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  • 10 Harmful Health Myths

    By Susan Sulich

    10 Harmful Health Myths10 Harmful Health Myths

    By now you're savvy enough to raise an eyebrow at a suspicious health "fact" when you hear one. Tampons contain asbestos? Drinking lemonade will make you lose 10 pounds in five days? You're just not buying it. Unfortunately, some misinformation is only slightly off from the truth, so it's a little trickier to spot. Watch out for these easy-to-fall-for myths.

    Myth 1: You only need to worry about cholesterol if you're overweight.
    While it's true that women who are overweight are at higher risk for having elevated cholesterol levels, there are also plenty of slender people who have cholesterol problems, says Jo Parrish, vice president of the Society for Women's Health Research. The organization surveyed women and found that 83 percent knew how much they weighed in high school but only 21 percent knew their total cholesterol number.

    Unfortunately, weight isn't the only thing that matters when it comes to your cholesterol. Your genes and lifestyle-what you

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  • The Truth About Sex Addiction

    By Sarah Jio

    The Truth About Sex AddictionThe Truth About Sex Addiction

    Sex addiction: It seems to be the diagnosis of the moment, doesn't it? Suddenly, when celebrities are caught cheating on their spouse, they admit to being a "sex addict" and then disappear (à la Tiger Woods) for a month at a fancy rehabilitation center. You may be wondering: Is sex addiction real or just a cop-out for selfish behavior? Is it becoming increasingly common? What makes someone a sex addict? We spoke to experts to get the facts on this often-confusing condition.

    Truth #1: There are specific criteria for diagnosis of sex addiction.
    How can you tell if you, or someone you love, is a sex addict? "Sexual addiction, like any addiction, is diagnosed via in-depth interviews and the use of assessment instruments specifically designed to determine if a person meets the criteria for sexual addiction," says Connie Stapleton, PhD, a licensed psychologist and author in Augusta, Georgia. In her practice, she says, answering "yes" to the following question may

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  • 10 Surprising Facts About Couple’s Therapy

    By Denise Schipani

    The biggest misconception about couple's therapy? That it's a matter of he said/she said. It's not. "In individual therapy, you dissect your own baggage. But with couples therapy, you both have brought your baggage into the room," and it all has to be unraveled and sorted out, says Scott Wetzler, PhD, director of the Supporting Healthy Marriage program at Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, New York. Want to know more? Read on to find out 10 things you may not know about couple's therapy.

    1. Your marriage doesn't have to be on the rocks. Too many couples opt for therapy "when they're either on the verge of divorce or have already made the decision and need a way to formalize it," says Dr. Wetzler. Instead: Don't be afraid to think about marriage therapy the way you would about exercise: as something that's good for your ongoing health.

    2. It's not all about "communication." When the two of you sit down on the couch, the therapist is not necessarily going to

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  • The Best Money Advice You'll Ever Get

    By Mary Hunt

    The Best Money Advice You'll Ever GetThe Best Money Advice You'll Ever Get

    What we all really need is the money-saving know-how that will stand strong throughout life and help us build a nest egg. So I asked some prominent experts how they save. What could we all be doing better? Their answers may surprise you. They're not complicated at all-just simple, commonsense wisdom that will have you saying, "I can do that!"

    1. Money You Don't See, You Don't Miss
    "Face it, once money hits your wallet or checking account, it's as good as gone. The trick is to make sure you never see the money in the first place. Then you won't have to fret about how to save it-or feel guilty that you didn't. Your employer, bank or credit union can transfer money from your paycheck automatically into your savings or investment account-or accounts you set up for clothes, vacation or a new car. Then you can relax, knowing it's taken care of."-Janet Bodnar, editor, Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine

    2. Eat from Your Pantry and Freezer Once or Twice a Month

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  • 10 Shocking Winter Olympic Scandals

    By Larry Dobrow

    Casual at-home viewers of the Winter Olympics may consider the games to be a blur of shiny skating costumes and soft-focus, personality-centric features. In reality, however, the Winter Games have been scarred by quite a bit of a scandal over the course of their history. Here are 10 of the most egregious offenders.

    Case of the Baffling Bobsled-St. Moritz, 1948

    How's this for an unsolved mystery?: Prior to their initial run in the 1948 bobsled, members of the U.S. team noticed that somebody had tampered with their steering. They fixed the sled and nobody was hurt, but the perpetrators of the unsportsmanlike act were never brought to justice. For what it's worth, the U.S. bobsledders claimed three medals, among them a gold. Photo by Getty Images.

    A Tale of Two Teams-St. Moritz, 1948

    In one of those crazy mixups usually associated with sitcom high schools, the United States accidentally sent two hockey teams to the St. Moritz games. Both claimed to

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  • How to Splurge on a Budget

    By Mary Hunt

    How to Splurge on a BudgetHow to Splurge on a Budget

    I got the biggest shock of my life the day I realized that living on a budget wasn't the straitjacket or rigid "diet" I assumed it would be. In fact, it was my life as a credit card junkie that put me in financial bondage. A budget saved my life because it allowed me to get out of debt. It gave me back my freedom. Want to know my secret for staying on a budget for so many years? I splurge. Seriously. And I do not feel guilty. I love nice things and I love to travel.

    Even while I was getting out of debt, I didn't banish all of these things from my life. In fact, my occasional guilt-free splurges are what helped me stay on a budget. Since I never felt deprived, I found it a whole lot easier to stick to my plan.

    Calculated splurging is not difficult. In fact, I think you'll find it makes a lot of sense. And the bigger payoff is the financial maturity that comes with delayed gratification. Planning and waiting really does make you more appreciative.

    1. Make a

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  • 7 Easy-to-Care-for Houseplants

    By Jean Nayar

    Nothing energizes a room like lush, healthy houseplants. Not only do they add color and life to interior spaces, they're also natural air purifiers that consume carbon dioxide and, in turn, release clean oxygen into the air. You don't have to have a green thumb to reap the rewards that a beautiful houseplant can bring to your home. We asked Woman's Day Specials gardening editor, Peter Walsh, for his list of easy-care favorites. Here are his picks:

    1. Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera)
    A succulent that grows even in places that don't get a lot of sunlight, this plant is a medium to fast grower and requires watering only twice a month. "It reliably blooms-with pink, red, white or salmon-colored blossoms-in winter, just when you need the burst of color most," says Walsh. Plant it in any standard houseplant potting soil and feed it once every two years with a houseplant fertilizer.

    2. Rex begonia (Begonia rex)
    "Also known as fancy leaf

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  • 6 Powerful Vacuums

    By Ayn-Monique Klahre

    Cleaning floors and carpets may never be fun, but we've come a long way from having to push a 30-pound clunker around the room. New features-from steam-clean technology to a height-adjustable handle-are taking the humble appliance to the next level. Here are six vacuums that just may get you excited for your housework

    Spa QualitySpa QualitySpa Quality

    If you'd just like a little peace and quiet while you get the job gone, check out the Electrolux UltraSilencer Green. The high-efficiency 9-amp motor is super-quiet, and because it's made from recycled materials and uses a washable, reusable HEPA filter to trap dust, it's an eco-friendly option, too. Electrolux Ultra Silencer HEPA Canister Vacuum, $254.99;

    Let There Be LightLet There Be Light Let There Be Light

    Are you a germophobe? That's OK-the Oreck Halo may be your chill pill. It combines serious sucking power with a UV-C light, which kills (among other thing) germs, bacteria, dust mite eggs and flea eggs without chemicals. A nice touch: The controls Read More »from 6 Powerful Vacuums
  • 10 Reasons to Watch Super Bowl XLIV

    By Olivia Putnal

    Ah, the Super Bowl. Most likely, it's the game the man in your life has been looking forward to all season. But even if you don't know the first thing about touchdowns, false starts and field goals, there are plenty of reasons to watch the game. Read on to find out WD's top 10 reasons to check it out this year, and your Sunday is sure to be a touchdown.

    1. The Commercials
    Even if you don't watch a minute of the game, make sure you catch the highly anticipated commercial breaks in which companies spend millions of dollars on 30 seconds of advertising. This year, you can look forward to ads from popular brands like Audi of America, Bridgestone, Chrysler's Dodge, Coca-Cola, Doritos, Honda, Taco Bell, Walt Disney Pictures and many more. Bonus? When you're back to work on Monday, you'll be able to chime in when all of your coworkers are talking about their favorite ads.10 Reasons to Watch Super Bowl XLIV 10 Reasons to Watch Super Bowl XLIV

    2. The Food and Drinks
    What's better than all your favorite finger foods and ice-cold

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  • Decorate With Felt

    By Pamela Acuff

    Nice CubesNice Cubes Nice Cubes
    Simple Slipcovers make furniture fun. Cut five squares of felt to fit an inexpensive cube stool and blanket-stitch them together, starting from the top. Use as a portable ottoman, or tag-team two to make a contemporary coffee table.

    Click here for complete how-to instructions

    Made in the ShadeMade in the Shade
    Made in the Shade
    Pair an ordinary lamp with a Dressed-Up Shade to create a statement piece. Cut strips of felt the length of the shade, then scissor them into freehand designs, like this beachy coral motif. Attach the strips, spaced evenly around the shade, with fabric glue.

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    Run-On Run-OnRun-On
    A Candy Stripe Runner is a treat for your table. Start with a strip of white felt cut a few feet longer than the length of the table. Then add color and dimension with bands of chocolate brown, lime green and turquoise ironed on with fusible webbing.

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    Face Time Face Time
    Face Time
    A package of peel-and-stick red felt numbers turns a vintage

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