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  • Superfood power pairs: Delicious combinations that give you more!

    Some of the healthiest bites out there work even better when eaten together, like raspberries and dark chocolate. Here are seven tasty dynamic duos.


    It's amore! You get more protection against heart disease when this decadent duo's antioxidants are consumed together than when they are eaten separately, according to Italian researchers in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. All chocolate is not alike, though: According to Natalia Hancock, culinary nutritionist at NYC restaurant Rouge Tomate, "The greater the percentage of cacao, the more antioxidants it contains."

    Pump up your power breakfast: The folate in berries helps you absorb more of the energy-boosting B12 in yogurt, according to Hancock. What yogurt is best? "All varieties have some B12, but the Greek type has the most," she says.

    A cheese omelet stands between you and osteoporosis, and here's why: Eggs

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  • 7 dishes with cilantro, and not one tastes like soap

    The blogosphere is filled with people who think cilantro tastes like soap, yet dozens of cuisines all around the world feature the bright, green herb in many beloved dishes. What do you think? It's been said that if you crush cilantro leaves before eating them, you give them a chance to mellow out. Love it or hate it, we picked these 7 dishes-each using chopped cilantro-to give everyone a chance to enjoy it.


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  • 9 beauty bargains only insiders know

    Who doesn't love discounted (or free!) beauty loot? The experts spill their secrets for saving on everything from spa appointments to skincare.

    Think you can't afford a day at the spa? Hit the mall! At department-store beauty counters, score free mini facials at Clarins and microdermabrasion sessions at Perricone. But you've got to ask for it, says Cheri Botiz, Nordstom's national beauty director. "It's a great insider perk."
    More tips from the experts:
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    Professional makeup artists buy many of their supplies on industry websites like and You can often find huge markdowns on the most-used brands, like Dior makeup brushes and Japonesque eyelash curlers for half the price, says Lori Riviere, owner of
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    The best way to store brushes »

    Drugstores have huge aisles dedicated to polishes and files, but celebrity

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  • 7 Great On-the-Go Meals: Wrap 'em up!

  • Is this you? Lunch survey: One in two Americans eats homemade every weekday

    It's official: America is taking back the lunch hour. According to our polls, one in two Americans eats a homemade lunch every weekday, and the number of women carrying in has spiked 33 percent in 10 years. The savings we reap ($79 a month, according to a survey of our foodie friends) sure doesn't hurt. But health may be the biggest driver behind the make-at-home trend. "Twenty years ago there wasn't so much enthusiasm for adding healthy ingredients into our diets," says Harry Balzer, chief industry analyst for NPD Group, a consumer market research firm. "We were only focused on subtracting the bad things." Now it's a balance: Experts are seeing more made-from-scratch dishes, fewer fatty cold cuts and processed cheeses, and increasing amounts of fresh fruit (it's the most popular lunch ingredient in women's bags).

    Here are a few other trends:

    TREND #1: You're Savvy About Salads

    • Sixty-four percent of Americans are changing what they eat for health's sake, according to a survey from the
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  • New Foods: The best right-now products

    Every Day editor Nicole Jones sniffed, chewed and sipped (and sometimes spit out!) more than 100 new products this month. Here's what stood out-along with DIY versions.

    In the store: EVOL Gluten-Free Bowls
    "I'm definitely not on a gluten-free diet-but these impressed me. They're yummy and packed with still-crisp, fresh-tasting veggies."
    ($4.99 for 1 single-serving meal)

    DIY: Try our Asian Rice Noodle Salad recipe »

    In the store: Freschetta Simply Inspired Pizzas
    I'm a die-hard thin-crust fan, and these have the thinnest, crispiest crusts I've found in a frozen pizza-ever! And I love the creative topping combos.
    ($6.79 for 4 servings)

    DIY: Try our Mediterranean Pita Pizzas recipe »

    In the store: Planters Jalapeño Pistachios
    I'm seeing flavored nuts everywhere now (healthy fats!). Cayenne lends these a perfect, subtly spicy kick.
    ($3.49 for 4.75 oz.)

    DIY: Try our Happy Hour Almonds recipe »

    In the store: Wine Cube
    This stuff blows the boxed wine stereotype away and is still a

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  • The right way to store leftovers (and other food storage fixes)

    These five refrigeration mistakes can spoil your groceries (not to mention dinner) and even cause food poisoning. Here's how to keep everything fresh and tasty.

    Leftovers have to cool it-and pronto! But stored in large amounts in a big pot, they can't chill fast enough to prevent dangerous amounts of bacteria from developing, according to Christine Bruhn, a food-safety researcher at the University of California, Davis.
    Make it right Transfer extras to containers that are a max of 3 inches deep. Label them, and pop them into the fridge to begin cooling-fast.

    We love fruits and veggies together in salads, but in the fridge? No way! Most fruits release a gas that rots lettuce and other greens.
    Make it right Put fruits and veggies in separate crisper drawers-and by the way, smelly deli items should go in their own drawer, too, says Every Day test kitchen director Diana Sturgis.

    Eggshells are porous, so when you store eggs out of the carton, moisture

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  • Powders, Dusts and Dirts are the New Sauces

    Goodbye same-old sauces. Powders, crumbles, dusts and "dirts" are the new "in" flavors in restaurants . Try 'em at home with spice grinder!

    Out: Chocolate sauce
    In: Chocolate Dirt

    You won't miss the hot fudge after trying former chef Ryan Poli's chocolate dirt at Perennial restaurant in Chicago. "Picture cookie crumbs, but ten times more moist," he says. A "big pile" was served underneath a scoop of decadent coffee ice cream.
    Serve on top of Candy Jar Ice Cream »

    Out: Peanut Sauce
    In: Peanut Butter Powder

    Chef Drew Van Leuvan at One Midtown Kitchen in Atlanta makes a peanut butter powder by drying out the creamy spread with a superabsorbent tapioca starch, then pushing it through a sieve. When the powder arrives at the table atop bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, you'll be in love at first sight-and sniff. And homemade apple jam is dished on the side, in a nod to PBJ.

    Serve with Roasted Pork Tenderloin »

    Out: Lemon Juice
    In: Dried Tangerine Dust

    Chef Jason Santos says he's on a

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  • We Love These Exotic Mushrooms!

    They might look like alien invaders, but these exotic mushrooms-springing up at most supermarkets-have some seriously earthy flavor.

    Hen of the Woods (clockwise from top)
    Yes, there's poultry in the title. But tawny hen of the woods (also called maitake) taste big-time beefy. Try a mushroom "meat sauce" atop pasta, or spoon caramelized, chopped 'shrooms and onions onto steak.

    Try them in Tomato Sauce »

    May is prime time for morels, the Clark Kent of mushrooms. They look fragile but taste robust and meaty. Chefs say their powerful flavor can stand up to heat, strong spices and slow cooking. Their spongy caps soak up whatever you toss them in.

    Try them in Spicy Fish Stew »

    Small and pale, with skinny stems and barely-there heads, these Asian tree mushrooms taste as delicate as they look. They cook quickly in liquid without getting chewy-perfect for tossing in at the end of brothy soups.

    Try them in Samurau Soup »

    These stylish fungi are subtle in flavor,

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  • Taste Test: The best smoothies from the supermarket

    Satisfying Post-Workout Snack: Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost
    This velvety drink got us in the mood-for exercise. "I'd run a marathon if I knew this would be waiting," vowed one taster. (at most grocery stores) Read more »

    Tasty "Veggie": Naked Green Machine
    Yes, it's green (thanks to super-nutritious algae, broccoli and ginger), but the fruity taste of apple, mango and pineapple prevails. (at most grocery stores) Read more »

    Convincing Cocktail Stand-In: Sunkist Naturals Piña Colada Protein Smoothie
    "Drink umbrella, please!" requested one blissed-out taster. That's because the tropical sweetness of coconut and pineapple makes this drink's flavor a dead ringer for a piña colada. (at most grocery stores) Read more »

    Family-Friendly Breakfast: Lifeway Low-Fat Pomegranate Kefir
    Now I know what to give my 3-year-old for breakfast!" mused one satisfied mom. No wonder both parents and kids love it. (at most grocery stores) Read more »

    DIY Fruit Combo: Jamba All Natural Smoothies

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