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  • How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

    By Amanda GreeneHow to Clean Your Jewelry at HomeHow to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

    A quick Web search will turn up hundreds of different methods for cleaning your jewelry-like using toothpaste to make diamonds sparkle, beer to shine gold and ketchup to polish silver. These are exactly the kind of clever tricks you'd love to try…just not on your own jewelry. So instead of experimenting with Grandma's heirlooms, we talked to the pros to find out how to safely care for your jewelry.

    "When pearls are visibly dirty, wash them in 1 teaspoon of Woolite diluted in 1 quart of water," says Kathy Higginbotham, Silpada Designs' director of quality control. "Immerse them for 10 to 15 seconds, wipe with a soft cotton cloth and lay flat to dry." Store them in a cotton bag-never plastic-separate from other jewelry. To ensure that they stay lustrous, think outside the jewelry box: wearing them regularly will keep them polished, thanks to your body's natural oils. When you take them off, wipe them with a dry cotton cloth.

    "The best way

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  • Common Winter Beauty Problems—Solved

    By Jennifer Tzeses

    Catch a glimpse of your reflection in any mirror, and there's no denying that the healthy glow you sported throughout summer and fall is all but a distant memory. In its place, a pasty, dry, flaky face is probably staring back at you. "Cold weather dries the skin and strips away its normal barrier defense, says dermatologist Patricia Wexler, MD. "We lose moisture, so skin can get dry, cracked, itchy and flaky," she says. If you're still sticking to your summer skin care regimen, stop now; winter calls for some heavy-duty TLC. To help hydrate skin, avoid long, hot showers and instead rinse under lukewarm water. Combat dryness from at-home heating with a humidifier, and drink lots of water, recommends Dr. Wexler. Here, the worst cold-weather worries and how to stay winter-proof and pretty all season long.

    Winter Beauty Problem #1: Sallow Complexion
    Thanks to moisture loss, dead cells have a tendency to build up on the surface of the skin, creating a

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  • Sex by the Numbers

    By Sarah JioSex by the NumbersSex by the Numbers

    When it comes to sex, there are a million different numbers-from the average length of time it lasts to the number of calories a romp in the sack burns. We compiled the most interesting statistics on the topic, and ran them by our experts to see what they really mean for you.

    84: Percentage of women who say they have sex to get their man to help out around the house.
    Surprising, right? But wait for this: Sexual health experts say a little harmless "sexual bribery" in a healthy relationship is a good thing. "Considering that women still end up bearing an unequal distribution of labor on the domestic front, turning foreplay into 'choreplay' is a brilliant strategy," says Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex and relationship expert and the author of She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman. "Studies have shown that women are more likely to be interested in sex if the house is clean, so this should be motivation enough for men to grab a mop and load the

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  • 10 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Commute

    By Lori Murray10 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Commute10 Tips for a Happier, Healthier Commute

    If your daily commute is fraught with traffic congestion, road rage and irresponsible drivers, you're not alone. Since 1987, the number of miles driven in the United States has increased 35 percent, while the miles of pavement increased by only 1 percent, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That's too many automobiles and not enough roads to accommodate them all. Fortunately, the following sure-fire tips will help to alleviate the angst and put you on the road to a healthier commute.

    1. Don't rush. Perhaps nothing is more stressful than not having enough time to reach your destination, so plan ahead. "Take a few minutes in the morning or in the evening to set your intentions," says Terri Kennedy, PhD, MBA, president of Power Living Enterprises and Yoga Alliance board member. "This puts you in control of your day." Plan what you will wear and gather everything you need-cell phone, keys, lipstick-in one place.

    2. Relax your body.

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  • 9 Common Lies Husbands Tell

    By Meredith Bodgas9 Common Lies Husbands Tell9 Common Lies Husbands Tell

    Is honesty the best policy? Some husbands don't think so! Though the offenses that follow are all forgivable, they're easy to prevent. Here, nine of the most common lies husbands tell their wives, why they do it and how to keep your man fib-free.

    Lie #1: "You don't look fat in that dress."

    Why he says it: You asked-and your husband prefers boosting your confidence over telling the truth.
    How to keep him honest: Rather than ask, "Does this dress make me look fat?" have your husband help you choose between two outfits, suggests Doug Hirschhorn, author of 8 Ways to Great: Peak Performance on the Job and in Your Life.

    Lie #2: "Yes, I cleaned up already."

    Why he says it: "Men confuse intention with action," says Hirschhorn. Your husband plans to do the chore eventually, so in his mind, it's as good as done.
    How to keep him honest: Give your guy a specific deadline ("Please hang up your clothes by Saturday morning") and explain why it's important that

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  • The Best (and Worst) Couple Friends

    By Denise Schipani
    The Best (and Worst) Couple FriendsThe Best (and Worst) Couple Friends
    A funny thing happens when you become part of a couple: You start looking for like-minded pairs to spend time with. Rubbles to your Flintstones, or Mertzes to your Ricardos. Perhaps it's not surprising that couples seek out pairs they can hang out with; doing so helps validate you as a couple-your likes and dislikes, your goals and aims in life, says Camille Preston, PhD, psychologist and leadership coach. But one couple does not meet all needs (and some couples are not desirable to have in your address book). Says Dr. Preston, "you have to weed to feed"-or jettison relationships that aren't working to make room for more of the good kinds of friendships. Here, four couple types to seek out, and five to weed out.

    Seek Out:

    1. The supportive pair Is it too much to ask that you find a couple who'll celebrate your relationship? Certainly not, says Sally Connolly, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Louisville, Kentucky. In fact, having a pair in your

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  • How to Talk to Your Husband About Sex

    By Denise SchipaniHow to Talk to Your Husband About SexHow to Talk to Your Husband About Sex

    The most common sex issue faced by otherwise happily married couples? Not surprisingly, it's the "not enough" factor. Couples often end up bemused and confused by a marriage that's dimmed in sexual intensity or frequency. But that's the good news, according to Kimberly A. Sharky, a certified sex therapist in Chicago. The fact is, "Sexual issues in otherwise good marriages are often resolvable." But-and you knew this was coming, right?!-you have to talk…to your spouse…about sex. Here are some pointers about discussing the subject with a less-than-talkative hubby.

    1. Don't broach the subject in bed.
    Right before or after sex, when you're naked, is not the best time to examine faults or dissect performance, says Sharky. "It's when we're at our most vulnerable." Plus, your bedroom, and certainly your bed, should be a sanctuary, not a place to air grievances. Instead, choose a pleasant but neutral place, such as a restaurant that's romantic enough to be

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  • Time-Saving Household Cleaning Tricks

    By Arianne Cohen

    How, exactly, do you clean a toaster? Or store your winter coat? Or quickly get a duvet back in its cover? House cleaning is full of tasks you don't always know how to do efficiently. Here's your speedy guide courtesy of me and Cheryl Mendelson.

    A Crumb-Free Toaster

    1. Unplug it, always.

    2. Remove the crumb drawer and wash it in the sink with hot soapy water. (Hint: In upright toasters, there's often a plastictabbed drawer hidden at the bottom.)

    3. Tip the toaster over a garbage pail and gently shake it out. Crumbs from years ago will emerge.

    4. With a damp old toothbrush, carefully scrub off remaining grime and stubborn crumbs from the heat coils. Shake it out again.

    5. Let the toaster dry out completely (I can't stress this enough for safety purposes) before plugging it in again.

    Why do it? Dirty toasters are not only inefficient, but also a fire hazard.

    Perfect Mirrors

    1. With warm water, scrub off obvious streaks and staining

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  • 5 Recipes from the Pioneer Woman

    By Annemarie Conte

    Ree Drummond's story could have come out of a romance novel (which may well be her next project): Sushi-loving city girl meets good-looking cowboy in a bar, marries, moves to a ranch and has four kids. One day, he takes the kids to work the cattle. Sitting around in her pajamas, she says to herself, "I'm going to start one of those blog things." She dubs herself Pioneer Woman, her husband Marlboro Man, and almost four years later 2 million readers follow her tales. Now she's also written a cookbook, The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl. And as you'll see from the interview and recipes that follow, Marlboro Man never did learn to love sushi.

    The blog was a complete accident. It was in 2006, 10 years into my marriage, I had four children, and my baby-I love to say this because it sounds like a livestock term-had just been weaned. I really started the blog ( to share photos with my mother, who lived in another

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  • 10 Ways to Have Better Sex

    by Sarah Jio

    It's a new year, so why not resolve to have better sex? We spoke to top sex and relationship experts to hear their tips-little things you can put into pra10 Ways to Have Better Sex10 Ways to Have Better Sexctice tonight!-to help transform your love life.

    1. Don't think about the kids (not even for a second). This one's for you, Supermama! "If a woman wants to have a happier and more fulfilling sex life with her husband, she's got to set aside whatever is distracting her from him-that includes the kids," says Les Parrott, PhD, professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University and author of Crazy Good Sex. Here's why this is so critical, Dr. Parrott explains: "He knows when you are genuinely with him, and when you are merely trying to check sex with him off your list."

    2. One word: lube. Lubricant is the little thing that every woman should try to improve her sexual pleasure, and in some cases, even reduce sex-induced pain, says Amy Levine, sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of

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