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  • Withdraw From Power

    There are two ways you can go about the power process: you can assume it the way politicians do, or you can withdraw it the way Ghandhi did. Assuming power is easy, but withdrawing from it is very slow and can be painful. Withdrawal can take years. It's best not to assume very much power in the first place, and do some meditation to drain it everyday. This is way many people smoke, they want a cigarette, they smoke it, and the smoke helps them do withdrawal. A little bit of crap goes a long way in the draining process. Ghadafi and his friends assumed much of the country's power, and it really sucks to have to withdraw from it. That's why he won't easily withdraw. They never do. Thank your lucky stars you're not in Ghadafi's position.

  • Goof Off!

    The Universe we live in is essentially a goof off Universe. Why? Because goofing off is how we restore incentive. The Universe is very efficient because it lasts forever by essentially goofing off. Goofing off is how we find patience. You'd be surprised how much work you can accomplish by simply goofing off.

  • Too Many Doubting Thomases

    What would you do if you could find Heaven on Earth by being yourself, but were surrounded by a pile of Doubting Thomases? You'd probably keep to yourself, wouldn't you?

  • Decentralized Responsibility

    This is a lesson on how to implement a decentralized management style. I learned the technique while firefighting for the Federal Government in Interior Alaska. First, rather than have one Chief and a pile of Indians to do the job, the idea is to take turns being Chief and Indians. The general idea is to get the job done, not clash over job responsibilities. Everybody takes turns dealing with responsibility. Whoever is the leader for the day, everybody else offers feedback for an effective organization. This way a leader doesn't burn out with over responsibility, as everyone gets the chance. All personnel learn to lead and to follow. This results in excellent cohesiveness within the organization. You'd be surprised how well this works!

  • Away With Tyranny!

    I know how to eliminate all tyrannies forever. Decentralize all government. One person, one vote.

  • Raise Hell!

    Would you like to know what Hell looks like? It's a blue ice ball about the size of the planet Jupiter, with a "have a happy day" smiley face looking directly at planet Earth from just outside the solar system. Hell is a totally centralized system, comprised of about a billion souls inside, mostly women and a few good Greek warriors.

    During wartime or rapid economic expansion, power is highly centralized around Earth, into the brains of political leaders, who suction it from the masses, through the Hegelian engine. Hell, in turn, coerces and suctions raw power from leaders' heads, This power is what holds Hell together and drives it. Without an easy supply of power, Hell would rot and fall apart. As it is, even nuclear bombs cannot penetrate the ice fortress, sealed by power from our planet.

    There is a way to stop this coercive Hegelian headache. Simply decentralize all political power and stop fighting. Rather than assume political power the way politicians do, why not meditate and

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  • Smile and Laugh for Cryin" Out Loud!

    The idea is to smile and laugh at politicians. Then maybe they'll understand.

  • Peace on Earth

    What would this world be like if the politicians didn't issue threats, and the military didn't carry them out?

  • A Sound Universe

    What does Universe mean? One verse or song. Sound. Our Universe is based on sound. All we need to do is listen more to see if reason is sound. Our Universe tends to be stable or sound most of the time, until wars disrupt it. Then it does what it has to do to stabilize itself to stop the threat. Wars are noisy, peace is sound. Listen up!

  • Not Beyond Comprehension

    If science cannot build machines to do the work, can human beings be engineered to do it? Like fight wars?


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