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  • Steak, the Ted Allen Way

    Grilled Skirt SteakGrilled Skirt Steak
    Next month,
    Esquire contributing editor Ted Allen will release a cookbook of recipes for people who don't mind spending a lot of time in the kitchen. They're involved and challenging, and sometimes require a trip to the specialty grocery store. But a lot of them also sound delicious. Here, one of our favorites.

    EXTREME GRILLING: 8 Chef Recipes to Upgrade Your Cookout

    Grilled Skirt Steak with Roasted Jalapeno Chimichurri

    People who haven't worked a lot with jalapenos, Scotch bonnets, anchos, guajillos, and poblanos might not realize that these different spicy chiles also have pronounced and unique flavors - or that those flavors change when the peppers are roasted or grilled. Here, the grassy-herbal jalapeno picks up a bittersweet char on the grill and still lends its familiar kick to this variation on garlicky South American chimichurri sauce. And there's no better cut for this recipe than juicy, chewy-in-the-best-way skirt steak, grilled just to medium-rare.


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  • How to Pull Off Bolognese Sauce

    By Francine Maroukian

    Bolognese is the essential meat sauce of Emilia-Romagna's rich food culture, and nothing stops the people of that region from eating it year-round. But it's also a sensible between-seasons dish while we wait for the markets to fill with spring's early greens. A good Bolognese is vibrant enough to wake us from the hibernating foods of winter and satisfying enough to bridge that unpredictable gap when the weather isn't quite as warm as we think it is.

    As complex as the flavor is, this Bolognese is a straightforward, short-simmered sauce. The most important moment comes cooking the pasta itself, a single step that can make the dish great or just okay. Executing this step properly will allow the spaghetti's starch to flow into the sauce and the sauce to flow into the spaghetti: It's osmosis, and it's the way spaghetti Bolognese is supposed to taste.

    TOP CHEF SURVEY: The Best Fast Food in America


    Chef Nick Anderer, Maialino, New York

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  • Why We Cheat


    By Lisa Taddeo

    FOR THE BEDROOM: 10 Ways to Have Better Sex, According to Science

    I don't think my late parents cheated on one another, but I can't ask them anymore, can't say, But come tell me now this time for real, now that I'm old enough.

    As far as I know, they didn't cheat. As far as I know, my mother never cried in a car on the way to her favorite restaurant, like a friend of a friend's mother, who I call the Lorax.

    The Lorax's husband told her to get dressed up and pick out the place she wanted to go to, when he had not done so in months, and she spent her fifty-six-year-old day preparing her face, creaming her body, hooking a bra, and doing that thing that women do, touching a part of ourselves we imagine being touched later by a man.

    In the car on the way to the favorite restaurant, the Tom Waits song "Shiver Me Timbers" came on.

    "I'm leavin' my family / I'm leavin' all my friends / My body's at home / But my heart's in the wind."

    Her husband said, Turn

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  • Sex and the American Man: A Survey

    Gentlemen, a show of hands: Who's having enough sex these days? We commissioned a nationwide survey to find out when (and where and why) American men are having sex right now, and the results reveal the expectations, frustrations, proclivities, perversions, and fantasies that define how we're doing it. Let's get started, shall we?

    FOR THE BEDROOM: 10 Ways to Have Better Sex, According to Science

    This survey was conducted exclusively for Esquire by Beta Research Corporation, an independent firm located in Syosset, New York. The 522 respondents were randomly selected from a pool of Internet-connected U.S. men aged 21 to 59, balanced to represent the U.S. population of men within this age group. They completed the online survey between January 23, 2012, and January 25, 2012. Because of rounding, some percentages may not add up to 100.

    • Married men are 25% more likely to say they're very satisfied with their sex lives over their single peers...


    GOING OUT: Dating Rules for the

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  • The Most Life-Changing Burger in America

    When we asked readers to name the most life-changing burger joint in a poll, we kinda figured the honor would go to one of the bigger chains: Steak 'n Shake, In-N-Out, Five Guys. The others were just outnumbered. Instead, the winner by a huge margin, with 56% of the votes, was Seattle-based Dick's Drive-In, which inspired more vocal burger love than any other place, even from some guy in Florida. (Full results are at the bottom.)

    As several commenters pointed out, there's nothing extravagant about Dick's, which has been around the northwest Washington area for 58 years. They serve a simple, cheap burger (a Deluxe double is an astoundingly low $2.70) that people just like. The secrets, according to a spokesperson for Dick's, aren't very secret: The beef patties are "fresh, never frozen, and delivered locally every day," and they use a sauce made of mayonnaise and spiced pickle relish.

    TOP CHEF SURVEY: The Best Fast Food in America


    BEEF BUYING GUIDE: How to Find a Perfect Steak

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  • The Man's Guide to Dating Up

    By Tom Chiarella

    FOR THE BEDROOM: 10 Ways to Have Better Sex, According to Science

    Back when I tended bar, I often served couples, obviously on their first date, as they waited for a table. I took care of them, the way a bartender does, and then retreated to wipe down a highball or cut limes, assessing, all by my lonesome, how the date was going. I figured I could learn from it, get better at charming women, even simply speaking to them. That's how miserable I was at dating then, thinking I might absorb something for my own benefit. I didn't learn much - except don't ever look over a woman's shoulder while she's on a date - so I amused myself by developing my theory that always people dated up or down, from one genetic platform to another. It was my own bar game, to figure out how far off the two people were before they themselves even knew.

    There were, in the universe I created, no perfect matches. There aren't, on the surface, in any. But for every pair, one of the two people

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  • The Man's Guide to Valentine's Day 2012


    New Relationship

    Morning Greeting: "Happy Valentine's Day!"

    Breakfast: In bed. Suggestion: Warm a large plate in the microwave for 15 seconds. Place one of the following (depending on her taste) on the warm plate: chocolate croissant; Boston cream from Dunkin' Donuts; plain bagel, toasted, with melted butter and some good sea salt on top.

    4:00 P.M. Text: "Your day is only going to get better."

    2012 VALENTINE'S DAY GUIDE: Gift Ideas, Dates, Advice, Stories & More

    Dinner Out.

    Go See A New Movie: You have two options: The Vow: Channing Tatum must make brain-injury-induced amnesia patient/wife Rachel McAdams fall in love with him again. Or Big Miracle: A reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace volunteer (Drew Barrymore) save a family of gray whales trapped at the Arctic Circle.

    Draw a Bubble Bath: Throw a bottle containing a romantic message into the bath. Exclaim: "Oh, look what the tide brought in!"

    Strew Rose Petals: That indicate a route from

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  • 10 Ways to Avoid Date Disaster

    By Mark Mikin


    2012 VALENTINE'S DAY GUIDE: Gift Ideas, Dates, Advice, Stories & More

    Rule No. 1: No matching outfits.

    Especially if your big night out consists of sinking back into the couch.

    Rule No. 2: No matching haircuts.
    Especially if your big night out consists of reenacting The Blair Witch Project.

    GIFTS FOR HER: The Valentine's Day Presents for Every Woman

    Rule No. 3: Admire this man.

    Reach around. Slide. Reach back. Remove. Repeat.

    Rule No. 4: Don't bring a third wheel.
    Especially if he can't drink his way through it.

    FOR THE BEDROOM: 10 Ways to Have Better Sex, According to Science

    Rule No. 5: No cell phones at the table.

    Especially when martinis are involved.

    Rule No. 6: No hands in the mouth.

    Especially if her hands on their way to Candyland.

    GOING OUT: Dating Rules for the Modern Gentleman

    esquireesquireRule No. 7: Admire this man, too.
    But lose the suspenders for the romantic getaway. And the dog chains, for always.

    Rule No. 8: Don't jump the gun.
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  • How to Take a Woman to Dinner the Right Way

    esquireesquireBy John Mariani

    Ask her out at least five days in advance. But since you've got just a few days until Valentine's Day, you're already in the hole. Assuming you've got a date, tell her the reservati on is 15 minutes earlier than it actually is. This way you'll be seated on time.

    French restaurants may seem romantic… Often they upstage you with a meal that revolves around an exotic menu and wine list instead of you having a good time. And then there's the snooty factor, where you're judged as much by the service staff as your date. Especially when it comes to the tip.

    2012 VALENTINE'S DAY GUIDE: Gift Ideas, Dates,
    Advice, Stories & More

    esquireesquireOn Chinese and Asian restaurants: They are either pushy, crowded, and frantic or completely empty, ensuring you'll be the only ones in the whole place. In either case, you'll be out the door in a hurry. Think about it: When was the last time you spent more than an hour in a Chinese restaurant?

    Mexican restaurants can be amiable. They have lively

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  • How to Nail Valentine's Day

    GettyGettyBy Tom Chiarella

    Long ago, on a Valentine's Day which I forgot until ninety minutes before I was due to meet my date, I called my friend Dorothy - the most mechanically adept, least romantically spontaneous woman in the world - and begged for her help. There were three reasons to call her: 1) She had once told me that she wished "every day was Valentine's Day," so I would have her enthusiasm; 2) she liked to brag that she could fix anything in half an hour or less; and 3) she worked in a movie theater where she was known to sometimes offer her friends private, late-night screenings, which were essentially excuses for sexual congress of one sort or another, while Dorothy looked the other way. I had a vague hope that it might not be too late for option number three.

    2012 VALENTINE'S DAY GUIDE: Gift Ideas, Dates, Advice, Stories & More

    Now let me say, this woman worked. She was not some college kid drowsily shoveling out upsize popcorn in miniature barrels, nor did she

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