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  • Tips to Relieve Back to School Stress!

    Written by Four Green

    back to school stress remedies natural green tips anxiety mental health well-beingBack to school is an incredibly stressful time for both students and parents. Most kids face the anxiety of either starting school or starting the new school year. Follow the tips below to make this time stress free for both you and your child.

    1. Get in routine: Say goodbye to late nights and sleeping in till the afternoon! Get your kids back in to the habit of sleeping and waking up early. Doing so would prevent them from being sleep deprived and grouchy on the first day of school.
    2. Plan a visit: Visit the new school with your child so they can meet the teachers, familiarize themselves with their new surroundings and get rid of the uneasiness of going to a new place.
    3. Get the kids involved: Set up a routine for your kids and allow them to participate in discussions on after school snacks, activities and homework time.
    4. Decrease screen time: Control the amount of time your kids spend in front of the television and the
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  • Meatless Monday: Mushroom Madness!

    Written by Four Green gained quite a bit of recognition for their sustainable qualities in 2010. Nutrition-wise, mushrooms are a good source of potassium and consist of about 80-90% water, making them very low in calories. Here are some of our favourite mushroom recipes that are quick to make and tasty enough to serve at any event or special dinner.

    Stuffed Mushrooms with Tofu and Herbs

    Creamy Mushroom Soup

    Tempah Portabello Burgers

    Portobello Cheese-Steaks

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  • Quick and Easy Eggplant Lasagna with a Kick

    Written by Jaye Yarrow, Four Green

    purple eggplant great vegetarian recipe easy fast quickNo brainers by any other name and my very favorite type of recipe. These are the go to recipes I fall back on over the years not only because they are so quick and easy, but crowd pleasers used for both entertaining and small family dinners. I will be pulling from my vast cache of Quick and Easy recipes. Most don't have pictures of the actual finished dish but will as I start taking some in the future. The one thing I can guarantee you is they are delicious, quick, healthy and a snap to prepare because I am basically lazy, maybe lazy isn't the right word since I work full time, have a family and a 95lb puppy that needs daily exercise so how about time constrained and tired looking for a fast and easy way to put food on the table and being able to stay awake to enjoy it!

    Preparation time:

    • 10 minutes or less (for the easy way),
    • Oven 350, bake for one hour (can be less or more depending if you like the eggplant firmer or softer)
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  • Your School Can Be Green Too!

    back to schoolWritten by Madiha Boolani, Four Green

    A lot of emphasis has been made in getting students to go green when getting ready to start school or get back to school after the summer vacations. But what about the educational institutions going adopting green practices. After all they are the ones who have the biggest impact on kids with impressionable minds. Our free green school program can help plant the roots of sustainability in students K-12 (currently is being used by over 750 000 students! Download here). Here are other 7 steps to making your school proud and green!

    1. Form a green team: The green team includes stakeholders of the school-teachers, students, the board and parents etc. This will make the team more democratic and important stakeholders will be able to voice their opinions on green matters allowing for an open forum for discussion. The group is responsible for coordinating greening activities and upholding sustainability principles and making recommendations
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  • Green Tip: Keep Your Fridge Full!

    Written by Four Green are one of the biggest electricity consumers in your home- as well as the most unavoidable since we need our food to stay cool 24/7. Running your fridge at it's full efficiency is as easy as keeping it stocked (Unless you're fridge has other issues relating to ventilation or maintenance). Making your fridge run at it's full efficiency not only saves money, but can mean significant savings on your utility bills! By keeping your refrigerator stocked the thermal mass of food and drinks makes it easier for your fridge to keep everything cooler, longer. Keeping your fridge full will also prevent you from eating out or ordering in, saving money, calories, energy and plastic/styrofoam waste.

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  • Meatless Monday: Eating Habits Matter!

    Written by Dennis Liu

    Between eating habits and transportation, the latter may deceive minds of the audience with the image of powerful fuel-running machineries that they pollute the earth far greater than the former. The truth is, by eating differently, we can contribute to a cleaner environment as much as by reducing transportation.

    Many urbanites focus on greener transportation such as biking but have diets of a tiger's; what they do not see is the massive pollution behind the meat they eat. Let's think about the food pyramid. For humans, the lowest level is composed of crops and plants. These are the fundamental building blocks that give rise to the meat we eat on the top of the pyramid. In order to raise animals, much nutrient-input has to be done while, in the end, the meat does not even reward the equivalent output! Resources are, then, wasted. If we could get the essentials from the bottom directly, then why squander the wealth of resources raising animals to eat?

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  • ABZ's of Sleep: Natural Insomnia Remedies for Your Best Night's Sleep

    Written by Melanie Kozlan

    The only thing worse than a sleepless night is several sleepless nights where you lie awake staring at the clock counting the hours til you have to get up. Sleeping pills may seem like an easy solution, but often only offer a temporary fix to a larger problem. Try one or more of these natural tips that will make your insomnia seem like a bad dream! You also might want to consult our 25 natural stress remedies since stress and insomnia seem to go hand in hand.

    -Avoid coffee/tea, caffeine and alcohol at least 4 hours before bed. Alcohol might seem like a quick fix for a night of sleep, but you might only be sleeping off the alcohol and wake up still tired. You also don't want to create a sleep pattern that depends on alcohol.

    -Similarly, don't exercise close to bedtime. You might feel like you're tiring yourself out, but you're actually waking your body up.

    -Have a small snack before bed. Going to bed hungry will only keep you awake.


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  • Food Blueberry Mango Smoothie Recipe

    Written by Four Green


    • 1/2 cup chopped mangos (frozen or fresh)
    • 1/4 cup plain yogurt
    • 1 cup apple juice
    • handful of blueberries
    • handful of icecubes


    Mix ingredients together in blender and enjoy! (Suggested blender setting: 'Crush ice')

  • Lunch, Revisited: Four Essential Diet Tips for a Healthy (and Cheap!) Lunch

    Written by Melanie Kozlan

    Trying to stick to your diet but not sure what to eat between breakfast and dinner? Don't make the mistake of skipping lunch or breaking your diet with fast food, try some of these simple tips to make lunch work for you:

    Don't Skip Breakfast

    Breakfast isn't called the most important meal of the day for no reason- skipping it would only make you feel tired, weak and lead to overeating later in the day. Why starve yourself and slow down your metabolism? Stick with a healthy low calorie breakfast of fruit, oatmeal or a boiled egg.

    Bring Your Own Lunch

    Instead of wasting your money dining out on calories you don't need, spend your lunch eating something healthy you've brought from home. It doesn't have to be anything complicated or embarrassing, just stick with a salad and some healthy snacks to get you through your day. Ideally you should bring snacks like nuts and fruit for around 10:30am and 3pm to curb your appetite to prevent binge eating

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  • Five Green Ways to Feel Instantly Happier

    Written by Dennis Liu, Four Green Steps

    green ways to feel instantly happier (natural tips for happiness)

    Living in fast-paced urban settings, it is common that many people suffer from lack of happiness. Too much stress, too little relaxation, and too little communication can all contribute to a mixture of unpleasant feelings. Nobody wants to feel bad, but it is sometimes not our choice because the demands of living in urban cities are too high. Here are some green tips maybe you have never considered, and could potentially help you to refresh both your life and the environment:

    1. Devote your life more toward the community. Get involved with the local events so that you can support your community. The community, in return, gives you more happiness by hosting events linking you with other local people. Humans get happiness from supports and socialization. Being actively involved in local events instead of watching TV or using computers at home is a far healthier, greener approach to get happiness.
    2. Buy local produce can be a green habit
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