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  • The Spouse Who's More Likely Than Ever to Move for a Partner's Career

    By Martha Sorren

    Newsflash: Not all husbands feel threatened by their wives' careers. In fact, a new survey conducted by the moving company Mayflower shows that nearly half of Americans know someone who recently moved for the wife's job, and far more than that would support relocation for that reason. Photo by Getty Images.

    Surprised? Don't be. "You can track that change to the shift in the number of women going to college," points out Fred Medway, PhD, a psychology professor for the University of South Carolina. The increase of graduates means women aren't just getting more jobs; they're getting better jobs. "Hiring really depends upon the educational factor. Companies want to hire the most competent person," says Dr. Medway.

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    But with the growth in promising career opportunities for women comes the all-too-often necessity of relocating. "The kind of job offers are changing. Now it's about money and

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  • 4 Subtle Spring Makeup Ideas that Instantly Can Transform Your Face

    By Woman's Day Staff

    You update your wardrobe for spring, so why not your cosmetics? Lighten up your look with these flattering ideas. Plus, get tips on how to perfect your technique.

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  • The Prettiest Craft You Can Make This Easter

    By Jane Dunnewold

    Easter and crafts go hand-in-hand, so why not spotlight some seasonal creativity on the dining table. Follow these simple instructions to turn plain napkins and doilies into one-of-a-kind place settings. Photo by Emily Kate Roemer/Studio D; Prop styling by Gerri Williams.

    Fabric Dye

    Create bright colors first. Then, dye away!

    TOTAL 5 min COST $11.95 (enough for a set of 12 napkins and doilies)

    • Measuring cups
    • Hot (not boiling) water
    • Small bucket or plastic mixing bowl
    • Rubber gloves
    • Dust mask
    • PRO Chemical and Dye Inc. Easter Decor Dye Kit (includes salt, activator, dyes and Synthrapol detergent, $11.95;*
    • Measuring spoons
    • 8-oz jar with tight-fitting lid
    • 16-oz jar with tight-fitting lid

    1. Measure 8 cups hot water into the small bucket or mixing bowl.
    2. Wearing the rubber gloves and dust mask (chemicals and dye are not dangerous, but still shouldn't be

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  • The Heartwarming Way a Photographer is Helping Rescue Pets

    By Nina Malkin

    When pet photographer Teresa Berg went searching online for her dream dog back in 2007, she was excited to find the Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue Foundation, but the pictures on the site weren't engaging. "There was no eye contact, no personality," she recalls. Still, she read about one dog, a 6-year-old male, who seemed like he might be a good fit for her. When she saw him at the shelter, she was amazed. "I remember thinking, Wow, he's charming and beautiful-nothing like his picture," she says. Photo by Teresa Berg.

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    Teresa adopted the pup and named him Flash. Still, she couldn't shake the thought that none of the dogs' pictures did them justice. She wondered, if their adorableness could come through more clearly online, might they stand a better chance of being adopted? "There's a misconception that animals from a shelter are damaged goods, when in fact many are the healthiest, most loving

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  • The 3 Best Ways to Beat Sugar Cravings

    sugar cubessugar cubesBy Woman's Day Staff

    With the amount of sugar found in common foods, it's hard to avoid the sweetener. Make it easier on yourself (and your waistline) with this easy-to-follow advice. Click through to find out how to nip those pesky cravings in the bud.

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    The physician says…read labels Don't blame brownies for your sweet tooth. As much as half the sugar you consume comes from savory sources such as pasta sauce, salad dressing, condiments, crackers and bread. These stealth sugars are dangerous because they condition your taste buds to expect sweetness. The more sugar you eat, the more you want-and that's when you reach for the brownie. Excess sugar in your diet can lead to a host of health problems, from heart disease to diabetes. So shop smart: Compare labels at the supermarket and choose brands that contain fewer grams of sugar per serving, or substitute a different food entirely. Try using hot sauce instead of ketchup,

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  • 10 Weird Tricks that Prevent Colds and the Flu

    sick womansick womanBy Sarah Burns

    Cold season's arrival doesn't mean you have to be down for the count-or dole out needless dollars at the drugstore. "The newest research reveals certain lifestyle tweaks can boost your body's natural defenses to help you better fend off colds and flu," explains Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, author of Real Cause, Real Cure. Here, 10 side effect-free strategies to keep you in fighting form.

    1. Keep your toes toasty.
    A case of cold feet could lead to a lot of achoo-ing, says Ron Eccles, PhD, director of the Common Cold Centre at Britain's Cardiff University. How? Chilly tootsies tell your brain to conserve your body's heat, he explains. The brain then responds by firing messages that reduce blood flow to areas that lose heat quickly, like the mucus membranes of the sinuses. Decreased blood flow means decreased flow of infection-fighting white blood cells, leaving your body more vulnerable to viruses. Dr. Eccles's advice: Wear warm socks.

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  • Amazing Edible Easter Decorations

    By Martha Sorren 'Tis the season for sweet treats, and these nine DIY designs offer the perfect excuse to stock up on Easter candy this year. Make them with the kids and, if you feel like sharing, eat them together once the Easter bunny's left town.

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  • 9 Easy Ways to Feel Healthier and Happier in Just 24 Hours

    woman running outdoorswoman running outdoorsBy Woman's Day Staff

    Changing small portions of your day can make a huge, positive difference and add up to big results. Follow this easy guide to feel your best in the morning, afternoon and evening. Photo by Getty Images

    In the Morning

    1. Eat Protein
    Recent research shows that women who consume protein in the morning snack less on high-fat and high-sugar foods in the evening. Eggs are packed with protein and the yolks are high in vitamin B12, which helps regulate mood.

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    2. Slather on SPF

    Apply at least enough sunscreen (or moisturizer with SPF) to cover exposed skin on your face and neck-especially in the winter. Up to 80% of the sun's rays can reflect off snow, and windy weather exposes your face to harsh elements that can cause dryness and chapping.

    3. Go for a walk

    Fitness experts say that exercising outdoors (even in colder temperatures) can give you an instant energy and happiness boost first thing in the

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  • 9 Happy Surprises of Second Marriages

    By Christina Vercelletto

    Divorce can be devastating, but it doesn't mean you've blown your chance at bliss. A failed first union can prime you to spend the rest of your life feeling loved, secure and respected. Read on to learn why second marriages are often a much-improved experience over the first time.

    1. You have more in common with spouse two. Whether it's an obsession with sushi or a reputation for being the first one on the dance floor, second marriages usually unite mates with similar likes and dislikes. "Pierre lives to eat; I live to cook. I don't think my first husband would've eaten at all if he didn't have to for survival!" says Patty Morin of Fairfield, IA. "And my ex hated socializing. Yet I don't know who talks more: me or Pierre." Why the compatibility? You learn what differences you don't like from the first go-round. "You don't have to negotiate every party invitation or what's-for-dinner decision anymore," explains Tina B. Tessina, PhD, author of Money,

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  • The 5-Day Eating Plan to Lose Weight Fast

    By Joy Bauer, RD

    Nutrition expert Joy Bauer, RD, came up with this menu based on the Live Longer & Stronger challenge. The six participants lost nearly 300 pounds combined, and you can shed weight, too. Just stick with the plan on the next few slides. "The best part? You can still eat some of your standbys, but you'll also discover new favorites!" says Joy. Also, keep these guidelines in mind:

    1. Eat on a schedule. Choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner each day. Plus, enjoy an afternoon snack and the option of a daily splurge from the "Snacks & Sweets" list (slide 5).

    2. Drink water during the day, including 8 oz before lunch and dinner. The glass of H2O will fill you up, helping you eat less at mealtime.

    3. Start with vegetables at dinner. Try a salad or a broth-based vegetable soup. (The high-fiber content of the vegetable course helps to curb hunger.)

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    (serves 1)

    Oatmeal with fruit & nuts

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