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  • The Best Sex Positions for Every Situation

    By Sarah Joi

    The Best Sex Positions for Every SituationThe Best Sex Positions for Every SituationGot pain? Pregnancy wishes? Confidence issues in the sack? We have a position for all that! We spoke to top female sexual health experts to hear their recommendations about the best positions for the most common sexual health concerns. Get ready to meet your new favorite moves.

    The Best Position for Baby-Making
    While it's true that you can get pregnant from all kinds of sexual positions, there is one that health experts frequently recommend as the way to increase your odds of becoming pregnant, and that's the "missionary" position (male on top) with a "pelvic tilt," says Amy Levine, a New York City-based sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of "Putting a pillow under the tush can help elevate your pelvis, and create a slide effect-providing an easy path for his swimmers to make their way through your cervix on their journey to your ovum," she says. "Typically, women who try this tend to maximize the ejaculation, since it stays in

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  • How to Say No to Anything

    By Kimberly Fusaro

    Sometimes a tiny little word-N-O-is the most difficult one to say. No matter how hard you try to be strong-willed, you've likely found yourself stumbling over those two letters-or worse, agreeing to do something because you can't spit them out. But there's no need to say yes when you're feeling the exact opposite. We thought up 10 no-worthy scenarios and got relationship and etiquette experts' tips on how to finally put your foot down.

    Your mother-in-law wants to drop off her three cats while she's out of town for a long weekend.
    Assuming you've taken in her four-legged friends in the past, your goal here is to change her expectations for the future. While blaming an allergy-prone visitor might work this time, she's going to get suspicious if the same friend is in town every time her cats need somewhere to rest their paws. Skip the white lies and be direct. If you can't be the solution, offer to help find one, urges Sylvia Lafair, PhD, author of Don't

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  • A Star is Born—Just Not with That Name

    By Amanda Greene

    It's not uncommon for stars to change their names before making it big. Whether to avoid confusion (one comedian's birth name was Albert Einstein) or to add that special star quality (another famous heartthrob upgraded from Archie Leach), swapping out given names is a time-honored Hollywood tradition. Read on to see if you know which well-known stars have given the term "name dropping" a whole new meaning.

    Albert Brooks (Birth name: Albert Einstein)

    Through his first year of college, actor Albert Brooks was known by his birth name, Albert Einstein (no relation). To avoid confusion with the famous scientist, the actor chose Brooks, a family name, when he began his stand-up comedy career. The name switch was an obvious move for him: When asked why he did it, he replied: "Do I even have to answer?" Photo by Retna.

    Ben Kingsley (Birth name: Krishna Bhanji)

    The Academy Award winner was born in England as Krishna Pandit Bhanji-Krishna is the name of a Hindu

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  • 6 Ways to Decorate with Nature

    By Jean Nayar

    Why not make the most of nature's bounty by bringing it indoors to create artful accents for your home? In just minutes you can transform those graceful leaves, textured twigs and beautiful blossoms into a keepsake that can last for seasons to come. Here are some easy ways to decorate with elements from nature.

    1. Branching Out
    Transform a cheap, dorm-style lamp into a sculptural focal point by adorning its spindle base with a collection of cut branches. Gather five or six dry fallen tree branches, cut them with a handsaw to the height of the lamp base and sand the ends. Clean and dry the branches, then apply several thin even coats of paint to each branch, letting it dry between coats. Use a hot glue gun to affix the branches to the base.

    Photographed for Woman's Day by John Gruen

    2. A Feast for the Eyes
    Indulge the foodie in your family with framed images of eye-appealing edibles. Simply snap shots of vegetables, fruits or spices against

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Laundry

    By Melinda Dodd

    Everything You Need to Know About LaundryEverything You Need to Know About LaundryNo matter how often you do laundry, there's always more. In fact, the average family washes 392 loads per year. Our wash-and-go guide can help you do it faster, cheaper and better.

    The Basics

    Before you load the washer, take these six simple steps.

    1. Dot the Spots
    Give each item a quick once-over. "Pretreating is essential," says home expert Linda Cobb, author of Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean. Forgetting to inspect and treat items can set stains forever. Cobb likes Zout stain remover spray ($4.49; To stay on top of things, keep a spray bottle under the kitchen sink and in bathrooms, so you can treat stains as soon as you notice them.

    2. Check Your Detergents
    Are you using the right ones for your machine? Old washers can use old-school powders, but high-efficiency machines require less bubbly "HE" detergent.

    3. Measure Precisely
    Follow the bottle directions. "Using too much detergent doesn't get clothes

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  • 10 Things Your Dry Cleaner Won't Tell You

    By Kimberly Fusaro

    10 Things Your Dry Cleaner Won't Tell You10 Things Your Dry Cleaner Won't Tell YouA trip to the dry cleaner is just a quick errand for you. But the people behind the counter take a great amount of pride in the time they spend on your priciest garments. You could easily extend the life of your wardrobe if you heed their advice. The problem? Most customers are in too much of a hurry to ask for it. Here's what dry cleaners across the country would like to yell as you're dashing out the door.

    1. Stop trying to spot-treat your dry-clean-only clothes.
    Every dry cleaner we spoke with asked us to pass along this message: Regardless of what you've spilled, commercial treatments, water, hairspray or soap will not help get the stain out-in fact, they'll probably do more harm than good. "Club soda works on your stomach, not your blouse," says Charles Ickes, director of premium service at Dependable Cleaners in Boston. The best way to ensure a stain will be removed is to get it to the dry cleaner as quickly as possible.

    2. Be honest about stains.

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  • How to Pick the Perfect Paint Finish

    By Woman's Day Staff

    How to Pick the Perfect Paint FinishHow to Pick the Perfect Paint FinishPaint finishes range from chalky to new-car shiny, and they set the tone for the room. The paint finish you choose depends on the function of the room and the condition of your walls. Follow this glossary so you know what to buy before you head to the store.

    Flat or matte has an elegant chalky appearance. It masks imperfections in walls and ceilings. It's very easy to touch up but not to clean, so avoid using it in high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and playrooms.

    Eggshell is the most popular and most versatile finish. It has a slight sheen that makes it an easy surface to wash and touch up.

    Satin has a silky finish that works well in high-use areas like family rooms, children's rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It's easy to clean but difficult to touch up, because any difference in sheen will be apparent.

    Semigloss is ideal for trim and moldings. It's durable and easy to clean, which is perfect for baseboards and door and window

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  • 5 Ways to Get Whites Whiter

    By Abigail L. Cuffey

    5 Ways to Get Whites Whiter5 Ways to Get Whites WhiterDid you recently christen your crisp white button-down with a tomato sauce stain? Are your well-worn summer whites a dingy shade of yellow? Not to worry. Keeping your whites, well…white is all about strategy, so follow these proven methods to maintaining your light garments.

    1. Do an Undress Check

    "Inspect white clothing as soon as you take it off," says Steve Boorstein, host of the DVD Clothing Care: The Clothing Doctor's Secrets to Taking Control. Check the underarm, neck and crotch areas for stains, and if you can, launder machine-washable items immediately before messes set or harden. If you're busy or you don't have a full load ready to go, pretreat and hang the item, and wash later.

    2. Talk to Your Dry Cleaner

    Oily stains will need pro help. Make sure your dry cleaner has designated solutions for keeping whites white-a specific machine or dedicated solvent, for example. It helps prevent whites from turning yellow or dull, a common problem when

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  • 10 Things Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You

    By Kimberly Fusaro

    If you're constantly trying to put your best face forward, you'd better be on good terms with your hairdresser. Sure, you're savvy on who and when to tip-but there's a lot more your stylist wishes you knew. Ever wonder what your hairdresser is really thinking when he's elbow deep in your tresses? We asked stylists from around the country to sound off on everything they've been dying to tell you. Photo credits: Photo by Retna (Aniston); all other photos by Shutterstock.

    1. I probably can't give you a celebrity's hairstyle.
    Yes, we'd all love Jennifer Aniston's shiny, sun-kissed locks. But even if your stylist can match a celeb's color and cut, she can't give you access to the team of professionals that the rich and famous have fixing their hair before every appearance. Bringing in pictures is great, but be open to adaptations that take into account your hair texture and bone structure. If you go in expecting a carbon copy of a red carpet style,

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Your Meds

    By Francesca Lunzer Kritz

    Medication is such a part of our everyday lives-about two-thirds of all Americans take at least one drug daily-yet so many of us don't understand important details about them. Research shows that 10 percent of all hospital admissions are the result of patients not taking meds correctly and that most people don't know the active ingredients in the OTC drugs they use. "In a perfect world, a discussion about drugs would be its own doctor visit, so you'd go over all the details," says Michael Cohen, RPh, a pharmacist and head of the Institute for Safe Medication Practices. Here's what you need to know to stay healthy and safe.

    Timing Is Everything

    Some drugs are better absorbed by your body at various times of the day, says Gayle Cotchen, lead pharmacist at McGee-Womens Hospital of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. For example, certain cholesterol-lowering drugs like statins are best taken at night because that's when your body produces the

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