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  • Do You Have Caffeine Use Disorder–or Do You Just Love Coffee?

    cup of coffeecup of coffeeBy Kristen Fischer

    It seems most people need a jolt from java in the morning (and maybe a few more boosts later in the day), but for some, that regular hankering can actually be Caffeine Use Disorder (CUD). The World Health Organization recognizes CUD, as they do other drug dependencies-not that you've necessarily heard of CUD before. So how do you know if you have it? That's what Laura Juliano, PhD, a psychology professor at American University, set out to determine when she teamed up with colleagues to specify CUD's symptoms and causes in a review just published in the Journal of Caffeine Research. Photo by Jonny Valiant; Prop styling by Marina Malchin.

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    Not surprisingly, CUD symptoms include a strong urge for caffeine, an increasing tolerance to it and trouble regulating how much of it you have. "The negative effects of caffeine are often not recognized because it's a socially acceptable and widely consumed drug Read More »from Do You Have Caffeine Use Disorder–or Do You Just Love Coffee?
  • The 10 Best Ways to Make a Friend Feel Special

    By Jane Bianchi

    When I walked in the door after two weeks away with my husband, I was hit with reality: There was no food in our home, and we were too exhausted after our six-hour flight to go grocery shopping. Then, a delivery man showed up with a giant box of treats, from mini bagels and cream cheese to butternut squash soup. These surprise "welcome home" goodies were courtesy of my friend Sarah-and were the most thoughtful gift I've ever received. I was so touched that she seemed to read my mind and know exactly what I wanted. Now I'm trying to be more like Sarah and do something sweet for my friends on occasion. If you'd like to join me in making others smile, check out these clever ideas. Realizing how grateful you are for your friends is bound to lift your spirits too. Photo by Getty Images

    1. Celebrate Exciting News
    We tend to commemorate major milestones-new baby! big birthday!-but your pal's promotion, weight loss and other accomplishments are worth recognizing, too. Read More »from The 10 Best Ways to Make a Friend Feel Special
  • Body Parts that Can Stand in for 6 Common Food Measurements

    By Jillian Thaw

    Surprising Substitutes

    Whether you're wondering how much of your super-size restaurant meal to eat or how much peanut butter to put on your sandwich, use your hands. They're excellent for estimating everything from a teaspoon to a cup to a few ounces. "Be honest, though," cautions Allison Kerin, Director of Employee Wellness and Recognition at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. For instance, "my fist is the proper one-cup size-but using your partner's bigger hands is cheating!" Keep clicking to learn to which measurements your fingers, palm and more correspond. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. One Teaspoon

    When cooking with fats like mayonnaise, oils and butter, the tip of your thumb (to the first knuckle) is a great visual aid for putting the right amount in the pan. Use it for estimating baking ingredients too. When you're out to eat and want a bite of your hubby's dish, consider taking two thumb tips' worth. "That satisfies a craving," says

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  • 10 Surprising Things Divorced Men Have in Common

    By Deborah Skolnik

    Though their reasons for divorcing may vary, men whose marriages fell apart are fairly similar-beyond having ex-wives and legal bills that'll keep their attorneys in silk ties for decades. Here, the traits many formerly married guys share-even before their relationships end-with expert advice to prevent your husband from joining their club. Photo by Getty Images

    1. They're shocked.
    That's because about 70% of the time, it's the wife who files for divorce. "Women tell me, 'I've been warning him for years.' The husband responds, 'But I didn't know she was serious!'" says Michelle Crosby, a family attorney in San Francisco and co-founder of Wevorce, a company dedicated to amicable divorces. Lesson: Air grievances before they fester, suggests Kimberly Friedmutter, a life-management coach in Malibu, CA-and be specific. "Instead of saying, 'You always embarrass me!' explain, 'When you're late for dinner with our friends, I feel embarrassed.'" If you aren't getting Read More »from 10 Surprising Things Divorced Men Have in Common
  • How to Lower College Tuition Costs

    By MP Dunleavey

    Carolyn's Story

    When Carolyn's son, Joey, was 2, his grandparents announced they were setting aside money for his education. She and her husband, Joe, didn't know how much, but the money had time to grow, so they were optimistic. "We hoped it might even cover Joey's two younger sisters," she says. Photo by Shutterstock.

    Flash forward 16 years, when they got the check…for almost $21,000. "We were so grateful," she says, but that amount worked out to only $6,900 for each child. Joe's construction business was hard-hit in recent years, so they'd only saved a few thousand. Meanwhile, Joey had been accepted at his dream school, a private college that would cost about $41,000 a year.

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    I completely understand why the Thurmonds didn't ask what dollar figure to expect when Joey's grandparents first made their offer: Money is an awkward topic, period-never mind when you're receiving a large gift.

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  • Does it Pay to Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances?

    woman shopping for energy-efficient applianceswoman shopping for energy-efficient appliancesBy Brooke Showell

    There's no doubt that energy-efficient appliances are good for the planet-they use less power and lower greenhouse gas emissions. But is paying up to 20% more logical? That depends on the machine you replace, your lifestyle and how you shop. Here's how to ensure you're making a cost-effective move. Photo by Corbis.

    Who knew?
    Refrigerators built in the early 1990s use twice the amount of energy that today's models do. A bottom door freezer is the most efficient type.

    • The average U.S. family runs its dishwasher 110 times a year. Pre-1994 models tend to add about $40 per year to your utility bill.

    • On average, a new energy-efficient washing machine costs only $85 to run each year and uses 20% less energy than a regular model.

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    √ Do your research
    There are more than 60 categories of energy-efficient products, and there can be a big difference between two very similar-looking models. LookRead More »from Does it Pay to Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances?
  • 'I was Adopted...By A 70-Year-Old Single Woman"

    By Juanita Hotchkiss, as told to Barbara Hustedt Crook

    In 1986, Woman's Day ran an article about Marjorie Hotchkiss, a 70-year-old single woman in upstate New York, who adopted a baby girl (Juanita [left] was 5 when our article appeared). Click here to read it. Here is the rest of her story. Photo by Susan Pittard/Studio D; hair and makeup by Jen Navaro

    No child should go through what I did-which is why I turned my own tough times into a career helping others.
    When I was little, I knew my life wasn't like other kids'. My mom was as old as their grandmas, for one thing, and didn't drive, so friends would take me to doctor's appointments and dance class. But she was warm and wonderful, always singing show tunes and reading me poetry. It was her lifelong dream to have a child, and I felt very loved.

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    Then, in 1990, when I was 8 and she was 78, she was diagnosed with cancer. I was terrified that she'd Read More »from 'I was Adopted...By A 70-Year-Old Single Woman"
  • How to Burn Calories Without Exercise

    Getty ImagesGetty ImagesBy Denise Schipani

    Splurging on a gym membership isn't the only way to weight loss. What you eat is obviously important, but how you eat can also help you reach your goal weight. Click through for nutrition tips that could help boost your metabolism. Try these pointers for yourself and you could drop 10 pounds-no sweat! Photo by Getty Images.

    Rev Up Your Metabolism with...

    Healthy Fats

    Research has found that eating fat for breakfast turns on your fat-burning switch and helps your body use more calories all day long.

    Try these foods in the A.M.:

    2 eggs cooked in 1 Tbsp olive or canola oil

    2 Tbsp peanut butter on whole-wheat toast

    Sliced avocado on English muffin with 1 slice of cheese

    Cold Water

    One study showed that drinking two 8-oz glasses of water increased metabolism by 30%-and cold water boosted the burn a bit more.

    Sip a glass of water (or unsweetened iced tea, which will also give you a shot of caffeine) with each meal. For added

    Read More »from How to Burn Calories Without Exercise
  • The 4 Biggest Myths About Cholesterol--and the Truth Behind Them

    woman holding heartwoman holding heartBy Erin Quinlan

    Keep your finger on the pulse of medical thinking as three Woman's Day Heart Health Advisory Board members share tips for a healthier ticker. Photo by Getty Images

    Myth 1: 'Bad' cholesterol is the best measure of risk.

    Cholesterol is an alphabet soup of lipids: There's HDL (the "good" kind), LDL (the harmful kind that combines with other substances to form plaque) and triglycerides (proteins that stoke inflammation). To cut the risk of heart disease and stroke, you may assume your top priority is squelching those last two troublemakers. Not so fast. For women, having a low level of HDL-the good cholesterol-may be a greater risk than having a high level of the bad cholesterol. Safe limits for LDL vary depending on your personal risk factors. A healthy nonsmoker with no family history should aim for an LDL of less than 160 mg/dL, while a woman who has multiple risk factors should keep her LDL under 100 mg/dL. Since your body depends on HDL to fight

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  • Give Old Sweaters New Life with This $2 Craft

    By Woman's Day Staff

    For our second DIY Challenge, we asked you to show us creative new uses for old sweaters. The winner? This woolly wreath from Anna Chase of DeSoto, TX. Photo by Sarah Anne Ward/Studio D; Prop styling by Gerri Williams.

    Anna, who blogs at, cut six sweaters into 4" x 4" squares, folded them in half and strung them onto a 26"-long piece of 12-gauge aluminum beading wire. Then she twisted and interlocked the ends of the wire to secure.

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    TIME 40 MIN

    COST $2

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    6 to 8 old sweaters
    Scissors 12-gauge aluminum beading wire
    Wire cutter

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    1. Choose your favorite sections of each sweater. Using the scissors, carefully cut 4" x 4" squares from the sweater sections, keeping each design or color

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