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  • 7 Surprising Ways Having Kids Improves Your Sex Life

    By Alina Dizik

    Sleep-deprived new parents would never believe it, but the best sex you've ever had may come after you expand your family, say therapists. "We often don't remember how the little darlings-when they're sleeping or just being ridiculously cute-make us feel about life and each other," says Pepper Schwartz, PhD, professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle and author of more than a dozen books on sex. For parents, "sex can feel like a richer, deeper and more passionate experience." While children are often dubbed sex-killers, there are unexpected ways their existence can enhance your time between the sheets, Dr. Schwartz says. Here are seven of them. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. You're more likely to schedule sex as a busy mom. Kids call for a more regimented routine, which ups the chances you'll have to pencil in time for intimacy. But that's a good thing. The longer you're married, the more sex tends to be put on the backburner, and planning ahead Read More »from 7 Surprising Ways Having Kids Improves Your Sex Life
  • 10 Foods that Help You Focus when You Need to Most

    By: Jessica Girdwain

    If you've tried loads of coffee or energy drinks to keep you awake and alert, you know that their side effects-jitters, GI distress-aren't pretty. The good news: You can eat your way out of a too-tired-to-do-anything morning or an afternoon slump in the office. These 10 foods help your brain stay focused, healthy and sharp. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. Quinoa
    Carbohydrates are the ultimate brain food. "They supply your brain with quick energy," says registered dietitian Brooke Schantz, founder of Bitchin' Nutrition. Be sure to choose complex carbs (like whole grains), which don't cause drastic blood sugar spikes as refined carbs (like doughnuts) do. Since research shows breakfast can make you more alert, include carbs in your morning meal if you want to be on top of your game in the A.M. A great alternative to hot cereal is quinoa. Serve it warm, stirring in milk and fruit, like apples or berries.

    2. Chicken
    Getting enough iron in your diet doesn't

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  • The 10 Sneakiest Red Flags in Men's Online Dating Profiles

    woman using computerwoman using computerBy Kristi Dosh

    In a perfect online dating world, the narcissists, commitment-phobes and other undesirables would label themselves as such in their profiles. But since that honesty would ruin their chances of meeting mates, they hide their unappealing qualities-or at least they think they do. We asked online dating coaches to reveal the almost-undetectable clues that you shouldn't bother with a particular fellow. Spot only one red flag amidst an otherwise stellar profile? Then he's probably worth at least an email. See more than one of the below, though, and you may want to keep on clicking. Photo by Getty Images

    1. He has only one picture.
    "If he isn't willing to provide more photos, he may be hiding something about his looks, usually his age or weight," says Virginia Roberts, an online dating coach in Seattle. Or it could signal something more troublesome if the profile's also low on written details, cautions Laurie Davis, founder of online dating consultancy eFlirt Expert and Read More »from The 10 Sneakiest Red Flags in Men's Online Dating Profiles
  • 9 Weird Tricks that Really Stop Fights with Your Guy

    SNL sketchSNL sketchBy Jane Bianchi

    Did you catch the Saturday Night Live sketch with Paul Rudd and Vanessa Bayer sitting in a diner with their divorce lawyers? The splitting couple argues nonstop-that is, until the Fleetwood Mac song "I Don't Wanna Know" comes on. Then, the two start singing and dancing, forgetting that they want a divorce. It turns out many couples have moments like this. Hearing a certain song, seeing a certain photo or even saying a certain word is all it takes to stop fighting and start laughing. Check out the creative tricks the following couples use to diffuse disputes in mere seconds. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. Do Something Silly
    "My husband purposely falls to the floor to get me to laugh and end the argument. What can I say? I grew up watching America's Funniest Home Videos," says Griffin Sutton, of Hampstead, NC. Kac Young of Cambria, CA, uses a similar strategy with her hubby. "When we have a disagreement, one of us makes a fishy face. This is the signal that

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  • Genius New Ways to Turn Your Junk into Big Bucks

    By Paula Derrow

    Take a peek in your kitchen junk drawer. Mixed in with the old rubber bands and dried-out ballpoint pens, you'll likely find outmoded devices, like that 1999 PalmPilot, or useless ink cartridges for a printer that broke during the Bush administration. But simply tossing everything feels wasteful and the landfills are plenty full already. Photo by Getty Images.

    Luckily, there are online and in-store programs that allow you to recycle your stuff so it's put to good use-and often offer payment or credit in return. Get ready to beef up your bank account and feel virtuous, to boot.

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    Make Money on Electronics and are just two of the sites that will pay for your old phones, laptop and desktop computers, tablets, digital cameras and other devices. You typically type in information about your item, hit return and see what it's worth. A nearly 10-year-old Dell laptop can earn you $69 from

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  • The Secret to a Slimmer, Happier You

    woman eating a saladwoman eating a saladBy Erin Quinlan

    Dropping a quick thank-you to the person who holds the door open for you at the store is not just polite, it may be the healthiest thing you do all day. Studies show that the regular practice of gratitude can yield major benefits, ranging from fewer doctor visits to lower heart-disease risk-and possibly even a longer life. To set the good-for-you effects in motion, gratefulness needs to be a daily habit. Here's how you can tap the power. Photo by Masterfile.

    Eat the right foods Saying grace before a meal actually helps you make better eating choices. The simple ritual of expressing gratitude can help you feel happier and avoid mindless munching by forcing you to slow down and direct your senses to the dish in front of you. When you're actually focusing on food (rather than consuming a snack in a mad dash out the door), you're more likely to pick nutritious options. And you can give yourself an additional feel-good boost by choosing these six foods.


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  • 9 New Weight Loss Strategies that Work Better Than the Old Ones

    By Jessica Girdwain

    You've heard the popular slim-down suggestions-from eating smaller portions to adding more veggies to every meal-but there are factors beyond what you put on your plate that may help you lose weight. From strolling after dinner to waking up early on the weekends, here are nine new tips you need to know. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. Eating Less Often
    Have you been eating six small meals a day because you've heard it helps regulate your metabolism? Now, preliminary research presented at an American Diabetes Association meeting suggests fewer meals may be the sweet spot. Adults with type 2 diabetes who ate two meals a day lost more weight than those who ate six with the same total calories, possibly because it led to improved insulin sensitivity. The takeaway? Don't feel pressured to eat many times a day. The best option-whether six meals or two with snacks in between-is the one that works for your lifestyle, says registered dietitian Corinne Dobbas.


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  • 7 Life-Saving Tips Veterinarians Wish Every Pet Owner Knew

    By Beth Levine

    Even though your Fluffy wouldn't hurt a fly, letting her wander is bad pet etiquette when you don't know the other animals or owners. "Plus, animals that are in pain or ill may react differently than they normally would," says Julie Legred, CVT, interim executive director, National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America. Keep pets on leashes or in carrying cases, and everyone will get along fine. Photo by Getty Images

    You may be embarrassed that you don't brush your dog's teeth or that you do share your nightly Ben & Jerry's with your kitty-or more seriously, you forgot to give your pet his meds or left a poisonous holly bush within reach. Try to remember that the vet is there to help your pet, not to judge you, and withholding facts to save face can be dangerous.

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    Yearly physical

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  • 5 Foods that Make You Look Younger

    smiling womansmiling womanBy Woman's Day Staff

    These natural remedies help your skin and teeth defy time. And they may be in your diet already! Here's what they are and how they fight aging.

    1. Oatmeal Non-processed (read: not instant) versions of this breakfast favorite are packed with amino acids and vitamin E, which nourish your skin, combat sun damage and counteract aging free radicals.

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    2. Coffee Caffeine helps constrict and stimulate blood vessels to give skin a more even appearance. So savor that cup o' joe-or take a few sips right before you want to look your absolute best.

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    3. Mozzarella Cheese Brighter-looking teeth can take years off your face. Foods high in calcium, like mozzarella (even lowfat options), protect and strengthen the enamel of your teeth. They also increase the production of saliva, which helps fight off yellowing bacteria.

    4. Grapefruit The

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  • 10 Things You Should Never Tell Yourself If You're Trying to Lose Weight

    scale in bathroomscale in bathroomBy Linda Melone

    Overeating and skipping the gym aren't the only ways to derail your weight-loss efforts: Simply telling yourself certain things could program your brain for failure. "When we consciously make negative statements about our abilities, it gets embedded in the subconscious, which can then control our behavior," says Anandhi Narasimhan, MD, a Los Angeles-based psychiatrist. What's even trickier: Some sabotaging self-talk doesn't sound that harmful! Steer clear of the following common statements to get back on the right mental track. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. "I always..." and "I never..." All-or-nothing statements, like "I always choose the unhealthiest meal at restaurants" and "I never work out as hard as I should," cause you to do that exact behavior, says Dr. Narasimhan. You feel you can't help yourself, so these become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Dr. Narasimhan suggests instead vowing to "get better every day at achieving my healthy diet and exercise goals."


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