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  • Why Tipping Should Be Outlawed

    Getty ImagesIt was the coat check tips that did it, back when I was working for a restaurant company and became friendly with a woman who staffed one of our hostess stations. It felt strange and demeaning to go from chatting about our weekend plans one minute to pressing a couple of sweaty bills into her hand in exchange for my coat the next. But to abstain would be even worse - it would mean neglecting my contribution to a pool of money that I knew comprised her income. I get the feeling she wasn't too keen on the power dynamics, either.

    The friendships I've formed with restaurant employees over the years have made me think seriously about why hospitality workers are singled out among America's professionals to endure a pass-the-hat system of compensation. Why should a server's pay depend upon the generosity - not to mention dubious arithmetic skills - of people like me?

    So I was thrilled to hear that New York City's Sushi Yasuda recently decided to eliminate tipping altogether.

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  • Why the Men's Wearhouse CEO is the New Steve Jobs

    Men's Wearhouse's founder George Zimmer, left, and Steve Jobs, rightWhen we say that founder of Men's Wearhouse, George Zimmer, is the Steve Jobs of men's fashion, that's not to suggest that he's a trailblazing revolutionary (that would be Kanye West, if you were to ask Kanye West). No, the similarity he shares with the celebrated tech genius is a much more somber one. Today, WWD announced that Zimmer - who not only launched the company but served as the star of the its often cringe-worthy commercials (see below) - was dismissed.

    Plus: The History of Kanye West's Style

    And perhaps you're unaware, but before Jobs amazed the world with his array of game changing iDevices, he was actually fired from Apple (only to be brought back into the fold a decade later). So there's still hope for Zimmer to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of his voluminous poly-blend blazers and trousers. Maybe George - an advocate of wearing a mock turtleneck (á la Jobs) under suits - is an ahead-of-his time visionary. It's too soon to call, really. Regardless, the

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  • Who is the Most Stylish Internet Entrepreneur?

    Tech Titan Style War: Mark Zuckerberg vs. Jack Dorsey

    On the scale of Silicon Valley stylishness, Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey is the aspirational apex. He's set the bar for a debonair new breed of Web entrepreneurs, helping to move the public conscious away from the nerd archetype that preceded it. And he stands in direct opposition to the disheveled, hoodie-wearing, man-boy persona typified by Mark Zuckerberg.

    PLUS: A Guide to Summer Shorts

    Well, early Mark Zuckerberg, at least. A decade after founding Facebook, the guy has cleaned up his act considerably. Now beholden to stockholders, and a year shy of his 30th birthday, he's finally dressing like the grown man he is, as this picture from his trip to South Korea demonstrates. But he's still no Jack Dorsey.

    PLUS: The Shoes Every Man Should Own

    For this occasion we're happy to unveil the The Jack Dorsey Style Scale™, a highly scientific way to rate Internet moguls' approach to dressing relative to that of Dorsey's. Zuckerberg's score? Just two Dorseys out of five. While

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  • Is Kanye West Done with Fashion?

    Is Kanye West through with fashion?

    Yeezus is Kanye West's darkest album. His most twisted, and his most intense. As the man himself said in a recent interview with the Times, "When you get something that has the name Kanye West on it, it's supposed to be pushing the furthest possibilities." The sound may be stripped-down, but the man is clearly not holding anything back.

    Except for the fashion.

    He's still obsessed with talking up his sexual prowess, his taste in expensive cars, and, of course, himself - but his sixth solo full-length is conspicuously devoid of the rapper's previous lyrical obsession with designers and style. In fact, it's least fashion-obsessed record of his career.

    PLUS: The Best Shorts This Summer

    Over the course of the ten tracks on Yeezus, Kanye makes just a handful of sartorial references: mentioning "Timbs" in the song "On Site"; name-checking Alexander Wang in "New Slaves" and Louboutin in "Send It Up"; calling out insider-y streetwear label Pyrex and Don C snapback hats in "I Am

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  • Why You Should Introduce Your Father to Fabio Viviani

    Illustration by Jack Kissinger, the author's father

    Illustration by Jack Kissinger, the author's fatherIllustration by Jack Kissinger, the author's father
    My dad loves Fabio Viviani, the former Top Chef contender who now hosts the Yahoo! web series, Ciao Chow! Dad refers to him simply as Fabio, and makes off-handed comments phrased as though they had just spoken on the phone. "Well, Fabio says you should coat the steak in light olive oil." Or "Fabio is so funny. He doesn't take himself too seriously." From the way my dad talks, you'd think Fabio was a beloved nephew who calls more often than I do.

    It could seem odd that of all the chefs my dad might have loved, he chose Fabio, the stereotypically handsome, hair gelled Italian with a disarming accent and expressive gestures, a man who shares his name with the male model on the cover of all those romance novels. But actually, it makes perfect sense. Fabio appealed to my father because Fabio is Italian. Not simply Italian, but quintessentially Italian. He embodies that all-inclusive, overwhelming hospitality, the almost clownish humor. And though my dad is not Italian, he is a

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  • 5 Food Frauds to Watch For

    Getty Images

    Europe's horsemeat scandal has brought food fraud to the forefront, so much so that we are still reading about horse-peddling restaurateurs back-pedaling on their convictions and what the EU health commissioner's office recommends. But, really, faked food is almost as old as civilization. Today's biggest scams are orchestrated by organized crime groups, and aided by black market chemists with deep knowledge of how to thwart food safety tests. Nobody is quite sure how big the problem is, but some ingredients regularly top lists of common fraud targets. "It's really hard to have a top ten, because we only know what we've caught, we don't know what we haven't caught," says John Spink, an associate director of Michigan State's Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection Program. Here are five we definitely know about, though.

    Getty Images


    In February, the Justice Department charged two people and five companies what appears to be biggest food fraud case in U.S. history: a complex, $180 million

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  • 4 Breakfast Sandwiches Worse Than Doughnuts

    Doughnuts: For your health... and mine.

    It's sort of incredible to me
    what symbols of wanton excess doughnuts have become; what totems of over-indulgence and fat-kid behavior. They were once fed to soldiers as a health food during World War II, after all. I'm not quite sure when things went off the rails in terms of public perception, although I think Homer Simpson had something to do with it. Anyway, when Dunkin' Donuts said it was taking a "glazed donut breakfast sandwich" nationwide earlier this week, the country let out a collective gasp of head-wagging disapproval, as if Dunkin had crossed some kind of invisible threshold of common breakfast sandwich decency.

    Plus: The Best Late Night Food in America

    The thing is, the school-marmish reaction doesn't map particularly well onto the actual health credentials of doughnuts, which are hardly as ruinous to one's health or to the moral fabric of American society as everyone seems to believe (I'm particularly attuned to this topic because I've co-authored a doughnut

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  • Why Male Swedish Train Drivers Are Wearing Skirts

    Swedish men wearing skirts

    A small cadre of train drivers in Sweden is protesting the job's strict policy against shorts in the summertime by wearing skirts. The BBC is reporting that the workers were informed of a new dress code banning shorts when employer Arriva took over the Roslagsbanan line back in January, but sweltering heat has inspired about a dozen enterprising male drivers to employ the creative workaround. A company spokesman says that the men wearing skirts is permitted, as to ban them would be considered discrimination. Progressive.

    PLUS: How to Look Better at the Office, Now

    While the wearing of skirts by men isn't exactly Esquire-approved, comfort and industriousness are, so we applaud these Swedes for sticking it to the man in such a fashion. Plus, there's been an uptick in skirt-wearing men of late, with Kanye West leading the charge. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci often shows skirts at his seasonal shows (with some even selling out online). And that's not to mention Marc Jacbos's

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  • 5 Easy Steps to Better Homemade Pancakes

    By Mike Ayers

    By Mike Ayers

    Recently, I've grown fond of waking up on Saturday mornings and making pancakes for my wife and our son. The problem is they're less than appetizing. Yes, I've been relying on box mixes - some would say for too long - and while my family would never send back their breakfast, deep down I knew that they were flawed. Thin, unflavorful things that rarely look like circles and lacked a certain fluff I knew should be there. I wanted to be better. Our wives, girlfriends and friends dropping in for a weekend expect and deserve better.

    Lo and behold, there's a new cookbook simply titled Pancakes from A Cozy Kitchen's Adrianna Adarme. My prayers had been answered. "Pancakes are really nostalgic," Adarme says about the pancake's wooing properties. "That's why they tend to be comforting. They're one of the first things you eat as a kid for breakfast with your family." If you're thinking you too might have a pancake problem, Adarme broke down five ways that

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  • How to Make Mozzarella

    By Peter Biancamano, co-owner of M&P Biancamano Deli

    Getty Images

    You chop up the cheese curds with a knife. I just slice it up, make little pieces - three by one inch slices - and put it in a stainless steel bowl. It's got to be stainless steel because you put in the boiling water, and stainless steel keeps the water hot.

    You put boiling water inside - cover the cheese, but not too much - and you let it sit for 5-6 minutes so everything will melt. After six minutes, you take the water out and push down on the curd to get it all.


    Then you pour more boiling water on, same as before and start to work on it. Work on it means with a spoon, a big wood spoon, and you turn it, and it melts, and you put it all together. You've got to keep on moving it. Sometimes you mash into it a little bit. If the curd melts right away, it's too much water, so you have to take some off. And if it doesn't work out smooth, you've got to put more water in.


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