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  • Let's All Raise Hell Together!

    If the Good Lord would like me to help Him raise some Hell, I'll certainly do my best. If the Law of Hell is "the more you have, the more you want", I know of a way to break it. I'll let you know how, and we can all raise Hell together! Simply, SHARE.

  • Beware of Japanese Junk

    I read on internet news that flotsam from the Japanese disaster will be hitting U.S. beaches in a couple of years. Much of it could be contaminated with radiation.

  • The Secret of Heaven

    Here is the Law of Hell and also a Law of Political Science. The more you've got, the more you want. So you have all those with plenty of power and wealth, who actually live in Hell. On the other hand, you feel so much better in Heaven simply because you've got nothing to lose. You don't have to worry.

  • Sweet Dreams

    For all the hell I gotta go through, or for all my other shortcomings, I have one great, blessed gift: I sleep well.

  • Mind Your Own Business

    Germany learned a great lesson after WWII--it does better for itself when it minds its own business. Our country needs to take a lesson.

  • Cool It!

    I believe President Obama needs a nap too. He'll learn a tough lesson unless he stops listening to all his generals, and listens to the American people. The American people are sick to death of war. This country has enough problems to deal with. President Obama needs to learn to limit his own power, so this country doesn't go the way of tyrants like Hitler. I don't give a damned if they're Democrats or Republicans, we need leaders who can respect foreign neighbors, in the hope that even despots can learn to listen to their own people. If we impose our will on others, that doesn't make us a democracy, that makes us a tyranny, and the American people won't stand for that. Let's take care of America's business first, at home, not fighting foreign wars abroad.

  • Quiet!

    Stop throwing ordinance at Ghaddafi. Allow an old, grumpy man to take a nap.

  • Think Peace

    How long is Blutlust--blood lust--sanitized violence--going to go on? Isn't it about time we started thinking Peace?

  • Isn't This a Bit Expensive?

    President Obama just spent one billion dollars in an attempt to remove power from Ghaddafi's brain. Isn't this act a little out of hand? Particularly when all it would take is a good nap and a change of heart on Ghaddafi's part. If Obama gets Ghaddafi riled, the ensuing war could cost a hell of a lot more. Do you see the fallacy of political power?

  • Oh No, Godzilla!

    With all the troubles in Japan, what if Japan were actually the creature, Godzilla? What if Godzilla decided to take a swim around the Pacific Rim?


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