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  • Food astrology: What your horoscope signs say about your eating + party personality

    Horoscope signs tell a lot about you: what you're like, whom you like-and now, what you like to eat and how you like to party. Read between the stars to find out more tips for guests and hosts alike.

    AIR SIGNS: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
    Air signs are as curious as George. You social butterflies crave small talk-and small bites. You're not tied down to one food or table at a party.

    AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18

    You're Invited: Aquarians tend to have large parties-if only because it's too hard to whittle down that guest list. (Ah, so many friends, so little space.) You're mindful of your place in the world and of what you put in your mouth. That explains why so many of you are vegetarians. Aquarians are true humanitarians with a deep sense of community. In fact, five U.S. presidents have been Aquarians! Anyway, come summer, you'll be the one throwing huge block parties.
    Be My Guest: Serve them creamy soups and veggie-rich risottos, and they're all yours.
    Try: Beet Risotto with Roasted

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  • Foods in Disguise: Meatloaf "cupcakes," fudge "sliders"

    Take a nice long look at this sweet and savory spread. All the classics are here-pizza, grilled cheese, sliders...even cupcakes and cherry pie. Or are they? Come along as we put our favorite foods in delicious disguise, like Sausage Meatloaf Cupcakes with Creamy Potato Frosting. Your eyes may deceive you, but your taste buds will beg for more.


    Sausage Meatloaf Cupcakes with Creamy Potato Frosting »

    French Toast Ice Cream Sandwiches »

    Fudge Cookie Sliders »

    Strawberry Jam Tart »

    Savory Ricotta Waffles with Red-Hot Jam »

    Ham-and-Tomato Pie »


    Halloween recipes »

    Halloween party ideas »

    Halloween decorating ideas »

    Halloween costume ideas »

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  • Taste Test: The best hummus spreads (plus easy recipe ideas)

    We taste-tested dozens of hummus chickpea spreads from the grocery store and online to find our favorites.

    BEST OVERALL: Trader Joe's Original Hummus Dip
    Judges found this "creamy and thick" spread infused with the "perfect blend of lemon and garlic." It doesn't contain tahini (sesame paste), lending it a "lighter" texture. (at most Trader Joe's stores) Read full review »
    Try it in:
    Hummus Sesame Noodles »

    BEST GARLIC: Tribe All Natural Roasted Garlic Hummus
    While other garlic varieties left our picky panel hankering for a fistful of mints, this version-one of Tribe's bestsellers-had a "sweet garlic flavor" with a hint of lemon for balance. (at most grocery stores) Read full review »
    Try it in:
    Hummus Shiitake Mashed Potatoes »

    BEST ODDBALL: Sabra Sun Dried Tomatoes Hummus
    A "supersmooth" chickpea base surrounds "chewy, bright bits" of sun-dried tomato. Don't let the crudités have all the fun: This "full-bodied and intense" hummus would add zest to a turkey sandwich or burger.

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  • The Super-Saver's Guide to Grocery Shopping at Dollar Stores

    In the last two years, the number of shoppers who buy groceries at dollar stores has shot up 500 percent-but not everything in the store is a steal. Put these five savvy habits into practice to keep the savings coming.

    1. Don't believe everything is a steal.
    "Many people think dollar stores guarantee huge savings, but this isn't always the case," says Teri Gault, of First of all, only 23 percent of merchandise at these stores actually rings up at a dollar or less! Also, some items, such as candy, snacks and cereal-even if they are a dollar-are more expensive per serving than supermarket offerings. "The idea that everything in the store is cheap makes shoppers more likely to mindlessly purchase items without considering value," adds Art Markman, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Snap out of the haze by figuring out the cost per serving and comparing it with the usual supermarket price. Doing a little math will make you less likely to be

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  • Swap is the new shop: How to host a style swap party

    If you're like us, you've probably got a closet full of perfectly good belts, bags and necklaces that won't ever see the light of day again. Well, you paid the price for fashion once, but thanks to this idea from our style maven Gretta Monahan, you won't have to do it again! Turn unwanted "rags" into riches at an accessories swap party. With a little planning, Gretta turned her living room into a chic boutique for her friends to "shop." And since most of her friends' castoffs were one-size-fits-all, everyone walked away with a bag full of swag to add to their wardrobes. Says Gretta: "I can't think of a better reason to clean out your closet!"

    Use items from around the house to display the giveaway goods.

    • Hang earrings on large corkboards.
    • Place rings and pendants in plastic ice cube trays or acrylic desk organizers.
    • Fill martini glasses or teacups with cuffs and bracelets.
    • Perch wallets on shoeboxes wrapped in decorative paper or fabric.
    • Drape

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  • Easy Halloween cupcake decorating ideas

    It's easy to assemble these wickedly cool desserts.

    1. Arachnophobia
    Frost a cupcake with chocolate icing. To form the "legs," dip halved pretzel sticks into melted chocolate, shaking off the excess. On a parchment-lined surface, place the dipped halves together in "L" shapes and freeze until solid. Stick four "legs" into two opposing sides of the cupcake just above the paper rim.

    Get the recipe for Cocoa Frosting »
    Get the recipe for Classic Vanilla Snack Cupcakes »

    2. Wicked Witch
    Frost a cupcake with white icing. Create a "roof" using two graham cracker quarters. Using more icing as glue, attach black jelly bean "shoes" to mini candy cane pieces; let dry. Position two "legs" at the base of the cupcake. Add a teaspoon of "blood" (combine currant jelly with red food coloring and enough water to make it appear coagulated) beside the legs.

    Get the recipe for Vanilla Frosting »
    Get the recipe for Classic Vanilla Snack Cupcakes »

    3. Vampire Bites
    Frost a cupcake with white icing. Poke

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  • Rachael Ray's easy potpies, in 30 minutes or less

    "I didn't really grow up with chicken potpie. We made chicken with dumplings or chicken and biscuits-heavy on the chicken, easy on the dumpling or biscuit. As a cook, though, chicken potpie is a recipe I riff on often. I've made knife-and-fork ground turkey burgers with potpie gravy, quick handheld potpie turnovers, and 30-Minute Meals like chicken fricassee, chicken and biscuits, and chicken and dumplings."-Rachael Ray


    Lemon Chicken Not-Potpies with Poppy Seed Crust »

    Mushroom Not-Potpies with Cheesy Parmesan Crust »

    Beef Potpie Wedges »

    Tarragon-Cream Chicken and Polenta Potpies »

    Ground Beef Not-Potpies with Caraway-Salt Crust »


    Biscuit-Topped Chicken StewBiscuit-Topped Chicken StewDouble Chicken Dumplings StoupDouble Chicken Dumplings StoupNo-Recipe Zone: Chicken Potpie CasseroleNo-Recipe Zone: Chicken Potpie CasseroleLeeky, Creamy Chicken-and-Dumpling StoupLeeky, Creamy Chicken-and-Dumpling StoupHorseradish-Mashed-Potato Shepherd's PieHorseradish-Mashed-Potato Shepherd's PieSeaman's PotpiesSeaman's Potpies

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  • Expert tips to making a great pizza at home

    Our Prosciutto and Pesto Pizza recipe cooks up in minutes >>Chris Bianco, of Bianco Pizzeria in Phoenix (our winner of the Best Pizzeria in America), shares his tips for making the perfect pie.

    Ditch the metal pizza pans and buy a baking stone, which concentrates heat and helps wick away moisture from the crust. You'll also need a wooden pizza peel to transfer pies to and from the stone. Buy an all-purpose regular or organic flour (King Arthur makes good ones) and buy in small quantities, because freshness matters. Use granular yeast-it's more consistent. Don't overhandle the dough and don't use a rolling pin. Stretch the dough with your hands until it's as thin as you can get it.
    See how to stretch pizza dough »
    Try our easiest pizza dough recipe »

    A good sauce doesn't require hours of simmering on the stove. Start with the best quality canned san marzano tomatoes you can find. (I like La Bella brand.) Canned tomatoes are an artisanal product: They're blanched and skinned, so they've already been par-cooked and they'll

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  • Na'cho average snacks: 6 ways to turn the classic on its head

  • How to throw a killer tailgating party

    We've got game plans for everyone, from fair-weather fans to flat-out fanatics.

    Um, there's a game today? You can still score with creativity and a little planning.
    • Stop by the convenience store for a disposable cooler, drinks and prepared foods.
    • Keep food portable, says Ray "Dr. BBQ" Lampe, author of The NFL Gameday Cookbook (sandwiches and pizzas, for instance). You'll have fewer supplies, so less mess.
    • Know the lay of the land. Grab a map for the best routes, spots for food and drink and pit stops.
    • If it's a college game, microwave your eats in the student union, then duck into the campus bookstore for team towels or blankets.
    • Once you're set up, don't be afraid to scavenge. Beginners typically bum off fellow fans, says Mike Herchel, co-founder of, a tailgating site for fans of 2008 national champion the University of Florida. (Bring extra bags of chips or drinks to break the ice with a trade.)


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