delve into the eight varieties of matzoh we tasted while preparing our Passover guide, let's start with a quick primer on the subject.

    Matzoh varies in shape and style, but all matzoh must, by Jewish law, be prepared in less than 18 minutes from the moment water comes into contact with flour to the point where the fully baked matzoh emerges from the oven. Store-bought matzoh is generally square and machine-made. Shmurah, the traditional handmade matzoh, is round and tends to be available only during Passover. Rabbis must oversee the harvesting and milling of the wheat as well as the baking process to ensure that it is kosher and that no fermentation, or leavening, has taken place. Matzoh sold

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  • The Kale Craze Continues

    Kemp Minifie

    Americans are crazy for kale. So crazy, in fact, that we might as well be singing "Kale to The Chief!" All kidding aside, it's taken a while, but kale is now solidly entrenched in our vegetable lexicon. Whether raw or cooked, it has firmly planted itself on restaurant menus. Bushy bunches of it crowd the produce aisles of supermarkets. And the farmers' market? Forgettaboutit. When kale's in season, there are so many different varieties piled high on tables, it's hard to choose.

    Earthbound Farm Organic, the greens and produce company, recently added a baby kale mix to their growing variety of prewashed salad greens, and I'm smitten. So are a lot of other customers where I shop, because the store can't keep it in stock for more than a few hours. I now know what day and approximately what time the baby kale shipment arrives each week, and whenever I can, I stock up. It comes in 5-ounce plastic clamshell containers, and one package provides enough salad for four people,

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  • Leftover Eggs Recipes

    Make the most of leftover hard boiled eggs with creative recipes that make delicious use of both yolks and whites. Fold eggs into a tangy, pickle-laced potato salad for a tasty spring side dish, make them the finishing touch in a hearty Provencal Salad, or try a new take on the old standby, deviled eggs. They're so versatile, filling, and nutritious, there's no such thing as too many leftover eggs.

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  • How Fresh is Five-Month-Old Bread?

    by Kemp Minifie

    Kemp MinifieKemp MinifieWould you believe that the loaf of bread pictured above has been sitting on my kitchen counter at room temperature for five months? I have the receipt showing I bought the loaf--a well-known brand--on October 12, 2012 to test a recipe for Turkish Spiced Meatballs for It looks about as fresh as the day I purchased it.

    I'm not one to waste food, but because I prefer the artisanal bread from bakers at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City--I'd planned to give what remained of the loaf to a neighbor. Unfortunately, the loaf got lost amid the clutter of my very small New York City kitchen, and before I knew it, several weeks had passed. By then I assumed the bread had become a fuzzy green mass of mold--the supermarket bread I ate as a kid would have been--and I was about to throw it away, when I decided to check to see just how gross a science experiment I'd accidentally been growing in my kitchen. To my complete shock the bread was

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