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  • Amazing Edible Easter Decorations

    By Martha Sorren 'Tis the season for sweet treats, and these nine DIY designs offer the perfect excuse to stock up on Easter candy this year. Make them with the kids and, if you feel like sharing, eat them together once the Easter bunny's left town.

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  • 9 Easy Ways to Feel Healthier and Happier in Just 24 Hours

    woman running outdoorswoman running outdoorsBy Woman's Day Staff

    Changing small portions of your day can make a huge, positive difference and add up to big results. Follow this easy guide to feel your best in the morning, afternoon and evening. Photo by Getty Images

    In the Morning

    1. Eat Protein
    Recent research shows that women who consume protein in the morning snack less on high-fat and high-sugar foods in the evening. Eggs are packed with protein and the yolks are high in vitamin B12, which helps regulate mood.

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    2. Slather on SPF

    Apply at least enough sunscreen (or moisturizer with SPF) to cover exposed skin on your face and neck-especially in the winter. Up to 80% of the sun's rays can reflect off snow, and windy weather exposes your face to harsh elements that can cause dryness and chapping.

    3. Go for a walk

    Fitness experts say that exercising outdoors (even in colder temperatures) can give you an instant energy and happiness boost first thing in the

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  • 9 Happy Surprises of Second Marriages

    By Christina Vercelletto

    Divorce can be devastating, but it doesn't mean you've blown your chance at bliss. A failed first union can prime you to spend the rest of your life feeling loved, secure and respected. Read on to learn why second marriages are often a much-improved experience over the first time.

    1. You have more in common with spouse two. Whether it's an obsession with sushi or a reputation for being the first one on the dance floor, second marriages usually unite mates with similar likes and dislikes. "Pierre lives to eat; I live to cook. I don't think my first husband would've eaten at all if he didn't have to for survival!" says Patty Morin of Fairfield, IA. "And my ex hated socializing. Yet I don't know who talks more: me or Pierre." Why the compatibility? You learn what differences you don't like from the first go-round. "You don't have to negotiate every party invitation or what's-for-dinner decision anymore," explains Tina B. Tessina, PhD, author of Money,

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  • The 5-Day Eating Plan to Lose Weight Fast

    By Joy Bauer, RD

    Nutrition expert Joy Bauer, RD, came up with this menu based on the Live Longer & Stronger challenge. The six participants lost nearly 300 pounds combined, and you can shed weight, too. Just stick with the plan on the next few slides. "The best part? You can still eat some of your standbys, but you'll also discover new favorites!" says Joy. Also, keep these guidelines in mind:

    1. Eat on a schedule. Choose 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner each day. Plus, enjoy an afternoon snack and the option of a daily splurge from the "Snacks & Sweets" list (slide 5).

    2. Drink water during the day, including 8 oz before lunch and dinner. The glass of H2O will fill you up, helping you eat less at mealtime.

    3. Start with vegetables at dinner. Try a salad or a broth-based vegetable soup. (The high-fiber content of the vegetable course helps to curb hunger.)

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    (serves 1)

    Oatmeal with fruit & nuts

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  • 8 Ways to Make Book Club Meetings Unforgettable

    By Amelia Mularz

    Delicious as your snack mix is, it takes more than pretzel rods and raisins to keep your literary cohorts clamoring for more. If your group's once rapid-fire email chain has become slightly unhinged or you've already lost one member to the new season of American Idol (the nerve!), use these ideas to revive a lackluster reading group. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. Invite the author to your living room (she just might say yes).
    You can debate the author's intent until the chardonnay has run dry-or you can just ask her. Thanks to new ventures like Jean Hanff Korelitz's Book the Writer, you can get an author to your club meeting (at least in New York, Boston, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco). For $600, a writer, such as Ilene Beckerman, Jayne Anne Phillips or A.M. Homes can show up at your door raring to discuss her work. Budget-minded bookworms should pair up with another club (see point 7) to keep per-member costs low. An even cheaper

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  • 10 Foods You'd Never Expect to Be Chock-Full of Protein

    By Brianna Steinhilber

    Doubt the bagel you had for breakfast counts as a high-protein meal? Don't. While meat, eggs and nuts may come to mind when you think of good protein sources, some of your other favorite foods (like your morning bagel) are chock full of the nutrient. Keep clicking to see 10 that can help you reach the daily recommended protein intake of 46 grams in surprising and delicious ways. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. Black Bean Pasta
    25 grams per 2-ounce serving

    Although pasta's better known for its high carb content, protein's a key player in the black bean variety. Made from just beans and water, this pasta capitalizes on the high-protein black bean, packing every 2 ounces with more than a serving of salmon's worth of the nutrient. Bonus: The special spaghetti has just 17 grams of carbs, less than half of what's in standard pasta. Look for a package at your local Asian specialty store, the Asian section of your supermarket or on\


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  • 8 Smart Ways to Spring Clean Allergens Away

    By Arricca Elin SanSone

    Allergy sufferers know that the arrival of spring also means the start of sneezing, wheezing and other seasonal symptoms; according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology, more than 35 million people are affected by seasonal allergies. Aside from reaching for meds, you can also find some relief through your annual spring-cleaning routine. "A thorough once-over of your home helps control both indoor and seasonal allergens," says Sakina Bajowala, MD, Board-Certified Allergist & Immunologist with DuKane Allergy Asthma Associates in St. Charles, Illinois. "You won't completely eliminate allergens, but there are many ways to reduce exposure for you and your family." Here, a few tips to help you tidy your way to an allergen-reduced home. Photo by Shutterstock.

    1. Avoid bringing the outdoors in.
    "Know your triggers and, to keep offending allergens outside, don't open windows on days when the pollen count is elevated," recommends Andy Nish, MD, Read More »from 8 Smart Ways to Spring Clean Allergens Away
  • The 9 Biggest Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

    Diane Morey SittonBy: Olivia Putnal

    Putting shovel to soil and watching flowers and vegetables grow is one of the best parts about warm weather. Not only is gardening fun, it improves your well-being, too, since it gets you out and about in the fresh air and sunshine. But it can also become a costly and time-consuming hobby if you don't know what you're doing. Whether you've been gardening for years or are just starting out, there's always room for improvement. Read on to discover common gardening mistakes, and tips from the pros on how to correct them. Photo by: Diane Morey Sitton

    Mistake #1: Not Using Enough Mulch
    While mulch (or any other type of material-from compost to newspaper-that's used to cover the surface of your soil) is key to a healthy garden, many people just don't use enough of it. "Compost is meant to suppress weeds and hold in moisture so your plants are able to grow properly," says Amy Stewart, author of Wicked Bugs. But it does a lot more than that. Mulch also reduces the

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  • 8 Super-Speedy Spring Cleaning Tips

    By Brynn Mannino


    If you don't have time for the big, top-to-bottom seasonal ritual we call spring cleaning, you can still get the job done by tackling tasks that, when completed, send cleanliness vibes reverberating throughout the whole house. We spoke with trusted cleaning experts to find out which items on your to-do list will have the most effect on the overall appearance of your home. Read on for their time-saving suggestions. Photo by Annie Schlechter.


    1. Living Room: Media Center
    As the focal point of the living room, the media center easily becomes the catchall for stray magazines, books, video games, remote controls, etc. If not contained, the pileup can spread throughout the house-not to mention become a huge eyesore. Solve the problem by introducing like-colored boxes and baskets to contain the clutter, recommends cleaning blogger Beth Alcazar at The Neat Get Neater. "A box of old DVDs is much neater than a random pile," she says. Plus, stylish baskets will add texture

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  • 5 Fast Ways to Make Your Hair Healthier

    By Woman's Day Staff

    When the temperature outside drops, so does the moisture level in your hair. Dry strands can lose flexibility, change texture and look dull. Try these simple solutions to bring back luster. Bonus tip: Run a dryer sheet over your head to stop static. Photo by Getty Images.

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    1. "I have a lot of breakage and split ends."
    Switch to a hydrating shampoo that contains light moisturizers-it won't strip your hair of its natural oils. Try to limit your use of heated styling tools and trim away split ends every six weeks.

    Pantene Pro-V Damage Detox with Mosa Mint Oil Daily Revitalizing Shampoo ($7.49; repairs damage and helps prevent further breakage.

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    2. "My hair color just looks sad."
    Protect haircolor from fading by spritzing on a heat-protective spray before styling. Finish with a shot of shine spray

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