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  • 10 Mommy Commandments

    Parenting is a daunting experience. It's a medley of tasks, timetables, terrors, and triumphs. We all want to impart certain life lessons to our children. Whether it's how to vote, what sports team to cheer for, or what religion to practice, we teach our children our family values. We encourage our children to be independent thinkers, which means we take the risk that they just might vote Republican, cheer for Duke, and join a cult.

    I have some lessons I want to ensure my sons take to heart and hopefully pass on to their own children. I call them my 10 Mommy Commandments.

    1. Don't mistake rhetoric for reason.
    2. Vote. In every single election, big or small.
    3. If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. Unless of course it's something like Pissaladiere or Macher Jhol.
    4. Treat your pets like they're family.
    5. Aim. Flush. Wash.
    6. Working for the greater good is more important than upping your personal best.
    7. Laugh. It counts as exercise.
    8. If you sit on your laurels you'll
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  • Vote like your life depends on it.

    We've become excrutiatingly divisive in this country. There's palpable hate. We, the people has morphed into Me, the person. It seems we have forgotten the principles of our founders. That's probably because most people didn't take the citizenship test that my mom and dad took. My family doesn't take its U.S. citizenship for granted. We cherish it. And we cherish the democratic process and ideals that allow people like me to sport that bumper sticker and people who sport stickers like this one. Click if you dare.

    I love to vote. I anticipated turning 18 even more than I cared about turning 16. Voting is exponentially cooler than driving. To this day, I hate to drive but I love to vote.

    I take my sons with me to vote. Always have. When Bird was an infant I tucked him into his stroller and walked to my polling place. He of course had no idea what was going on, but nonetheless, he hasn't missed an election. Same with Deal. We vote in the big elections, the little

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