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  • All-Natural Ways to Fight Bloating

    By Amanda Greene

    Most of us are familiar with bloating-that uncomfortable, swollen feeling in your belly. Whether the bloating is caused by water retention, gas or constipation, you don't necessarily need to head to the pharmacy right away to find relief. The edibles below may be able to help, thanks to their natural anti-bloating properties. But before you chow down, check with your physician to make sure your symptoms aren't indicative of a more serious issue.


    "The enzyme papain, which is found in papaya, is very similar to some of the digestive enzymes secreted by the pancreas to help break down proteins in food," says Timothy Harlan, MD, medical director at the Tulane University School of Medicine and author of Just Tell Me What to Eat. Data, including a 2009 study in the Journal of Medicinal Food, has suggested the tropical fruit may help with many aspects of digestion, which can help ease bloating related to constipation or gas. To reap the maximum benefits

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  • Slow-Cooked Recipes for Spring

    By Staff

    The weather may be warming up, but don't store away that slow cooker just yet! Put it to work just like you would in winter, piling on the meat and veggies and letting them simmer away for hours. But the trick is to opt for dishes on the lighter side, like those featured here: smoky beef brisket for sandwiches, spicy and sweet Cuban-style pork and bright-tasting green chicken chili. Whatever you choose, it'll make a fuss-free and fantastic springtime dinner.

    Learn how to get slow-cooker recipes right every time.

    Spring Vegetable & Chicken Stew Recipe

    By Woman's Day Kitchen from Woman's Day; June 2, 2009 | June 2, 2009

    If you steer clear of stews because they're too heavy, try this healthy combination of chicken thighs, baby carrots, leek, asparagus and peas punched up in a white wine and tarragon broth.

    Recipe Ingredients

    • 1 slow-cooker liner (we used Reynolds)
    • 1 1/2 lb boneless, skinless
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  • 5 Incredible Quiche Recipes

    By Woman's Day Staff

    No matter how you slice it or when you serve it, quiche-an oven-baked dish traditionally made with eggs and milk in a flaky pastry crust-makes a satisfying meal. Add in cheese, vegetable and meat ingredients of your choice, and the result is a perfect savory pie. Don't believe us? Try one of WD's inventive spins below, any of which will fit the bill for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and taste the proof yourself.

    Love savory pies? Check out eight other delicious dishes.

    Basic Herb Quiche RecipeBasic Herb Quiche RecipeBasic Herb Quiche Recipe

    Quiche is a cook's secret weapon: It feels fancy, but is inexpensive; can be eaten cold, room-temperature or hot; and can be served practically any time of day. Keep this versatile recipe on hand, adding bits of whatever leftover vegetables and cooked proteins you like.

    • 1 refrigerated rolled pie crust
    • 2 tsp olive oil
    • 1 large onion, finely chopped
    • Kosher salt and
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  • WD's Easy Everyday Meals

    By Woman's Day Staff

    When it comes to weeknight dinner recipes, there are three things every busy home cook has to consider: the amount of prep work the recipe requires, how long it takes to make and the number of ingredients it calls for. That's why we started our "Easy Everyday Meals" recipe series. Our goal is to provide you with meals that your family will love that only require minimal effort in the kitchen. For most of the dishes, you'll only need about 30 minutes to prepare them from start to finish-except for slow cooker dishes, which you can prep in the morning and let simmer until dinnertime. Plus, many of the ingredients are probably already stocked in your kitchen, so you'll only need to pick up a few things from the store to get cooking. Below are all the recipes that have been featured in the magazine in our "Easy Everyday Meals" section. Try one-or all-of them and visit our site every month for the latest batch of easy-to-make favorites.

    Slow Cooker Chicken Marbella RecipeSlow Cooker Chicken Marbella RecipeSlow Cooker Chicken

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  • Yoga Poses That Improve Your Sex Life

    By Jill Provost

    Has your love life gone from sizzle to fizzle? You don't have to memorize the Kama Sutra to spice things up between the sheets. In fact, it's the positions you assume outside the bedroom that could really heat things up. According to research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexually dissatisfied women who took up yoga and practiced mindfulness techniques reported higher levels of arousal and desire, and better orgasms. To reap similar benefits, perform the 10 poses below at least three times a week, spending a minute or so in each position. If this is your first time practicing yoga, don't worry; we've linked each pose to a video tutorial so you can learn them at your own pace.

    Wide-Legged Straddle Pose (Upavistha Konasana)

    "This move is good for low libido," says yoga instructor Kate Hanley, author of The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide. "It improves blood flow to the pelvic area, and where the blood goes, so do energy and vitality." Research shows that

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  • Order the Perfect Restaurant Meal Every Time

    By Mandy Major

    While cutting into the steak you order every time you eat out, how often do you look across the table and envy your dinner companion's dish? Whether you're overwhelmed by the menu or simply afraid to branch out, the result ends up being the same-old plate of food that often leaves you feeling unsatisfied. To help get you out of your food-ordering rut, we talked to industry insiders to learn the art of the perfect restaurant meal. From what not to order to a different approach to dining, learn how to conquer the menu the next time you dine somewhere new.

    1. Do some research first.
    Knowing about where you plan on eating is as important as deciding what you'll eat when you get there. When possible, check out the restaurant before you go. "I always go to a restaurant prepared," says Elizabeth Karmel, grilling expert and executive chef of Hill Country in New York City. "What I mean by that is spending two to three minutes doing research online. See what they're

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  • Spring Craft How-to: Flower Brooch

    By Woman's Day

    Though Spring-inspired, this sweet flower-and-button accessory is perennially pretty. Choose any color combination of felt you please, and then follow the easy five-step guide below to create one-or a whole bouquet-of wear-worthy blooms.


    • 6" strips of felt in varying widths from 1 1/2" to 2 1/4" (1 or 2 per brooch)
    • Straight pins
    • Small sewing scissors
    • Sewing needle and thread
    • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
    • Buttons
    • Pin backings (we used Westrim 1" silver pin backs, $2.29 for 60;


    1. Fold one of the wider strips of felt in half lengthwise and pin the long edges together. Cut a series of slits along the length of the folded side; space them about 1⁄3" apart and leave a 1⁄3" uncut border along the pinned edge. Thread the needle with 36" of thread (in a color that matches the felt strip), double it and knot at the ends. Start to sew the felt together along the

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  • Spring-Clean Your Beauty Routine

    By Jennifer Tzeses

    Now that the last traces of winter are gone for good, you can pack away your cold-weather beauty regimen too (well, at least for the next six months!). Warmer temps and the changes in climate call for a few tweaks to your daily routine. Here, advice from the pros for updating your skin, hair and makeup to welcome the season.

    Hydrate Strands

    Rescue your winter-parched hair from months of bouncing back and forth between icy outdoor air and drying indoor heat, says Matrix artistic director Nick Stenson, owner of Chicago's Caviar Salon. A conditioning mask can rejuvenate dry hair by restoring shine and vitality, says Stenson. Try Oscar Blandi Trattamento di Jasmine Smoothing Hair Treatment ($26; It repairs damaged hair by delivering intense moisture, resulting in a silky-soft and shiny mane.

    Trim Your Tresses

    Even if you're not ready for a whole new 'do, a good trim can bring your hairstyle back to life, says Stenson. "On

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  • 10 Spring Dresses Under $100

    By Amanda Greene

    Springy Things

    Whether you're looking for something special to wear on Easter Sunday or just want to invigorate your work-week staples, these 10 dresses are not only versatile but affordable, too. From brunch-ready frocks to office-appropriate sheaths, you'll want to slip into one of these picks, all under $100.

    Go Long

    Maxi dresses are hot for spring, and for good reason. This version from Victoria's Secret features a soft, romantic floral pattern and spaghetti straps that lend a delicate, feminine touch. Plus, smocking in the back ensures a great fit. Henley Maxi Dress, $78;


    ook tailored in Loft's watercolor shift dress. It's equally perfect for the office (pair it with low heels and a cardigan) or a weekend brunch (wear it with sandals). The delicately pleated neckline and grosgrain ribbon in the back give the piece some added prettiness. Watercolor Floral Shift,

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  • 5 Unique Storage Items for Your Kitchen

    By Katie Kretschmer

    Super Storage

    Proper storage is the key to a clutter-free kitchen, allowing you to maximize your space and cooking efficiency. From labeled containers to stacked canisters, check out these products that can help streamline your area and put everything in arm's reach.

    New Order

    Poggenpohl's latest drawer styles have ultrathin right-angle sides to make the most of internal space, plus a modular walnut or maple box system that holds everything from ceramic containers to spices. About $400 as part of a custom kitchen. 973-812-8900; for locations.

    Dry Idea

    Simple Human's bamboo-and-coatedsteel dish rack improves on the standard model with an extendable drip tray that sends water into the sink and adjustable flip-down tines that accommodate plates or bigger items. $80. 877-988-7770;

    Well Stacked

    These crystal-clear Flip Tite canisters stack neatly to save space in

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