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  • I Wonder, Do You?

    With everything I've been through, the question might be raised, am I credible? The best I can do is get people to wonder, and if they wonder, they just might think for themselves.

  • Corrupt Capital

    Let me explain why a system based on the profit motive is inherently corrupt. In a society which is created essentially equal, you have those at the top who hoard everything, and displace those at the bottom with nothing and no hope, because those at the top refuse to share. This system of inequality can become in institutionalized caste system for many generations. Eventually though, the wealthy lose everything, because you cannot take it with you. So why make life miserable for those at the bottom, since not only do we arrive equal, we leave Earth equal.

  • Don't Put Me in the Briar Patch!

    I'm Brar Rabbit. Brar Fox won't put me in the briar patch. I've been there before. Brar Fox is afraid I might just be at home there. Brar Fox is afraid I just might come up with a solution! The briar patch is far more intelligent than Brar Fox knows!

  • The Land of the Damned

    The behavioralists can dream up all kinds of ways to kill a person's Spirit and enforce behavior modification standards. This is precisely why rebellion sets in. The primary reason the country is hooked on all kinds of escape methods such as food, alcohol, street drugs, and you name it, is because of rebellion. Take away the primary cause and people gladly return to normality. Enforce behavior modification, and everything goes haywire. Do you ever get the feeling, something stinks? It does! Sooner or later the dung hits the fan.

  • The Land of the Obsolete

    Well, it looks like Big Brother and his friends threw away my college education, my original thesis I wrote in college, all my work experience, indeed, my job, any hopes of a future job, my social life, my 20 years of volunteer community service, and by the looks of it, my newly published book. I got thrown away and left for dead. How many of you feel the same way too? How come there's no incentive left in this country? It's time to rock and roll!

  • Food--A Street Drug?

    With two thirds of our Nation overweight or obese, food has become nothing more than a street drug for many. If you'd really like to feel good, get some exercise and let your body produce endorphins--your body's own chemical morphine.

  • Away With Hell!

    In a decentralized system, everyone has a decent chance. In a centralized system, everything's locked up tighter than a bull's butt. I'm telling this to you straight.

  • The Reformation of the Middle Manager

    There is a widening chasm between Conservatives and Liberals in Congress. It is destined to get worse because each side is not listening to one another, but remain staunch in their ideologies. How do you fit a square peg into a round hole? What America needs is the reemergence of a go-between, a middle manager.

    Years ago that was just my job: to act as a go-between to get overhead management and Native village crews to work together to put the fire out. We need such an agent all over America to get everyone to interact to get the job done. Let's get off the escape drugs and get into interaction!

    For example, Conservatives think they need tax cuts to create jobs in the private sector. Liberals wish to create jobs in government, or the social sector. What difference does it make whether a person has a job in the private or social sector as long as the job gets done. People like meaningful jobs where they can interact without fear of losing their jobs. So many middle managers, including

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  • Perplexed

    Several colleges have contacted me and suggested I go back to school. But they charge anywhere from $250 to $525 per credit hour. Back when I went to college years ago, school cost $20 per credit hour.

    The counselors advised me to take out a student loan. But how much sense does it make to be mired in debt to pay for school at age 58? Back in my day we could work all summer to pay for school all winter. I was told repeatedly that for a better paying job, I'd have to have a paper qualification.

    I've got seven eights of a degree and loads of Alaska field experience. I've also done 20 years of volunteer community service in the field of mental health. I've also published a book. Just what the hell are they looking for? School doesn't look reasonable at all.

    I finally said, "Look, if I'm going to school, I need a way to pay for it. I'm currently waiting on the results of my book. Then I'll consider going back to school." They fell silent.

    By the way, the name of the book is, "The Great

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  • A Handy Little Secret

    Here's a little secret to remaining off addictions. If you keep your wants to a minimum, you don't have to become so terribly hooked on food, alcohol, sex, or street drugs. Remember, the problem is not too little, the problem is too much.


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