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  • 6 Family Beauty Tips Put to the Test

    By Alexis Camp

    They gave us our looks-and their wisdom. Now, experts confirm that Mom really is always right. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. Brighten your complexion
    "From mi abuela, I learned that even if I have no time to put on a full face of makeup, I should never leave the house without swiping on lipstick. She always wore a gorgeous deep red shade to brighten up her face."


    What the expert says

    "The right lipstick shade will wake up your face," agrees New York City makeup artist Adriana Andaluz ( "The key is to focus on one feature you love, and have everything else complement it. If you're wearing a bold lip, keep the eyes simple, and don't let your blush compete with your lipstick." When you're in a rush, that swipe of red will make it look like you're wearing more makeup than you really are.

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    2. Clear your pores

    "My Aunt Yolanda told me to do a

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  • Secrets to Making 9 Pricey Home Appliances Last Longer

    woman using a dishwasherwoman using a dishwasherBy Marlisse Cepeda

    Stay Out of the Store!

    With most major home appliances costing hundreds to thousands, it pays to get as many years of use from them as you can. Even though each product's exact lifespan depends on the model, a little TLC goes a long way. From how often to clean them to which parts to keep tabs on, following the manufacturer's care manual and referring to the tips that follow will save you big. Photo by Getty Images.

    Refrigerators and Freezers
    According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), refrigerators can last up to 13 years, while freezers have a lifespan of 11 to 12. To get the most out of your fridge, Rick Muscoplat of The Family Handyman Magazine advises dusting off the compressor coils-usually in the back or bottom-every six months. Skip doing this, and the coils won't effectively remove heat from inside, which causes the appliance's compressor to run longer and hotter-and fail faster. Another part to pay attention to: the door's

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  • The 8 Most Amazing Deals You'll Ever Hear About

    By Ilisa Cohen

    These readers found crazy-deep discounts on everything from designer clothes to Broadway shows. Now, they're sharing how they did it. Keep clicking to see their tricks for getting what you want for less. Photo by Getty Images

    $23 Dream Jeans
    Kendal Perez, Fort Collins, CO
    "I saw the perfect pair of dark red jeans at The Limited-but they were $75. I tried less expensive stores, but no other similar pair looked quite as good. I'd almost given up when I saw a promotion on for 50% off up to three items at the store. Then I combined that with a $15 reward I'd earned using The Limited's Couture credit card. I ultimately ended up paying just $23 for the jeans I wanted. Score!"
    Her Secret: Patience.
    Of course you want a coveted item as soon as you see it, but it can pay to wait until the right promotion comes along.

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    $15 Souvenir Sweatshirt

    Ashley Hardesty, Boston
    "My boyfriend

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  • 7 Incredible Foods that Fight Signs of Aging

    By Woman's Day Staff

    Did you know the fountain of youth could be right in your kitchen? These age-fighting foods minimize wrinkles, keep skin smooth and more. Click through to discover what to eat now to benefit your looks for a lifetime. Photo by Michael Waring; Hair by Benjamin Thigpen for Artists by Timothy Priano; Makeup by Sue Pike for Sally Harlor.

    1. Mangos

    Minimize fine lines and wrinkles

    Mango is loaded with vitamins A and C. Together they work hard to brighten and promote cell turnover for smoother, more youthful-looking skin.


    Skin-softening mask

    1 mango (peeled and sliced)

    1 egg white

    In a blender, purée the mango, then add the egg white. Whip the mixture until stiff. Apply with your fingertips to your face and neck using upward strokes. Let it sit on skin for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Finish with a dose of face lotion.

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    2. Tomatoes

    Protect yourself from the

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  • 10 Surprising Traits Men Who Cheat Have in Common

    By Christina Vercelletto

    Certain signs of infidelity are clear: lipstick on the collar, smell of perfume and Sunday-night business meetings. But there are less-obvious characteristics that almost all cheaters share. Do one or two of these a philanderer make? Not necessarily. But if the below rings true about your guy and your instincts tell you something's not right, you might want to check that collar. Photo by Thinkstock

    1. He's secretive, especially about his phone.

    He's on it more often (and often outside), he ignores calls, he changes his passcode frequently or he suddenly starts leaving it in the office or car. He's trying to lock you out of his life, literally and figuratively. "Trust your gut here and confront him," says Danine Manette, a professional investigator and author of Ultimate Betrayal: Recognizing, Uncovering and Dealing with Infidelity. "Most betrayed women report that they saw this sign, but either ignored it or explained it away."

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  • Heart-Healthy Fats You Must Have in Your Diet—and Where to Find Them

    avocados, olives and nutsavocados, olives and nutsBy Karen Ansel, RD

    Tops for Your Ticker
    Trying to eat healthier? Instead of avoiding all fat, pay attention to the type that's on your plate. Experts say up to 35% of your daily calories can come from good fats, so focus on the three best kinds for your heart. Photo by Rita Maas/Getty Images.

    Monounsaturated Fats
    How they help: Not only do they lower harmful LDL cholesterol, they may also boost beneficial HDL.

    Best sources: Avocados, olives, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and certain oils (olive and canola).

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    Omega-6 Fatty Acids
    How they help: These polyunsaturated fats help control both total and LDL cholesterol.

    Best sources: Sunflower and pumpkin seeds, walnuts and oils such as soybean and corn.

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids
    How they help: In addition to protecting against irregular heart rhythms, they clean up harmful fats known as triglycerides in your blood and keep arteries clear of plaque.

    Best sources: Oily

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  • 'We Lost 254 Pounds'

    By Woman's Day Staff

    MICHELLE AFTER: 150 lb

    BRIAN BEFORE: 294 lb
    BRIAN AFTER: 190 lb

    When we got married in 2007, we were both overweight. We grew up in households where we "buttered our butter" and weren't active. Plus, we ate fast food every day. We were shocked by how bloated we looked in honeymoon photos. We thought, We're going to die young if we keep this up. In January 2008, we tried a low-carb diet, but it wasn't sustainable. Too strict! After seeing Brian's mom and sister lose a combined 120 pounds with Weight Watchers, we decided to give it a shot in December 2008.

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    We learned about portion control and how to plan our meals. Every Sunday, we discussed what we were going to eat each day, made a grocery list, then shopped and prepped for the week. This ritual helped us avoid temptation during busy days and was key to our success.


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  • Do You Have Caffeine Use Disorder–or Do You Just Love Coffee?

    cup of coffeecup of coffeeBy Kristen Fischer

    It seems most people need a jolt from java in the morning (and maybe a few more boosts later in the day), but for some, that regular hankering can actually be Caffeine Use Disorder (CUD). The World Health Organization recognizes CUD, as they do other drug dependencies-not that you've necessarily heard of CUD before. So how do you know if you have it? That's what Laura Juliano, PhD, a psychology professor at American University, set out to determine when she teamed up with colleagues to specify CUD's symptoms and causes in a review just published in the Journal of Caffeine Research. Photo by Jonny Valiant; Prop styling by Marina Malchin.

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    Not surprisingly, CUD symptoms include a strong urge for caffeine, an increasing tolerance to it and trouble regulating how much of it you have. "The negative effects of caffeine are often not recognized because it's a socially acceptable and widely consumed drug Read More »from Do You Have Caffeine Use Disorder–or Do You Just Love Coffee?
  • The 10 Best Ways to Make a Friend Feel Special

    By Jane Bianchi

    When I walked in the door after two weeks away with my husband, I was hit with reality: There was no food in our home, and we were too exhausted after our six-hour flight to go grocery shopping. Then, a delivery man showed up with a giant box of treats, from mini bagels and cream cheese to butternut squash soup. These surprise "welcome home" goodies were courtesy of my friend Sarah-and were the most thoughtful gift I've ever received. I was so touched that she seemed to read my mind and know exactly what I wanted. Now I'm trying to be more like Sarah and do something sweet for my friends on occasion. If you'd like to join me in making others smile, check out these clever ideas. Realizing how grateful you are for your friends is bound to lift your spirits too. Photo by Getty Images

    1. Celebrate Exciting News
    We tend to commemorate major milestones-new baby! big birthday!-but your pal's promotion, weight loss and other accomplishments are worth recognizing, too. Read More »from The 10 Best Ways to Make a Friend Feel Special
  • Body Parts that Can Stand in for 6 Common Food Measurements

    By Jillian Thaw

    Surprising Substitutes

    Whether you're wondering how much of your super-size restaurant meal to eat or how much peanut butter to put on your sandwich, use your hands. They're excellent for estimating everything from a teaspoon to a cup to a few ounces. "Be honest, though," cautions Allison Kerin, Director of Employee Wellness and Recognition at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. For instance, "my fist is the proper one-cup size-but using your partner's bigger hands is cheating!" Keep clicking to learn to which measurements your fingers, palm and more correspond. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. One Teaspoon

    When cooking with fats like mayonnaise, oils and butter, the tip of your thumb (to the first knuckle) is a great visual aid for putting the right amount in the pan. Use it for estimating baking ingredients too. When you're out to eat and want a bite of your hubby's dish, consider taking two thumb tips' worth. "That satisfies a craving," says

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