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  • Eat Your Oatmeal

    Listen. I've got a sure fire method to help you lose weight and it's nothing special, and doesn't cost much. When you get up in the morning, eat a small dish of oatmeal. Don't put any crap in it. If it tastes bland, it's meant to. The point I'm making is that for some magic reason, it sticks with you all day. Skip lunch. Then eat a sensible dinner with vegetables included. No snacks. If you waiver a little bit, it's ok. But eat that small, bland dish of oatmeal in the morning, religiously. That's how I lost 40 pounds and kept it off. It works!

  • Turn the Swords into Plowshares!

    Couldn't we do something better with our lives? Couldn't we turn the swords into plowshares? Let's replace the bullets with polaskis and fight forest fires and save the trees!

  • Make Room for the Rest of Us

    Much of the "work" being done doesn't have to be done to insure that there is a more equitable distribution amongst us dummies who are not Wall Street whizzes at the computer. Some of these investors need to learn to share so they don't fill themselves up with wealth and power and become ripe for heart attacks and such. Maybe a better job for them would be to do some common chores like take out the garbage and do the dishes. It's better for them and it's better for the rest of us Americans.

  • Do Something Dumb

    If Big Brother rules the masses through the power of his "intellect", do something absolutely dumb like smoke a cigarette or put your shoes on the wrong feet, or something like that. Look cross-eyed at each other. Big Brother can't stand it if we do something dumb once in a while. It actually eases your mind and screws up his. The Three Stooges are absolutely RIGHT!

  • Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk, Long Live the Three Stooges!

    Welcome to Hell. Hell is kept in place by sorcery. You can tell by the way events are quelled to controlled non-events by Big Brother. Only approved items get through, everything else is snuffed out in a day or two. Welcome to the system of power and control where everything is either forbidden or costs too much. If any of us had our druthers, we'd bust out-o-here. The hippies tried during the Vietnam era and failed. We all got stuck in Hell. But the worse it gets, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk, the Three Stooges are here to lead the way! Because in a bi-directional, open and shut, computer controlled society, we work in threes. Threeson. We short circuit power and control, and leave Big Brother with withdrawal. Moe, Larry, and Curley Joe.

  • Burn that Fat!

    Let's face it. The baby boomers are getting older, and many of them will have to work longer. But many of them haven't worked very hard, they've put on quite a bit of lard. Well, they'll just have to work it off, or die of heart attacks. We'll get through this budget problem somehow. All we need to do is convince them to get some exercise and eat a normal diet. If it means they'll need to work a little harder, so be it.

  • What Happened to Spontaniety?

    It gets pretty dull, doesn't it? The caste system is so rigid, you need a college degree before the authorities will allow you to do anything. In the olden days we learned our job skills O.J.T. We were also allowed to use our people skills without having to have a degree in behavioral engineering. Programmed behavior is downright dull, isn't it?

  • It Works LIke Magic!

    So our National economy is down in the dumps. It's been that way before. Everything works in cycles. The question is, when will we get an upturn? Just as soon as you throw away logic. Programmed results never work. If you'd really like to see the economy pick up steam, find the irrational reason for it to do so. What you'll find is, when everything goes to Hell, it turns around by something only the wizards understand. It recovers by MAGIC!

  • Apply a Little Magic and See What Happens!

    Probably the best time to snare a job is when the economy is flat. A potential employer doesn't like to see thousands of the unemployed loitering around a soup kitchen, when all the employer needs to ask these people, "Can you contribute to my business?" What the boss needs to understand is that it's incentive from the little guy which builds his/her business. Most jobs are fairly run-of-the-mill routine jobs. But if the employer can inspire incentive to work, you'd be surprised what can be tapped from just the average person, because there may be other considerations besides pay. The key is to find that little magic which uplifts his/her business.

  • I Seriously Doubt Progress

    Listen. I have very serious doubts about progress. Every time a big project goes up, sooner or later it fails and causes serious environmental catastrophe. I sit down, smoke a cigarette, and question why the project had to be built in the first place. A project fails, I smoke a cigarette, another project fails, I smoke another cigarette. If you'd like me to quit smoking, stop building projects, and allow the environment to restore itself. Then I can restore myself too. Anyone care to join me?


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