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  • An American Idol Mom

    By Angela Ebron

    Photos courtesy of Leila Lambert

    Woman's Day Reality Redux blogger Angela Ebron gets the inside scoop on the very talented Adam Lambert from his adoring mother.

    What was Adam like as a little boy?
    He was very precocious. I took him to a lot of plays and concerts when he was small, and he always found a deeper meaning in them while I always took things literally. One time we went to see Les Miserables when Adam was 8. Afterward, he went into this elaborate discussion about how things were staged. He was so inquisitive, always asking questions. When he was about 5 years old he asked, "If God is in the sky, how does he see through the roof?" I had to tell him, "I'll get back to you on that."

    What was your reaction the first time you realized Adam had such an incredible voice? I remember he was in a children's production of Fiddler on the Roof when he was about 10 years old. I'd never watched the rehearsals. So during the show when he got on top of a

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  • Save $2,010 in 2010

    By Mary Hunt

    Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

    Save $2,010 in 2010!Save $2,010 in 2010!My favorite cell phone feature is hidden on the back: It's a button marked "Reset." Now and then I get my settings and preferences messed up, but by hitting that button I can clear the mistakes and start from scratch. Sure, it takes a little work to get things set up again as I like, but it's so much easier than trying to slog my way through the mess I've created.

    If your savings account as taken a beating over the past year, maybe it's time to hit the reset button to get a fresh start. Here are 10 ways to do it-simple moves you can make to save even more than $2,010 this year.

    1. Reduce Kitchen Paper
    If the average family rips through 1½ rolls of paper towels a week at $1.25 a roll, you're paying at least $98 a year for disposable towels. Reduce that to one roll a month by moving the towels from the counter to a cupboard or shelf that's not quite so convenient. Also, give reusable cloth or microfiber towels a try (just

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  • What Do Your Refrigerator Doors Say About You?

    By Kristina Grish

    Photo courtesy of

    If utilized well, a refrigerator door can play a useful role in a woman's life. "Since kitchens are high-traffic areas, a fridge door can help you communicate with family members and act as a fun place to show off everyone's talents," says Sarah Welch, cofounder of, a blog dedicated to helping busy people get organized, and coauthor of Everything (Almost) in Its Place. The key to making this work is keeping your door clutter-free, which is practical and puts your family in a peaceful mindset.

    Three Rules to Whip Any Fridge Front into Shape:
    1. When in doubt, seek clarity over perfection. Too much "stuff" is only a problem when it isn't well organized.

    2. Streamline a cluttered door by zeroing in on two or three categories that are useful to your life, and remove everything else.

    3. Encourage others to keep things orderly by giving them a dedicated space for mementos or a whiteboard for their

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  • 16 Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades

    By Suzanne Morrissey

    Photo courtesy of iStockphoto

    Giving the kitchen or bath a lift doesn't have to shrink your wallet. Try one or two of these easy ideas to upgrade the hardest-working spaces in the house.

    For the Kitchen:

    1. Small Change
    Instead of everything but the kitchen sink, how about just the kitchen sink? Replacing a dated faucet does wonders for overall style.

    2. Surface Value
    The whole kitchen will get a lift if you fit the island with a new marble or granite top. It's far less expensive than refurbishing all the countertops, but adds a very high-end element to the kitchen.

    3. Less Is More
    Tiling an entire wall or backsplash can be a dollar-draining proposition. Instead, create a fancy medallion with clearance tiles that will pop on the existing wall color.

    4. Soft Touch
    Cover kitchen windows with basic cafe curtains instead of pricier blinds or layered treatments. A flounce or a valance up top and a half-curtain hung at

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  • Healthy Resolutions You'll Keep

    By Karen Asp
    We've all made live-healthier declarations at the start of a new year (Exercise every day! No dessert!). Problem is, most of the time, they're just too grand. "Big goals tend to be unrealistic and set you up for failure," says Joseph R. Ferrari, PhD, professor of psychology at DePaul University in Chicago. The key to making resolutions stick is to take little steps toward your main goal. Here's how to boil down those ambitions into action-size bites so that by year's end, you'll count yourself among the resolution keepers.

    Your Goal: Lose Weight
    Your Goal: Lose Weight Your Goal: Lose Weight

    Resolve to sit down whenever you eat. "This simple behavioral change can help you lose several pounds without even trying," says psychologist Judith S. Beck, PhD, author of The Beck Diet Solution. In fact, one study found that people ate 30 percent more when standing up. That's partially because we tend to eat more quickly when we're standing and miss our body's "fullness" signals that tell us when we've had enough. When you Read More »from Healthy Resolutions You'll Keep
  • Score a Good Deal on Almost Anything

    By Crystal Tate

    There are two extremes of shoppers: those who pay full price for pretty much everything, and those who refuse to buy anything unless they're getting a good deal. If you're wondering how you can fit into the latter category, you'll want to keep reading. Here, we share our expert-approved advice on how to get a good deal on practically anything.

    Hair Services: Be a Model Score a Good Deal on Almost AnythingScore a Good Deal on Almost Anything
    "There are several ways to get the best price for your haircut, color, blowouts and other salon services. First, sign up to be a model for one of the salon's training nights. All top salons have some type of night for training both new and advanced stylists. Prices are usually lower and sometimes free depending on the service and the training. Also, consider booking your appointment during a slow time for that stylist. Some stylists may give up to 25 percent off a service if you come in on an off time, such as 8 a.m. Times vary by salon. If you're a regular client, ask about frequent client

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  • Your A-to-Z Guide to Getting Organized

    By Melody Warnick

    Keeping your stuff and your life organized can be harder than a college physics exam. But with our list of savvy tips and tricks, it's as easy as A-B-C.Your A-to-Z Guide to Getting Organized Your A-to-Z Guide to Getting Organized

    A: Assign a Color Scheme
    Banish cries of "It's not mine!" by color-coding your kids' gear all through the house. Stick to a signature shade for each child's toothbrush, bath towel and backpack, so you can tell at a glance which stuff belongs to which kid. Buy a colored bin for each child, too, to use as a handy drop spot for stray toys and clothes. Each night before bed, have your kids empty their own bin, returning items to their rightful places.

    B: Form a Bucket Brigade
    For an easy way to stash office supplies, stock small unused paint buckets (available at home improvement stores) with tape, scissors, pens, envelopes, stamps, a calculator, etc., then hang them from over-the-door hooks tucked inside a closet. When it's time to pay bills or write a note, bring just the buckets you need to the

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  • 9 Surprising Post-Intercourse Reactions

    By Sarah Jio

    Think all women fall asleep happily, nestled in their husband's arms, after a little nooky? Think again! Some women have to deal with a myriad of reactions after sex, ranging from bleeding and pain to tears and food cravings-even amnesia! Here, our experts weigh in on some of the more unusual things women encounter after sex.

    1. Crying
    You love him and you're not mad at him-you even forgave him for forgetting to stop at the store on the way home from work like he promised to-so why are you feeling weepy after sex? Don't worry, says Isadora Alman, a board-certified sexologist and licensed relationship therapist in San Francisco. Occasional post-sex tears that don't accompany relationship trouble are normal and usually no big deal. "This is often a release of stored tension, like an orgasm, and sometimes accompanies one," she adds.

    2. Bleeding
    Kathleen,* 35, a woman who lives in the Boston area, says that when she uses the bathroom after sex, she

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  • True Stories of Sex Therapy

    By Sarah Jio

    Have you ever wondered why people end up in sex therapy, what happens there and whether you should make the call, too? Here are four honest stories from women and men on the road to sexual healing, and a rare look inside the very private world of sex therapy.

    "Sex is painful and traumatic for my wife-we need help!"

    John and Lisa,* both 28, have been married for almost four years and live outside Denver, Colorado. "While we were dating, we both agreed to put off sex until after the wedding," says John. "At the time, it didn't seem like sex would be a problem. I clearly had the stronger sex drive, but when we talked about it, she seemed just as eager. She's said at least a half-dozen times that it was a really difficult wait until our wedding."

    However, they had no idea that trouble-and pain-was ahead. "We did have sex on our wedding night, of course, but it was really painful for her, and probably more awkward than normal," says John. "We tried a few more

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  • How Not to Gain Weight This Holiday

    By Lisa Arcella

    Bethenny Frankel is probably best known for her tell-it-like-it-is style on the Bravo reality show The Real Housewives of New York City. But the 39-year-old first-time mom-to-be is also a successful natural food chef and entrepreneur who has taught many people how to stay slim. As any woman knows, that's especially challenging during the holiday season, when temptation is lurking around every corner. But Bethenny says, fear not! There are plenty of easy ways to keep those yuletide calories at bay.

    "Bingeing at this time of year is very common," she says. "People indulge a little bit, get anxiety about it and decide to destroy themselves because they've already been 'bad.' The only unbreakable rule I have is never to binge. You can have a cookie or a few bites of cake or a piece of pizza and it will never make you fat. The 'beat yourself up' mentality will cause you to binge and that will make you fat." Frankel adds, "I have friends who worry about vinaigrette

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