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  • The best Will Ferrell comedy clips with food in them

    by Sarah Fuss, Shine Staff

    By now, you've probably heard that Will Ferrell has a new movie out, that it's not very funny, nor is it meant to be. Based on a sober Raymond Carver short story, Everything Must Go follows an alcoholic through five days where he loses everything. So no, it's not a lot like those big comedy blockbusters Ferrell is known for, which is probably why it's received so much critical praise. In nearly every scene of the movie, including in one shower scene, Will carries a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, the aluminum badge of his addiction. As hope intercedes, bacon takes the place of beer, and we are reminded that a lot, a lot of our favorite Will Ferrell scenes have food (and beer) inside them...

    With his PBR in Everything Must Go:

    In Talledega Nights Ricky Bobby gives thanks for the bountiful harvest of fast food. Since when was comedy ever PC anyway?

    Possibly the best line from Old School: "Once it hits your lips."

    Buddy, the elf, expresses his special love of

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  • Famous food fights on film: From Michael Jackson to Kim Kardashian

    by Sarah Fuss, Shine Staff

    With most schools not quite out for summer, the impending freedom can create an atmosphere that we like to call food-fight weather. As you'll see below, not all food fights involve cafeterias, but they had to have originated there with some furious school administrator blowing a whistle and a lunch lady taking cover. As adults we've come to recognize how disrespectful food fights are. The next best thing to participating in one is watching...

    Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin attack John Landis after filming the landmark video "Black or White." We think Michael actually says there are stink bombs inside the pies.

    Probably the most famous food fight on film, this scene from Animal House depicts John Belushi taking on the preppies, the ROTC, and everyone else inside the college cafeteria.

    Is there a nostalgia greater than that evoked by '70s and '80s camp movies? This cafeteria food fight from Little Darlings is really about feathered hair and ringer

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  • Amazing musical kids: These little ones can really play! (Video)

    You don't have to be a Tiger Mother to raise a musical genius. These five pint-size performers seem to have been born knowing how to play-and honestly seem in love with the music.

    Here, 8-year-old Jonny Mizzone plays Earl Scruggs's "Flint Hill Special" on the banjo while his older brothers accompany him on the fiddle (that's Robbie, 12) and guitar (Tommy, 13).

    These five tiny guitarists are perfectly in sync. Keep an eye out for the little girl in the middle giving the nod to the other players-obviously, she's in charge.

    It takes a long time to learn how to play the violin with such emotion, intensity, and clarity, but somehow Brianna Kahane mastered it by the time she was 6. Here she is playing "La Cinquantaine" on a tiny, 1/8-size violin.

    Emily Bear played piano at the White House when she was just 6 years old. Not only does she play like a virtuoso, she writes her own music as well. Here she is performing one of her own creations, called "Northern Lights," at age 7. Please

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  • Video: Meredith Vieira to leave the 'Today Show'

    Meredith Vieira announced she will be leaving the Today Show with the same kind of care, thought, and class she has brought to her entire career. Her voice cracked as she talked about the decision, which has a lot to do with her ailing husband. "This is a difficult day for me," she said. "After months of personal reflection and private conversations with family and friends, I have decided to leave Today in June."

    Talking about time and how you can never have enough of it, she said she wanted to spend more of it with her husband, who has had multiple sclerosis most of his adult life and has battled cancer, and her three quickly aging kids. It's a decision not unlike the one she made in 1989, when she and 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt decided to part ways because she wanted to work part time, and he wanted her full time only. At the time, she told Hewitt: "My baby is more important than your baby." It was a move I paid close attention to before kids, and remembered after mine

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  • Wait...step aerobics still exists? Awesome [video]

    Once upon a 1991, I was not only enrolled in a step aerobics class to fulfill P.E. credits in college, I went above and beyond (and over, walk around, jump once, hop back) by taking another class three times a week at the local Y.

    My college instructor was a tiny lady in a leotard with crimped hair and a tush of steel. She had muscle tone long before Michelle Obama's arms were a must-have. She was full of energy, came up with new moves that she gave names college kids could relate to, like the "keg pumper" and the "walk of shame." She played new music on her giant pink boom box that blared from the corner and she made me excited to exercise, possibly for the first time in my life.

    And then there was the class at the Y, with grandmothers dressed in oversized shorts and pantyhose and an instructor who had a thing for Reba McEntire. I went religiously for a few months but not once did country music and suntan stockings motivate me to sweat.

    Both of those experiences seem sooooo '90s

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  • The worst beauty infomercials ever

    These videos are the hall of famers of beauty infomercials. Disturbing, hilarious, or just plain gross, who thought these ads would compel us to buy this stuff?

    THE PED-EGG: So you can stop shaving your feet with a potato peeler.

    THE TOPSY TAIL: The hair doodad ever girl in the '90s wanted!

    REJUVENIQUE: A facial mask only Hannibal Lecter could love. Terrifying.

    BOOTYPOP: You have never heard the word "booty"--or its near cousin "bootylicious"--so many times in your life.

    GREAT LOOKING HAIR: Is hair in a can.

    THE WEARABLE TOWEL: A towel? That's restrictive, heavy, and hot. But a wearable towel? That's a reason to never get dressed, as evidenced by the models in this video.

    HAIR CLUB FOR MEN: Water skiing, motorcycles, and this gem: "It really gave me more ways to do my hair, and I can do it in more of a '90s fashion."

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  • The best movie kisses

    From Allie and Noah's passionate embrace in the rain, to Rose and Jack's make-out session on the deck of the Titanic, relive some of our favorite movie smooches ever and fall in love all over again. We put together a list with clips of 5 movie kisses that we swoon over.

    What was your favorite film kiss? Let us know in the comments which ones you would add to the list.

    Spider-Man (2002)

    Because who wouldn't want to kiss a dude in spandex hanging from a spider web upside down in the rain?

    Titanic (1997)

    We know, it's cheesy and obvious, but there is something really sexy about forbidden love on a ship that is about to discover its tragic fate.

    The Notebook (2004)

    Because "It still isn't over!"

    Casablanca (1942)

    Rick and Ilsa=Classic and timeless.

    Dirty Dancing (1987)

    Nobody puts Baby in a corner and nobody kisses quite like Johnny!

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