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  • How About Sharing a Little?

    With the rich getting richer, this prospect shouldn't last too long. Here is a Law of Political Science: the more you have, the more you want. So what you have with the rich, are power hungry gluttons in the process of over-consumption. At this rate, they shouldn't last long. High blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, street drugs, and heavy alcohol use takes its toll, as well as high anxiety over how to keep their wealth as well as their health. All the wealthy have to do is learn to share.

  • The Self-sufficient Kulak Works!

    I've been researching whether or not the Kulak (old Russian term for small farm in the northern region) can still work. My brother demonstrated, season after season, that even in cold, rainy summers, the Kulak can supply the farmer and at least six other families with a large assortment of fresh organic vegetables and potatoes. The Kulak is very efficient for what it can do, unlike the large collective farms which waste so much produce in transit, and take expensive machinery to harvest the crop. In the northern region, the Kulak produces local foods full of nutrients, without causing obesity in its consumers. Together with subsistence fishing and hunting, raising some poultry, pork, and local dairy, and berry picking, the northern region can be largely self-sustainable.

  • What the Hell's Happened to Reason?

    What is going on in the Middle East war these days? Nobody's particularly talking. I'll just bet the opposing forces are beating the crap out of each other. Now, how about negotiating in good faith. How about listening to Reason.

  • I'll Say This Only Once

    The reason you do housework is to keep your head out of the refrigerator.

  • A LIttle Maintenance is All It Takes

    Here is a rule of thumb which won't earn you a hell of a paycheck, but it's true. With a little maintenance, a clean house tends to stay clean.

  • Answers

    I know how to stop the war in the Middle East. Put down your weapons and negotiate.
    I know how to end the nation's obesity problem. Eat a normal diet.
    I know how to end gluttony. Share.

    I can't get a job teaching this stuff to save my butt.

  • Dream a Little

    What's the problem with this country? The gluttons are so fat with overconsumption because they cannot share. You've got to be patient with them until they do. Remember, there's no gluttony in Heaven. No one there has anything because they couldn't take anything with them but their souls. Heaven is basically broke. That's why the rich can't get into Heaven. You can't fight over wealth in Heaven because there isn't any. What you do find in Heaven is warmth, because it is the Source of all our energy.

  • Don't Say I Told You So!

    I'm sick and tired of Sarah Palin's continual rise to power. From what I've read, she fits the facts to suit her purposes. I urge everyone to read the history of Hitler's ascension to power in Nazi Germany before WWII. Sarah Palin is doing the exact same thing, by mustering the national religious conservatives, which sounds very much like the national socialists of Hitler's Germany. When Hitler gained the support of big business and the Church of Rome, there wasn't much stopping him.

    This is why we have a separation of church and state in this country, to keep political leaders from assuming what they consider the Divine Right of God in their reach for power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just look at all the flag waving, all the crowd admiration, amidst the bouts of bipolar rage out of Sarah's mouth. Get her on some lithium, NOW! All is sweetness and light as she goes up, but hell to pay when she falls back down. If she assumes too much power, she could jeopardize the lives of

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  • Self Determinism in the Middle East

    I was playing some Middle East music on the piano today, and all I could do was screw up the playing of the song. I came to the conclusion that Middle East music is screwed up by design. You don't play it right unless you screw it up, or you play it screwed up. The Middle East is that way. The music itself is screwed up, the people are screwed up, and the physical region itself is screwed up. They beat the hell out of the Russians, and they'll beat the hell out of us too, because all they wish is autonomy to fix their own affairs. They beat hell out of anybody who meddles with them. If all they with is self-rule, give them self-rule, particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Don't meddle with somebody who has already been beaten by the elements. All they can possibly do is improve their own situation, without our help. yAcM

  • "Hello, My Name is Gussuck!"

    I have an urgent plea for the U.S. Government. I read in the Anchorage Daily News this morning that several Alaska Natives in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta have recently committed suicide. Due to strong Russian cultural influence over several thousand years, the Alaska Natives tend to do things as a group. I learned this while working with many villagers years ago as their boss, putting out forest fires. Pertaining to suicide, it isn't the first one or two, it's the five or six or more behind it which is of grave concern.

    It has to do with their food supply. Salmon is their main staple, and King salmon is their creature comfort food. If a village is not eating well (particularly if they don't have their King salmon as primary creature comfort), the kids sacrifice themselves because they think their village will eat better without them. They get all screwed up and swim the Kuskokwim River lengthwise. Or sniff gasoline.

    The problem is, Bristol Bay fishermen are taking the villagers' food

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