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  • 5 Things You Must Know About Being a Father (Featuring Hank Azaria)

    Helpful advice from the comedy legend and creator of the new web series, Fatherhood.

    By Chris Wright

    Long before he became a father, Hank Azaria was badgering his friends with questions about fatherhood. Not that he loved kids, or even particularly liked being around them. He was just obsessed with what it was like to have them. "I was driving everybody crazy," he says. "They'd be like, 'What's wrong with you?'"

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    He started filming his interrogations, with friends like Mike Myers, Bryan Cranston, and Kevin Bacon, with an eye toward making a documentary. But then, midway through, Azaria-best known for voicing Chief Wiggum, Moe, Apu, and other Simpsons characters-got some news. His girlfriend (now wife) announced she was pregnant. "So it went from 'Should I have kids?' to 'Now what do I do?'" he says.

    The result-besides Azaria's son, Hal-is the new web series, Fatherhood. It's a great show, though maybe not for the reasons Azaria, had hoped. The main thing we learn is that celebrities are terrible at giving meaningful

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  • 11 Surprising Health Questions-- Answered

    From desert-island health and the biggest vice to parenting tips and medical-marijuana advice, what would you ask if you had one of America's foremost doctors cornered at a party?

    By Mehmet Oz

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  • The 10 Best Dressed Presidents

  • Your Toothbrush is Now a Smartphone

    Your toothbrush is now a computer.

    By Max Berlinger

    Does your morning routine feel a little ... dated? Thanks to technology, all of the vast riches of the world can now fit into the palm of your hand, and yet when you go to brush your teeth you're still doing it the same way, more or less, that the cavemen did (wait-did they even brush their teeth?). Well, I, personally, hadn't noticed anything was amiss but now that Reuters is reporting that Oral-B is releasing a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled toothbrush that will connect wirelessly to your smartphone, I thought to myself, "Well, who needs that?" But, hell, if your glasses are computers, your watch is a computer, and your phone is a computer, why the hell not have your toothbrush be a computer, too?

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    So if you haven't quite gotten that whole brushing back-and-forth thing down quite yet, you'll be able to monitor your progress via an app on your phone. The miracles of technology! It's like the future,

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  • Welcome to the Great Boot Shortage of 2014

    Get it while it lasts.

    By Max Berlinger

    You want to know what there's no shortage of? Shortages. Of late they've mostly been of the edible variety-Halloumi cheese, Sriracha sauce, string cheese, and so on-but now they're hitting us on the style front, and the timing couldn't be worse. With a tempestuous winter soldiering on, bringing with it sub-zero temperatures and mounds of snow, New York City finds itself in the middle of a poorly-timed shortfall of weatherproof footwear. The New York Times stopped by a few shops that specialize in seasonally appropriate shoes and found that if they weren't completely sold out, the pickings-in terms of size runs and styles-were scarce at best. Even online outlets are starting to find their stockpiles of fur-lined, water-resistant boots are running low. So if you haven't picked up a pair yet, good luck to you.

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  • How to Trick Yourself into Believing You Slept Great

    By The Editors

    Find a doctor who will lie to you. It's a little shady, sure. But find a doctor who will lie to you and get his or her number. Then call them up every morning and ask them how well you slept. This is where the lie comes in. Have them tell you, through the guise of scientific data-something you can't understand and therefore can't second-guess-that you slept great. Then, believe it. Because if you can truly believe it, then you will feel great, regardless of how well you slept.

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    That's the takeaway of a recent study, summarized over at, which proved that there is something of a placebo effect that applies to sleep. In short, researchers lied to people about the quality of slept they got-the scientific lingo was REM percentage-and then tested the subjects who they told got great sleep against those the scientists told did not get great sleep. Then they made them do a test. And, yes, those who

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  • Is it Ever Okay to Pick Someone Up at a Funeral?

    Too soon!By A.J. Jacobs

    You want the smartest life advice in the world? Don't ask A.J. Jacobs. Ask A.J. and his 122,000 Facebook friends. Esquire's editor-at-large sifts through the wisdom of the crowd to solve all your toughest questions about sex, manners, food and the issue of thick, lustrous arm hair. Send questions to @ajjacobs, or ask A.J. via his Facebook page.


    "A few months ago, I attended a funeral of the mother of a friend. Minutes after she was buried, the cousin of my friend (whom I didn't know at all) asked me out. He then gave me his number without my asking for it. I thought it was out of place and I never called him. The question is, is it okay to ask somebody out on a date at a cemetery? And how should one react?" -Janet, Atlanta

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    Janet, my Facebook followers were very interested in what pickup line this smooth operator used. Did he perhaps try "I know it's a weird thing to say at my aunt's

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  • Your First 90 Days as a Father

    Every day will be hard, but they're supposed to be, aren't they? And most days will be amazing. By Adam Elder

    Every day will be hard, but they're supposed to be, aren't they? And most days will be amazing. They should be, too.

    Day 1: Buckle up! The day of your child's birth is a wild ride that features a bit of everything: tension, anticipation, sleep deprivation, delirious joy, friends, family, in-laws and sketchy hospital food. There is no moment that compares to holding your baby for the first time. You are relieved and overjoyed, yet feel the arrival of massive responsibility. You truly feel like an adult now. Try to be cool, calm and supportive throughout.

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    Day 2: Unless you're a firefighter, you might never get used to interrupted sleep. Agree to take the early-morning stretch: You're awake well before work, alone with your baby, watching the sunrise - and watching him watch the sunrise. Getting him to fall asleep in your arms is the dad skill sine qua non.

    Day 3: Your meals are now eaten in shifts, amid

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  • The Absolutely Necessary Cold Remedy Roundup

    Welcome to flu season, everyone.By Ned Hepburn

    It's flu season. While that may be a scary idea to some, it doesn't mean that you have to venture out into the world with a surgical mask and an economy-size tube of Purell. (Though if you're choosing that route, here's some useful intel.)

    But here's what I say. I say: get sick. I say: give yourself a mini-vacation. I say: shake the hands of everyone you meet and be sure to lick subway poles because there is nothing better than sweet, sweet cold medicine. You may want to get over this cold or flu as fast as possible... but instead I say: this is your day off, and you're supposed to be getting messed up on over the counter medicine for as long as is socially and medically acceptable, not immediately getting back to normal.

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    Dear God, Jesus, and Justin Bieber this stuff is incredible. While the daytime stuff surely will do a number on your cold or flu, the nighttime stuff sends you on a wild

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  • The Manliest Baby Product

    The stroller James Bond would be proud to use.

    By Noah Charney

    We men love our babies.
    We love them so much that we are willing to be seen out with them, accompanied by all manner of pink, baby blue, frilly, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse-strewn garments, backpacks, changing bags, and assorted paraphernalia. We find this acceptable. Heck, if we're willing to take a bullet for our babies, then we can deal with a glitter-embossed Smurfette diaper bag. But while it is acceptable, it is not ideal. Surely there are some baby products out there that, while not exactly masculine and cool, would at least not make us feel like we're living an outtake from Three Men and a Baby.

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    While the general outlook on manly baby gear is bleak, there is one product that will make a man's knees grow weak, his heart flutter faster - a similar sensation to seeing a must-have car. It is a stroller, but to call it a stroller is like calling Chuck Norris an actor. This is the stroller:

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