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  • Fight Fair to Improve Your Relationship

    By Denise Schipani
    Fight Fair to Improve Your RelationshipFight Fair to Improve Your Relationship
    If you've been in a committed relationship for any length of time, you know that fighting is part of the deal. Arguing, disagreeing, clashing mightily over issues large and small not only have their place in a relationship, but most experts also agree that couples who have regular air-clearing arguments have healthier relationships than those who keep their slings and arrows buried deep inside. That said, every fight need not be a bloody battle-here's how to keep it fair and civil. After all, "this is the person whom it's easiest to hurt, so you have to be careful with his or her feelings for the sake of your relationship," says James Córdova, PhD, a professor at Clark University and author of The Marriage Checkup. Here, 10 rules that ensure your blows hit above the belt.

    1. Fight early, fight often
    The idea is to get what's bugging you off your chest when it first bugs you, rather than saving up hurts and slights for some giant blowup every six months or

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  • 6 Common Pet Offenses—Explained

    By Melinda Dodd

    6 Common Pet Offenses—Explained6 Common Pet Offenses—Explained

    Even the sweetest pets do things that drive you nuts. But is it just an annoying trait, or a sign of a serious health problem? Pet experts diagnose six top offenses and offer their Rx.

    Offense #1: Bad Breath

    Could be: Periodontal disease, stomach problems
    Nothing ruins a cuddle with your cat or dog like a blast of halitosis. Canned tuna and à la carte garbage dining can contribute to stinky breath, but if your pet's breath is regularly repulsive, flip his lip. "Periodontal disease is the top health problem vets see, yet few owners ever look inside their pets' mouths," says Marty Becker, DVM, coauthor of Why Do Dogs Drink out of the Toilet?

    Classic signs of periodontal disease include red, bleeding gums and brown mineralization on teeth. Avoiding it is essential: Animals with periodontal disease experience pain, bacterial infection, even heart, liver and kidney damage. "Good oral health is the furry fountain of youth," Dr. Becker says. It can help your

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  • 10 Ways to Prevent an Affair

    By Brendan Tapley

    These days, it seems like the most popular headlines refer to acts of infidelity. And while it's easy to assign blame on the age-old culprits ("powerful" men are incapable of refusing opportunity; "predatory" women are just waiting to pounce), the truth is, unfaithfulness is rarely a black-or-white issue. However, by examining the "whys" on a deeper level, you may be able illuminate those gray areas in relationships that are often ignored-and improve your relationship in the process. Here, 10 things to consider when you find yourself wondering why affairs really happen.

    1. Appreciation, Not Apathy
    Vowing "till death do us part" doesn't mean throwing in the towel when it comes to appreciating your spouse. That kind of complacency invites an apathy that slowly takes your bond for granted-and being taken for granted often leads to seeking value elsewhere. One of the smartest things a couple can do is to recognize that their relationship could end at any time.

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  • 5 Valuable Money Lessons for Kids

    By Kimberly Fusaro

    To most children, real-life money is just as abstract as the pretty pastel bills that come with their board games: They know Mom and Dad control the cash, but they're not really sure who's funding the bank. So how can you teach kids the value of a buck? Smart spending habits are best learned when they're taught early and reinforced often, our experts say. You can't expect your kid to be cash-savvy if the first time he manages his own finances is when he's on his own at college. Below, four experts weigh in on the best ways to help your kids land on solid financial ground-and stay there.

    Lesson 1: There's a Responsible Way to Spend and Save
    You wouldn't hand your child a two-wheeler and let her figure it out on her own, right? When it comes to money, she needs some guidance as well. For every dollar that lands in her hands, insist she follow the 10/10/10/70 rule, suggests Lori Mackey, founder of Prosperity4Kids Inc, a company that aims to teach children to be Read More »from 5 Valuable Money Lessons for Kids
  • Everything You Need to Know About Dry Cleaning

    By Melinda Dodd

    Everything You Need to Know About Dry CleaningEverything You Need to Know About Dry CleaningSteve Boorstein, who ran a high-end dry-cleaning company for 16 years, dishes the dirt about what really happens when you hand over your clothes-and offers a few must-know tips.

    Do Your Homework

    "Dry cleaners are not mind readers, and they're not perfect," he cautions. Every dry cleaner will treat your garment a little differently. "Some will inspect it thoroughly, others won't. Some read labels, some just say, 'Well, it looks like a dry-cleanable material.'" To get the best care, read your labels beforehand, make sure the dry cleaner is aware of the fabrication, and point out any issues (especially stains) you need him to focus on.

    Know How They Work

    Dry cleaners put items into a front-loading machine that uses dry cleaning solution and detergent. None of the cleansers are water-based; instead, they use an oilbased or chlorinated solvent that flushes out greasy, waxy buildup (body oils, machine oils, food grease). (Some cleaners are becoming more

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  • 6 Home-Decorating Ideas to Boost Your Bliss

    By Jean Nayar

    Nothing takes the edge off a hectic day like relaxing in the comfort of your own home. To boost your mood even more, decorate your space with a thoughtful mix of happiness-inducing elements such as cozy chairs, uplifting colors and lively patterns. For ideas on how to amp up the feel-good factor in your house, read on to learn how six designers have crafted blissful ambiance in rooms they designed.

    1. Soothe the senses. "Create a nurturing environment that provides that aaaah feeling when you walk through the door," says interior designer Kate Singer of Kate Singer Home. "Fragrance is especially important." She recommends placing scented candles and cut flowers in each room, as she does in her own home. "Certain smells bring me back to a special place or time-from summers at the shore to springtime in the garden to magical fall and winter holidays shared with family and friends." Photographed for Woman's Day byJeff McNamara

    2. Add color. "As spring

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  • 7 Perfect Paint Colors

    By Woman's Day Staff

    Paint Rules!Paint Rules!Paint Rules!

    Painting is without a doubt the single easiest, most cost-effective way to transform your space. Even so, painting (and the limitless color options!) can be overwhelming. And what looks good on a 1-inch paint chip can look very different when you've dipped a whole room in it. How do you begin to pick a color? Don't fall prey to what's "in." Instead, think about the colors you gravitate toward. Head to your closet for inspiration-your favorite pale blue cardigan might be just the shade for your bedroom walls. Still stumped? Just choose from these no-fail colors.
    Photo: © Shutterstock


    Sherwin-Williams Meander Blue (#6484) Blues, like greens, have become the new neutrals on the color wheel: They go with anything. This light blue is particularly soothing in a bedroom or bathroom.
    Photo: © Anita Calero


    Benjamin Moore Wood Grain Brown (#2109-30) Brown is a great color to warm up a room. But it's hard to find a good one-they often have too

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  • The Right Way to Launder Your Lingerie

    By Melinda Dodd

    The Right Way to Launder Your Lingerie The Right Way to Launder Your Lingerie Whether they're everyday bras or lacy bikini briefs, all of your intimates deserve special attention. "You can double the life of lingerie with proper care," says Susan Nethero, owner of Intimacy Boutiques, a national chain, and author of Bra Talk: Transform Your Life with the Right Bra, who shares her approach to delicate matters.


    What you should do: "Hand-wash in lukewarm water with a teaspoon of Dreft, Ivory Snow or Forever New Fabric Care Wash, which helps preserve elasticity. Let them soak for 15 minutes, rinse in cool water, pat with a towel and hang to dry."

    What you can get away with: "Clasp each bra's hooks together and slide them into a netted bag, then drop it into the washing machine. Add your lingerie soak or gentle detergent to cool water on the delicate cycle. Never put bras in the dryer-heat and soap residue can ruin them."


    What you should do: "If you have stains, apply concentrated Forever New to them and let soak for 10

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  • 10 Kitchen Pantry Beauty Ingredients

    By Petra Guglielmetti

    Who says you have to spend a fortune on pricey organic beauty products to reap the benefits of nature's best ingredients? Some of the finest all-natural beauty remedies can be whipped up at home using basic items you probably already have in your kitchen. To give you some ideas, we got beauty experts to share their favorite "recipes" for curing common skin and hair gripes using equally common pantry staples. So go whip open the cabinet doors, tally up what you've got in there and get cookin'-in a matter of minutes, you'll look good enough to eat.

    1. Potatoes
    French fries may not be great for your thighs, but raw potatoes make for an excellent skin-brightening scrub, says Shobha Tummala, owner of the Shobha salons in New York City. Her trick is to mix equal parts grated raw potato and loose tea (cut open a tea bag, if need be) with 1/3 as much olive oil and slowly massage onto your face with your fingertips, using light circular motions. Then rinse with warm Read More »from 10 Kitchen Pantry Beauty Ingredients
  • 5 Ways to Breathe Easier

    By Amy Levin-Epstein

    5 Ways to Breathe Easier5 Ways to Breathe Easier"Take a deep breath." "Just breathe." Everyone from our yoga instructor to our mother has given us this advice at some point. But how many of us actually heed that suggestion? Wild child Lindsay Lohan went as far as to have the word "breathe" inked on her inner wrist a few years back. Here's how to actually breathe better-no tattooing necessary!

    While You Work

    Breathe Out: Are you literally holding your breath at the office-or all day at home with kids-and, as a result, skyrocketing your blood pressure and stress levels? A British study found that workers who were chronically stressed were 68 percent more likely to die of heart disease, suffer from a nonfatal heart attack or experience chest pain as opposed to those who were happy worker bees.

    Breathe In: According to research from the University of Oregon, meditation helps slow the release of cortisol, which the body produces in response to stress. Plus, the study's test group showed signs of less

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